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  1. I should try and run down one of the threads but I believe people have said that you are realistically looking at at least 3 months from announcement to delivery. The Aces were obviously a longer time frame. Not sure why. Perhaps Manufacturing issues.
  2. I've had at least 3 extra sets of the plastic dial centers.
  3. Yeah I figured Eric would be coming down. Would you make the trip borg?
  4. Sweet! I've been to the Dice Dojo for a couple of SWM Regionals and it's pretty convenient to get to as far as Chicago is concerned. Plenty of free parking available on the side streets behind it.
  5. This is a game. It should be about having fun. If you call someone out for running a Han YT-1300 and a Chewie YT-1300 together that is nothing but a foul attitude and really has no place in this game. Intentionally showing a bad attitude (or in any way letting your disdain be known) towards someone who is using a list that you happen to not like is straight up poor sportsmanship. I'm glad I don't have to deal with attitudes like that in my local playgroup.
  6. Agreed. I just can't see it as something worth spending anymore time on.
  7. I turn the dial upside down if my own ship is facing me. Works really well for me.
  8. ????? From a game play standpoint the ONLY thing that makes it the Millennium Falcon is if you use that title card on one and only one YT-1300. Any issues with using two YT-1300's regardless of Falcon title is purely a fluff criticism.
  9. Fluff reasons aside using 2 of Han, Chewie, Lando in this game is perfectly fine primarily because it's not overpowered. I'm sure there are local meta's that are/would be completely dominated by such a list but that's simply a matter of a gaming group needing to figure out how to counter it. It's obviously strong given the 360° arc, high hp's and strong attack but it's certainly not unbeatable. I see this as an issue of fluff or a lack of skill and we can all improve our skill level (myself included).
  10. Oops. Double post. Isn't there a way to delete posts?
  11. I can't see any way that this should be resolved in a tournament setting other than what Steve has suggested. There is a good chance that at least 50% of the time having to do the same maneuver 2 rounds in a row would not be what you wanted to have happen. And as someone suggested, if you have multiples of the same ship type the dial that didn't get assigned could conceivably have been used for another ship you had halfway across the board. Now if that random unassigned dials movement doesn't end up hurting you then you simply got lucky but a good chunk of the time that probably wouldn't be the case. That way to handle it seems to be the cleanest and most logical way to handle it in a tourney. Adding any rule not covered by the rulebook would be a no no in tourney play. For fun you can use whatever house rules you want.
  12. I would not say that, it has been fairly awful this winter... Yeah, what if it already did freeze over? Couldn't even meet that deadline....
  13. Wow! That would be epic! There is no Milwaukee GSC that day either so we could draw from that market as well.
  14. In the very first sentence he says it's a store championship tournament. Considering that we're right in the middle of the official store championships events schedule, its not that much of an assumption that the OP is talking about the official version, with the prize kit that includes a bye at Regionals. Those should be run the right way. As for not being a PITA to the game store owner, that's a load of crap. Customers that support a business have every right to expect official events to be run using official rules. Jim Ah, the angry entitled customer. The worst kind of customer.Again, you assume it's official, and I'm asking for clarification (which hasn't been provided). Do you have something against 'the system'? :/ OP, please come back and clarify this for us. Angry entitled customer? You got all that from the post? Interesting. Considering the thread says "store championship", the post repeats "store championship" and the X-Wing Store Championships are going on right now you don't really need to go out on much of a limb to come to the conclusion that we are all talking about the same thing. After all where else do you see people using the term "store championship" to describe a random tournament? And besides, if it was a random tournament why would he come on here to ask people if it was "legal"? That kind of describes something formal or sanctioned. Or maybe by legal he's wondering if the government is going to come shut them down mid tournament and he doesn't want to get caught in the middle of that one. ;-)
  15. There are a lot. A Holiday Inn Express, Microtel, Ramada, Econo Lodge, Hampton Inn and several others. You're best bet is probably just to Google "Janesville, WI hotels" and figure out what works best for your budget. Most of the local hotels are approximately 5 minutes or so from Kryptonite on Plainfield. Just look for the locations on the north end of town.
  16. As its been said earlier, if you are maxing out on abilities you lose ships. Lose ships and you lose both attack dice and hit points (your combined hull and shields). If I run a Rebel XXBB list I have a total of 12 dice I attack with at range 2-3. Meanwhile I also have 26 total hit points. If you run an XXB list pimped out with named pilots, ordnance, and other upgrades you drop down to only 9 attack dice from those same ranges and a mere 16 hit points. I don't care what fancy stuff you have going on you aren't going to compete and it has everything to do with a wild disparity in hit points and the number of dice you throw. This game is all about finding the right balance.
  17. I'm not sure which TIE that is that is in stock. I thought the normal TIE was "in", the Interceptor the "ln" and the Bomber the "sa". Whatever TIE they have there its my favorite amongst the ships you list, and that's coming from someone that usually plays Rebels. If you are playing Imperials much a TIE expansion should be one of your top priorities so that you can get Howlrunner. Now as for Rebels, I think you will be much better off with a 4 ship list as opposed to a 3 ship list so among your options I would recommend the HWK. I think there is a lot more fun to be had with that one but that's just my opinion.
  18. Nah, that's easy. Pre and post Disney canon. As it stands now you already have to explain to a novice about the EU and we do that easily enough. It's basically the same thing just a different way of describing who a character is. I think people's fears are getting the better of them. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride seeing as we will have a ton of new films and projects coming out.
  19. Every Star Wars novel written, video game produced, or table top game previously created, etc. will still exist just as it did prior to the release of episode 7, 8, 9 and beyond. If an EU ship or character currently in this game doesn't end up in the future Star Wars canon they still get to stay in this game. FFG isn't going to ban Howlrunner from competitive play. Mickey Mouse isn't going to come and take your ships (and/or cards) away. You will get to keep them and use them. Hopefully LFL/Disney will even work with FFG to put some new ships and characters from Episode 7 into production to coincide with the release of the film.
  20. After seeing the Planet Chaos details and discussing w/ a friend I found out that they were considering changing the date of their Store Championship so I called and Planet Chaos confirmed that the new date is March 15th. I also checked in with Game Universe in Greenfield and theirs is also scheduled for the 15th. I assume most of the Milwaukee area crowd will hit this one rather than Fort on the 15th but w/ Janesville already set for the 22nd there is another option for those folks. Lastly, as I am near Lake Geneva, WI I was hoping to hit the Grayslake, IL Store Championship at Unique Games and Gifts but they are also scheduled for the 22nd. So I guess that's 1 correction (Planet Chaos in Fort) and 2 new dates to add to the list. I wish one of the aforementioned stores was on the 29th but oh well. At least I've got a couple options outside of the 22nd at Kryptonite in Janesville.
  21. Wow. Massive disappointment that they scheduled for the same day as Kryptonite in Janesville. They are only about 20 miles apart and I had fully planned to hit both.
  22. If you bump to 150 you would almost certainly have to increase to 90 minute rounds and that's not practical if you have a decent turnout. As it stands now it's not un-common for an FLGS to stay open later than what their weekend hours typically are to finish your tournament. On the other hand if you go to 150 but keep the time the same your scoring gets all wonky because so few people are going to finish in time. I don't think the 100 for tourney play goes anywhere. Like others said you will simply see some added formats.
  23. Just wanted to point out that the only way this "helps" the Rebels is if any of the X-wing pilots or cards are useful in the regular dogfighting game. Just because the Rebels are the ones getting ships for use w/ Epic/Cinematic rules doesn't mean the Imperials are at a disadvantage. For all we know the Imperials could end up having a major advantage in that scenario.
  24. If I sat down to play and my opponent pulled out proxy ships/bases I wouldn't worry about it as long as they had made it very clear what was what. That probably wouldn't happen though because someone would probably lend them the correct ships to use if possible. For a tournament, well the rules are clear: no proxies of anything allowed. And that's the way it should be. Outside of tournament play proxy cards are fine by me. One time one guy showed up with all pilot cards and upgrades printed off onto an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and that was actually really easy to see what all he had.
  25. Every time a small ship is hit by an ion you suffer 1 damage and place an ion token next to it. During your next movement phase you "drift/float" forward using the 1 straight (considered a white manuever). After that clear all ion tokens - you are no longer affected. With a large ship you still suffer 1 damage for each ion hit like with small ships. The big difference is that you do not suffer the "drift/float" effect until you are assigned a second ion token. A single ion token stays with you until you are assigned a second. Once the second one has been assigned perform a 1 straight white during your next movement phase and then clear all ion tokens (even if you've actually taken 3). Pretty sure I've got that all correct.
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