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  1. Greedo can only trigger during an attack or when someone is defending against an attack. The damaging effect of R5-P8 is not an attack therefore Greedo cannot trigger when cards are dealt at that time. It doesn't matter that the player with R5-P8 is rolling an "attack die" it isn't considered an "attack". It's just like Anti Pursuit Lasers in that regard. The window to use R5-P8 does indeed trigger during the attack phase but that doesn't make the resolution of the effect an attack. Edit: after giving this a little more thought I do see where people are coming from on why Greedo could trigger off of R5-P8 but I think that is unnecessarily convoluted.
  2. I'd just use a suitcase for carrying your ordinance. A briefcase or portfolio is probably preferable for transporting such documents.
  3. Galactic Funk

    Fat Tel

    R2D2 also has the potential to flip up damage cards and cause more issues that way that gonk doesn't. And doesn't work if you already have one shield. I think Gonk is perfect for only 2 points. I would go so far as to call Gonk far superior to R2D2 crew. I am so in love with R5-P8 and was thinking of him as an auto-include for any Jumpmaster but after thinking about a Gonk + PTL/EI I think a better option might be the Unhinged Astromech. Set up and planning will always be a factor for a Jumpmaster so you should be making good use of the 6 green maneuvers on your dial as is but the opportunity to increase that to 9 green maneuvers including a 3 bank to the right looks awfully appealing.
  4. Galactic Funk

    Fat Tel

    Push the Limit just keeps the action options open, so you can go offensive and defensive if needed. Unfortunately Push the Limit doesn't allow for single turn regen, but Experimental Interface does. That's why I'm having a hard time choosing between that and Hull Upgrade. Oh duh, has to be an action from the action bar. Glad you corrected me on that. In that scenario it's not even a question, hull upgrade all the way. That being said PTL would still be good later on to both move a token from Gonk to the ship and then take your normal action be it repositioning or focus/TL. EI is great but save that for other pilots, not Trevura.
  5. Galactic Funk

    Fat Tel

    I was looking at the same load out save for having Predator over PTL. You might have it right with PTL given a single round shield regen from Gonk is an option, not to mention the various times you will really want to do 2 of BR, TL, or focus in a round.
  6. It always applies to the ship the card is on unless it specifically says otherwise. This is cut and dry. Ship that Boba is on. Case closed. End thread
  7. This is the second time I've encountered a post of yours in which I can't tell if you are being serious, trying to be funny or if it's a bit and you are just trolling. If you are serious I think you need to lighten up and enjoy life more.
  8. There is no single right or wrong or best or worst. It's entirely dependent on the rest of your list, the local meta you play in, and what you feel like using. There are a lot of really good options. It's about finding a good setup that works for your situation.
  9. I can't wait to use Dengar. He's a PS 9 ship that can reposition after executing a maneuver, an excellent dial, and a very potent ability. R5-P8 on him will help dish out more damage. If you have another carrier for Boba crew then you free up the space for a Gonk to help him stay alive longer. Predator on him for days. Pair him with other offensive threats and hammer away. What's not to love?
  10. stressbot cackles like a maniac Right up to the point that he gets eliminated in the first round of combat by Boba crew.
  11. Yeah they screwed that up too. They even referred to the Gonk as a Salvaged Astromech in the article when it's clearly Crew. Writer was obviously confused thoroughly.
  12. It could but then it would get missed by a ton of people who don't read that thread. I would venture to guess that a large majority of the posters here never go to that thread. I pretty much never follow it and I even enjoy Rebels for the most part. I for one hadn't heard this news/rumor and wouldn't have found it in your thread. And since you feel the need to tell people where their posts should go perhaps we should point out that your Rebels discussion thread should have gone in the Off-topic forum. For the record I have no problem with you, but glass houses, you know?
  13. Yeah, you are best to skip it in those circumstances if you don't want to drop out early. A noon or later start time for a GSC is a red flag to me. There are obviously exceptions but I would be weary that someone, be it the TO and/or store has unrealistic expectations of how things will go and may be ill prepared to run such an event. Notable exceptions are when the turnout will almost certainly be small or the store is planning to be open late to accommodate the players. Without any additional detail I would not expect this GSC to be run by an experienced TO/store. At which point you would have little chance of finishing before you need to leave.
  14. Things not so bad - we are able to play X-wing: we have many players and we can buy any expansions, but we can't get official tournament kits from FFG.Thank you for your support! We're having a similar situation here in Asia. We haven't been able to get FFG Star Wars stuff (kits & products) through official channels since mid to late last year. Reason being Disney has some sort of licensing embargo in place due to TFA and won't be lifted until sometime this year (or so I've heard). Not sure if this will also happen for the Russian community.Thankfully this hasn't effected the community much here. We're still playing as much X-wing as we did before, only difference is our local stores have had to source from 3rd party suppliers and we have to wait a little linger for stock to arrive. This lines up with what others including the OP have mentioned. It actually makes a lot of sense that Disney might have to enforce their IP rights in a very strict fashion in certain parts of the world. It would essentially make these organized play kits almost like an unintended collateral damage from the policy but something they are willing to live with if the policy itself helps them keep tighter control on their IP rights and merchandise etc during this period. Hopefully it's a temporary thing as you have suggested.
  15. I would ditch Gunner on RAC. With his ability and Predator he is already going to hit frequently. Better to spend the remaining points elsewhere since there are so many other strong options. I really like Warpmans idea of ion projector on Oicunn. Rebel Captive is almost always points well spent on an offensive threat like RAC. Predator on both isn't bad. There are really a number of ways you can go. Edit: forgot to mention that I like EU on RAC but definitely not on Oicunn. He wants to plow into people often and you can't boost into people so those don't really work together.
  16. This would certainly line up with the OP's quoted response from Hobby World. The OP was referring strictly to tournament kits and support. These details make it sound like they are unable to sell expansions too. Curious but not unsurprising if you are dealing with the Russian government. And I mean no disrespect to any Russians involved in this thread, OP or otherwise.
  17. Couldn't this be some result of the FFG/Asmodee merger in 2014? I don't know the specifics but I was under the impression that Asmodee was handling European distribution of FFG games now instead of their previous distribution network. I was also under the impression Asmodee took over the competitive play responsibilities in Europe. I thought I remembered reading something about that and how they sought to improve how competitive play was handled in that region. Obviously this situation in Russia seems to run counter to that goal. I don't know if this is accurate or not but its worth checking on.
  18. I'm a very laid back player. Don't get me wrong, I play to win but I keep things pretty loose. It's way more fun for me that way. That being said, if my opponent placed his tokens on his cards instead of on or near his ships I would ask them not to. And I'm pretty cool with most things. Dials on cards, sure. Tokens? No way.
  19. This is such a non-issue primarily because it's a fairly common occurrence. If you haven't ever mistakenly done this or had it mistakenly done by your opponent then chances are you are fairly new to the game. Generally people know that these things are mistakes and they roll with it. If you have an opponent that seems to be blatantly doing this (or a number of other more significant things) then you should say something and/or call the TO over. If said player is pulling something the TO should know. If they repeatedly pull stuff and have been warned then the TO can disqualify them from the tournament if it continues. That is the only way you can handle this type of situation. Minor accidental transgressions are impossible to avoid. Expect it to happen and deal with it if someone is being shady. You can tell the difference. You cannot go into a tournament setting up some sort of ground rules warning people that these common types of accidents will warrant punishment. You are creating a tense and unenjoyable atmosphere for no reason.
  20. Obviously Kallus only works against the one ship but he's going to help keep you alive a bit longer too. The bombs are mostly because you already have EM equipped and why not. At 51-54 points he's got a giant target on his back. This is really just for fun but it's got fun in spades for casual games. You know, he's no less tough than 50 points scum Boba Fetts that are running around. He just stays alive through overwhelming firepower instead of arc dodging. You could save some points by dropping the Autoblaster to an Ion Cannon (or to nothing, or Tractor Beam), though, and still probably be in pretty good shape. You do get some toughness because you have a lot of inherent offensive buffs, so you can use an action to Evade a little more often. Absolutely. Autoblaster is for fun only. Way too expensive for the return. A slimmed down version of that setup could absolutely be a competitive choice though. Without the cannon and bombs he's just 44 points. I would strongly consider ion bombs or seismics at 46 though. Not shabby.
  21. Holy mother of god, your Krassis comment got me spitballing on my own and I came up with what looks like an insanely fun time with Kallus on board. Granted it's an absolute points albatross but is going to be lethal while he's alive. Krassis + Kallus + Guidance Chips + Slave 1 + Extra Munitions + Concussion Missle + Autoblaster + whatever bomb you want just because. Comes out to 51 points with a 2 point bomb. Range 2-3, 4 dice plus a re-roll via Krassis ability. Convert one blank to a hit via concussion, convert one die to a crit via GC, convert a focus to a hit via Kallus. I haven't done any math here but I would guess you would get 4 hit/crit results fairly routinely, with multiple crits frequently. Range 1 Autoblaster gets pretty nasty too. Obviously Kallus only works against the one ship but he's going to help keep you alive a bit longer too. The bombs are mostly because you already have EM equipped and why not. At 51-54 points he's got a giant target on his back. This is really just for fun but it's got fun in spades for casual games.
  22. Maybe. It's a pretty common mistake for newer players though. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  23. Just a friendly heads up. Some people change their settings to hide signatures. It cleans things up and makes the forum easier to read. Then when some people become regularly obnoxious you can hide their posts altogether which makes the forum even better yet. All that being said, I have no clue what ships you have so I would also recommend the Decimator. It's the best attacking large ship Imperials have. However there are multiple things coming out that will make both the Firespray and Lambda better. Guidance Chips on Krassis will make him a lot more fun. I also think the Electronic Baffle is going to be great on the shuttle.
  24. So that sign saying pending licensor approval at Spiel was just what, a smoke screen? You can call it whatever you feel like but there is basically zero chance that they didn't have all the necessary approvals prior to starting production, let alone have everything packaged and shipped from China in mid December. Which is what I've been saying all along: they didn't have all the approvals in early October. I'm not trying to argue with you. I don't know when Spiel was. All I know is a generalized time frame based off of the info that FFG released for production and shipping which was sometime in November for the former and mid December for the later. Nobody in their right mind sends these ships into production without approval. Depending on the specific model and the volume produced for it (including packaging and shipping) you are talking about a substantial financial loss if they had to pull something back and change it this late in the process. And again, my primary point is that these ships aren't even really late. People just think they are based upon the spoiler releases.
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