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  1. Either way you'll be hitting Chicago in July though, right? It'll be great to finally meet you in person.Edit: Just remembered, doesn't Eric have family just outside of Milwaukee? It would be sweet if some of you MI guys could join us!
  2. Personally I wouldn't worry as much about the 360° turret on the Falcon being an exception to most of the rules. Yes you could keep it simple but on the flip side there's nothing like flying the iconic ships around for that visual to get people interested. Pair up Han with Luke and R2 to keep it simple and have them square off against Vader and some TIE fighters. Let the newbies use the Rebels so that it's kept easy for them and you pilot the TIE's. They get to see what's required to fly a formation of TIE'S but don't have to execute it. For me it's all about that awesome visual and instantly recognizable ships.
  3. If I can get a second person at least, I will be coming. Not really into an 8 hourish drive by myself though. We will see. Very cool. Here's hoping that you can find some traveling companions. A couple of us guys from the Janesville group just made a 12 hour trek to and from Buffalo, NY for FrostyCon a couple weeks ago so I understand completely.
  4. Chrome has some good advice in there. I believe that it's simply a matter of how the mind works that the "bad" rolls stick out in your mind more. At times perhaps the "good" rolls get lost amidst your feelings of your "skill" in piloting, squad building or other factor that you want to give yourself credit for. When it goes good its skill but when it goes bad the dice have betrayed you. You can sometimes lose sight of other issues and I think that's simply human nature. I refuse to dwell on dice results. I always carry a mindset that the dice results will be good every time but when they all come up blanks I move on. The more you let bad dice bother you the more apt you are to make mental mistakes that truly cost you.
  5. This is the one I use. One of the best! I bought the exact one before Christmas at Walmart when it was on sale for $30-$35. It works great and plenty of room to accommodate my expanding collection. Plus you can streamline, leave the big case at home and carry everything you need for the day in one of the trays.
  6. 1.) It's a poor rule but fortunately it would be an extraordinarily rare occurence. 2.) Adding a defer option doesn't impact that rule because it's still arbitrary.
  7. I think if somebody wants initiative so badly because of how their list operates then you just need to make sure you get it by virtue of coming up short enough on points. Now if you absolutely do not want initiative then you build to 100 and you are 50/50 on rolls. Now if you have the option to defer available and your squad is so dependant on init a good player would recognize that most of the time and choose accordingly to not give you that advantage you are looking at. So again that's a 50/50 roll. That's an unnecessary complication imo. If this was a significant factor in determining the outcome of games then I would think that it would come up more often. Keep it simple.
  8. Great write ups! I'm hoping that the rumor of some of the Nebraska folks coming out to Wisconsin on the 22nd comes to fruition.
  9. I can't believe this event totally snuck past me! I saw the thread but for some reason didn't click on it and missed the news. Now let's hope that although these will be limited that it isn't a super inclusive deal with only a sprinkling of events. And I'm not sure if this is a repeat of the sorry/makeup type situation of the Kessel Run but perhaps more of a marketing strategy. Besides, imo the more tournaments the better!
  10. It's a good list. Looks like fun. But I think it's going to have a hard time against plenty of 4 ship Rebel lists. Take pretty much any combination of Biggs plus 3 X's and/or B's. There is a pretty good chance that Biggs isn't dead by the time Wedge shoots meaning although Biggs will be dead before shooting Wedge probably gets wiped out by the 3 remaining ships. Now you're 2 vs. 3 with a strong chance of not being able to eliminate another ship before it shoots. By the end of the next round you are looking at 1 vs. 2 and the odds aren't in your favor. Again, it's not a bad list but I don't think it's going to match up as easily against 4 ship Rebel lists as you think it might, even with the PS advantage.
  11. I wasn't so much concerned with the coin toss itself (or any other randomizer if a coin isn't prssent) but rather the notion of the 2 parties agreeing to let one defer initiative, regardless of the TO's involvememt. The rules don't support the entire concept of deferring therefore imo it's not a legal or valid option in a sanctioned tournament. I'm all for keeping it simple. Flip a coin (or roll dice) and the winner has init. No need to complicate it any further.
  12. But again the problem is chaining Swarm Tactics where those ships need to stay within range 1 of one another. X-Wings and A-Wings don't move together very easily.
  13. Those points don't add upI figured it out. It's an Outer Rim Smuggler with the Falcon Title and the Chebacca crew card. That's 32 points. 3 total Blue squadrons are 66. That's 98 and then FCS on 1 puts it to 100.Not a bad idea. I would probably prefer some other tweaks to the upgrades but interesting nonetheless.
  14. In the round that you land on an asteroid you roll to see if you take damage. The following round if either your maneuver template touches either the asteroid you are trying to get off or another asteroid or if you land back on the same asteroid or another, you will roll to see if you take damage again. However you only roll once even if multiple things have happened in the sequence of getting off one asteroid and landing on another.
  15. I disagree with your assessment. It seems clear that when the points are equal a coin toss determines initiative with the winner of said toss having initiative. Even if you would prefer to defer the rules don't support that.
  16. As was previously mentioned it is a crew upgrade and not an astromech droid therefore it can't be used on an X-Wing or Y-Wing. The currently Rebel ships that could use it are the YT-1300 and HWK-290. It will be able to be used with the Transport and Tantive IV as well but again like someone mentioned, being unique means you can only use 1 or the other in your list.
  17. Game Universe, Greenfield, WI March 15th Planet Chaos, Fort Atkinson, WI March 15th Kryptonite Kollectibles, Janesville, WI March 22nd
  18. The exact wording is: "When another friendly ship at Range 1 is attacking" So no, it does not have to be inside Howlrunners firing arc, just at Range 1 from any point of her base to the closest part of the other base.
  19. I would hope quite a few. I personally will be purchasing the transport when it's released because 1.) I enjoy competitive play and will want to ensure I have what I need and 2.) I am a bit of a completionist and won't be satisfied if I am missing that many X-Wing pilots and upgrades. There appears to be tremendous value in what is included in the Transport, much more than I originally expected. That being said I understand completely that this might not fit in someone's budget therefore I hope most people have relaxed enough gaming groups that printing off cards to simply enjoy and have fun that it isn't a big deal.
  20. Wow. Seems to be a massive over reaction by a large portion of the community posting in this thread. I do not see a lot of these new toys for the Rebels to be meta-warping at all. Meta-changing? Sure, but it seems mostly to be more along the lines of meta-expanding more than anything else. I see absolutely nothing here that says you can load up a bunch of new toys and be able to run a competitive 3 X-Wing list. Falcon builds aside good Rebel lists still need at least 4 ships and if you add in a kitted up Wes, Hobbie or Jek you have to drop something else from your list. Is anything new going to be strong enough to consider dropping Wedge? For certain builds yes but many others no way. You also still need to keep some of these guys alive long enough to make an impact which means Biggs still needs to be kept in a huge number of Rebel lists. The 100 point format does not appear to be changing for tournament play any time soon so your lists are still very much confined to a couple new wrinkles. TIE swarms are still going to be strong. XXBB lists still will be strong. I haven't seen anything that is currently strong that will suddenly fall completely out of competitive play. I mainly see a widening variety of options and as long as we maintain a certain level of Rock, Paper, Scissors, etc. I don't see a major problem. And I've seen it posted previously in this thread but it certainly is worth repeating: it's not just Imps that are impacted by the new stress dealing that will be going on. B-Wings with Advanced Sensors are also affected. But remember, just because one of your ships is affected by one of the new stress tricks doesn't mean you can't shoot back and it also doesn't mean all of your ships are affected. Now I'm not trying to say that these are gimmicks but it seems clear they are very limited in their ability to have a large affect on a given game. It adds another layer of strategy and can impact each sides decisions but it's still only a wrinkle, not a meta-warp. Keep calm and carry on.
  21. To be fair the initial announcement said 4th quarter but it wasn't that long after that they pushed it back to 1st quarter and they are evidently going to deliver on that. Obviously the approximate 6 month window from announcement to final delivery has people way over anxious.
  22. Roark w/ Blaster, Luke w/ Swarm, Red w/ R2D6 and Swarm, and a Rookie. 3 ships shoot at PS12.
  23. My first thought is how that could be handy with Biggs.
  24. There is another podcast out there that had been exclusively Star Wars Miniatures (the WotC game) but since the release of X-Wing now covers both. http://www.swminiverse.com/SW_Miniverse/Welcome.html
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