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  1. Here's the thing, TLT's are good but not great. Mass TLT's (3 and 4 ship variants) have won some GSC's. Far more often a mass TLT list will either not make the cut or make the cut but then fizzle out before the finals. TLT's have weaknesses that can be exploited. In my own personal opinion much of the concern over TLT swarms comes out of local meta's that aren't developed as much as others. In some of those arenas where not enough people have figured out how to beat them it gives a false impression that they are overpowered. Again, that's not to say TLT's aren't good. They are good. And for 6 points a pop they should be. It's a far cry from the Phantom issue that was developing and would have gotten worse. The nice thing about the Phantom errata was that it left the ship in a good place. Still extremely powerful but with a little more vulnerability. And many people would also tell you that the Phantom rule change also helped out the low pilot skill versions of that ship as well. TLT isn't going to get out of hand. If anything Worlds and the GSC's have simply confirmed they are not overpowered.
  2. Actually yes, it does. I then look for clarification to see if the refernce is to one or both of the continents or is the colloquial misnomer used by citizens of the USA. Just so you know... Come on now, you are just making that up aren't you? When someone says Americans there is no way you are stopping to make sure that the reference isn't to Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians or Columbians. Seeing as it's called the United States of America, using the descriptor of Americans to refer to its citizens is not only logical but the only reasonable thing people would call us. Or maybe you are making a joke and I just didn't get it.
  3. But the Falcon doesn't have wings blocking any firing arcs. It's a big difference.
  4. If it's a rules question then a dice roll is probably not an acceptable way to resolve the issues. If it is a range measurement issue or some sort of movement, placement, board edge issue then a dice roll ti resolve something that is too close to call is commonplace and completely acceptable. In this case if you and your opponent had earlier agreed that both ships in question (one of yours and one of his) did not have a shot against one another then the TO later allowing the lower pilot skill ship to make an attack I think a strong case could be made for game to be paused to allow the higher PS ship an opportunity to attack first before resuming from the point you are at. All of that being said certain situations do arise where opposing ships are trying to fire at one another and one just barely has a shot while the other just barely does not. Without being there and seeing the full situation it's impossible to have a clear cut opinion on if this situation was handled appropriately. Regardless of whether you were wrongly denied an opportunity to attack while your opponent wasn't, it does sound like the roll of a dice to determine if your opponent could attack or not was probably the right thing to do. It's the rest of the details that are murky.
  5. Scum still don't have "Aces"! Though seems likely they'll eventually get a box in the Ace/Veteran sort of way. And I think it's been universally agreed upon that it'll be Scyks and StarVipers. Both "Scum Only" ships, Scyk could use a little loving, and the StarViper really wants more toys to play with (though personally I find the Viper to be just fine to throw on the board). I would love it if the Scum Aces included a Star Viper. With an MSRP of US$20 I'm weary that we don't get that ship in an aces pack. Those 2 ships are in the greatest need of a fix. I'm guessing pairing the Viper with the Scyk would be the cheapest for FFG given the disparity of material costs and such.
  6. No, he certainly will not fly like Dash. I don't know if he will be all that limited on movement though. You will literally have 9 green maneuvers to choose from with Unhinged, including a right bank. Between setup and positioning you should be able to start off in a fairly favorable position and maintain plenty of options. Now if you are running PTL I believe Unhinged is an absolute requirement. Probably K4 as well. I also don't mind the idea of EU too for maximum repositioning. The thing with Dengar is that I don't think you are going to want to enter into most fights planning on triggering his ability most rounds. It's a tremendous ability but is best suited for the end game where you minimize the number of shots he is going to take. I think he's going to work best to use for an early strike that potentially triggers his ability before veering off to set up another strafe, while hopefully keeping himself out of arc of attackers and using his turret on targets. He's going to be really good in the end game 1 on 1 vs turrets where he is in a chasing position. Now if he would just hurry up an arrive I can get to trying him out!
  7. Predator all day long. I can see myself taking a liking to Lone Wolf too but I want to try it out first. I don't think PTL will be how I want to run him but I suppose that could change after trying out some interactions.
  8. Zuckuss Crew on a YV-666 (which will happen frequently by the way) will go a long ways towards eliminating the viability of EU on that ship. Like the conversation in the how to fly a Stressbot thread, basically don't plan on having an action again the rest of the game. Clearly MF + Navigator will allow you to lock in a 3 turn but then go all the way down to a 1 bank if that's going to be better by the time you move. However you don't know where higher PS ships like Soontir are going to be for sure. The problem is that with so many really good crew options I have a hard time spending 3 points on a Navigator. Seeing as Moralo has no EPT slot his very best new friend is Dengar crew. If you forego Dengar it's going to be a K4 instead. There are still a variety of better options than Navigator in those scenarios. Now if you aren't using EU in the mod slot what is your best option? APL and Ion Projector are very much in the mix so MF is really competing with them. I probably like those two options better but a case could be made for MF. In a Zuckuss crew world the 2 turn is nearly entirely out of the question. That means it really comes down to how much you value the ability to decide between the 3 turn or 3 bank. If I'm using Moralo with an HLC the difference could be significant in getting that auxiliary arc adjusted to a more optimal spot. Still, I think APL or IP could have a larger impact. And of course, this is all just theory crafting until I have a chance to actually try out these setups with these new crew options.
  9. I have an extra C3P0 card. If you're in the US, I am willing to send it along. You are a good dude...because 3P0 cards are running $25-30 on eBay. Anyone still trying to that much for them may have a hard time seeing as it is becoming substantially easier to get now.
  10. I see this stated a lot, but never with an attributed official quote from FFG. If you can you provide one, I'll be satisfied. As an aside, I still advocate a separate but cross-compatible Clone Wars Miniatures Game, not just adding prequel ships to X-Wing. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/114870-no-prequel-ships-settled/ While that doesn't mean we won't get anything else that appeared in that era (we did get the Hounds Tooth after all but it didn't originate from those stories) it's pretty much a given there will be nothing widespread. The factions alone are troublesome. Separatists and the Republic aren't coming to X-Wing. You would need some type of additional storyline to pull most things from that era and have it fit. Scum seems the best candidate but again, what are you bringing in? Interestingly enough we now have the Gozanti and the Ghost and TAP are due out within weeks. This is a year and a half from the time he made those comments (which were also approximately 2 months before the show premiered. 17 months from debut on TV to when you have the Ghost in the game is pretty substantial. That is a bit of an indicator as to just how long it can take from the time you see a ship on TV until it's in your hands.
  11. The future FFG releases for this game will be a mix of various things. Honestly FFG needs all the new content they can get and will use it whenever they get the opportunity. The new films are going to be really spread out though. Rogue One doesn't release until December 2016. They could try and fast track some things from that film for something close to a simultaneous release but that remains to be seen what ships they can mine from it. Episode 8 has been pushed back to December 2017 which is an eternity for this game. It's highly probable that we see TFA ships in Wave 9 which will likely be announced soon with a possible pre-release at Gencon. Rebels is one of the most visible Star Wars properties at the moment but the majority of usable ships and pilots will have been released as soon as wave 8 hits store shelves in the coming weeks. There have been a couple possibilities for future ships from season 2 so far but those are so recent that in all likelihood they will not be part of a wave 9 announcement particularly given the lead time it takes to playtest new ships, pilot abilities and upgrades. You will continue to see Aces/Veterans style packs as well as huge ships that will include at least one small base ship released and slotted in between waves. With the Empire Strikes Back bounty hunter ships now finished there is very little unused content that originates with the Original Trilogy. FFG has said repeatedly that they have no intention of adding the Clone Wars/Prequel era into this game. I think we should expect FFG to continue to mine the Legends content to fill in gaps, especially for Scum. All of these things are going to get sprinkled together and released as they receive new content.
  12. Its the Serrisu bit that I find fascinating.He's not using her ability, he's using her as a cheap PS 10 autoblaster vector. I don't know if I would consider a 31 point Serissu "cheap" but it's certainly interesting. I would probably get her killed to quick, lol Other than ditching the modification, she's the cheapest ps 10 autoblaster option in the game.​She exists purely as an Ace Hunter, and so this is a metagame-dependent list, but her pilot ability is still theoretically available to protect ships that are better in other match-ups... Oh I'm just messing around. I have a hard time fitting such a fragile ship at that cost into my personal lists but that has more to do with my own preferences. Personally I've been eyeing up a Moralo list for a GSC if the new ships are released in time. Moralo with HLC and Dengar, 4-LOM and Zuckuss crew. Pair that with Latts Razzi w/ a K4 and season both ships to taste with the rest of your points. With such a wide arc Moralo should be able to get Soontir or various other aces in arc fairly easily. Start triggering all those abilities and you are pretty much guaranteed to push some damage through. I haven't had a chance to play test it yet because I'm not on Vassal but I think it has some potential. I don't remember the rest of the upgrades off the top of my head but I believe I had Mangler and Boba crew on Lazzi and enough room for EU on at least one ship.
  13. Its the Serrisu bit that I find fascinating.He's not using her ability, he's using her as a cheap PS 10 autoblaster vector. I don't know if I would consider a 31 point Serissu "cheap" but it's certainly interesting. I would probably get her killed to quick, lol
  14. Even if that turns out to be the case you've paid 1 more point than you would have for a naked Biggs but you've presumably planted 2 stress on an opponent ship. Depending on the given ship the Stresshog will have inflicted more negative effects than Biggs would have while keeping your other ships clean. It's circumstantial but the Stresshog seems far more valuable in your example.
  15. Sorry, couldn't resist. I started reading and all I saw was you arguing with everyone when they didn't share your opinion. You are just going to need to either wait for the new FAQ or more likely email the designers your question if you want an answer. The vast majority of people don't seem to agree with your interpretation though so you may want to brace yourself for an answer that doesn't confirm this working the way you want it to.
  16. Eaden Vrill's ability is specifically for a primary weapon attack which cannot be performed if the Outrider Title is equipped. The Wild Space Fringer seems to be run most often without the Title too. Generally I see both of those ships with a Mangler cannon.
  17. Excellent! Somebody else to add to my ignore posts list! Seriously, this is some of the worst drivel I've read on here in awhile. Pilot skill is the ultimate equalizer. There are plenty of things you can fly competitively that don't require a huge investment. Besides, this game is about having fun. If you can't go to a tournament and have fun regardless of outcome you are doing it wrong. And Rapture, feel free to respond to my post but just know I won't see it.
  18. The Most Wanted pack carries tremendous value. If you see yourself using swarmy zed lists two of those packs would be a good investment but you can get by with just one. The Firespray and HWK-290 both get retrofit tokens and dials that can be used for the existing ships you already have or else expansions that you would buy to use. That is in addition to the 2 Z-95's and 1 Y-Wing contained in the pack. The Scum Boba Fett is a super fun ship to use. Aggressor/IG2000 aka BroBots lists are popular. You can run a single IG-88 but they are most commonly run as a pair. They are arc dodgers at heart so with a SoontirFel username this could appeal to you. There is a wide disparity of opinions on the YV-666 aka Hounds Tooth (Bossks ship). It's almost a love it or hate it situation. I think it's fantastic and am ready to finally pick up a second due to the sweet crew cards coming out with the impending wave. The Star Viper is also has a love/hate type of ship. I think it's fun to fly but for the most part it's not nearly as strong as some other options. You see them crop up occasionally in successful tournament results with either Xizor or Guri. If you plan to play in any tournaments they have a bonus of coming with 2 copies of Autothrusters which are nearly a requirement to use for certain ships in a competitive environment. The M3-A Scyk Interceptor in my opinion is a fragile hunk of hot garbage. Other people will be deeply offended by this comment but whatever. If you want one go nuts but I would start with one and only one if you want to check it out. The two new ships look like they will be really cool. The Mist Hunter (Zuckuss and 4-LOM) and Punishing One (Dengar) round out the ships from the ESB bounty hunters. They come with great crew, upgrades and mechanics for the game. Personally I would recommend buying 1 of everything (although including the Scyk pains me a bit). Tons of fun stuff to use.
  19. If you spend a bunch of time at the beginning of a game banking a bunch of shield tokens on your Gonk you are going to go to time in your matches much more often. In casual play you should be using a time limit if someone is abusing it. In tournament play banking a ton of shields instead of engaging is going to result in you going to time often. If you don't kill many ships your MoV is going to suck and you will hurt yourself. Once you've actually taken damage you can only add a single token to your ship per round regardless if you have PTL/EI or not. How many rounds are you going to try and bank tokens for and how many rounds are you actually going to have in which you can use the tokens? It's far less than the OP thinks in this sky is falling scenario.
  20. Galactic Funk


    If R5-P8 has been triggered I would think that needs to be resolved.
  21. Galactic Funk

    Fat Tel

    For Dengar its going to be Predator all the way for me. That or Lone Wolf but I prefer to keep my attackers closer together. If you are triggering his ability you have to be able to consistently mod dice. EI + Gonk may prove necessary to keep him alive long enough but I really want to give EU a shot. Execute a white 2 S-loop and then boost or barrel roll into the spot you want to be. He will be extremely slippery with that dial and at PS 9 can do some arc dodging of his own. EU also means Dengar will be a great PWT hunter. If he is chasing them down and can reposition to get them in his arc he can be making 2 attacks to their 1. I think he's going to require plenty of finesse to not get obliterated straight away but he will be very dangerous. What he gets paired with will be interesting.
  22. Galactic Funk

    Fat Tel

    Why would you wait that long to regen? Once Tel's ability kicks in you are back to having 1 or 2 remaining hit points depending on if you took a HU or not. Instead of being dead you are nearly dead. What if your opponent has more attackers and you don't live to the next round? The value here is in just how many bonus hit points you buy yourself with hull and/or Gonk. That's the way it looks on paper right now. Who knows where we end up in terms of a near optimum setup. We probably won't know for sure for a good 2-3 months when something emerges during Regionals. Or maybe someone shows up with a list using it a certain way at Gencon that changes how everyone wants to play it from that point on.
  23. Galactic Funk

    Fat Tel

    I won't be able to try it out until it's released do I can only speculate. I'm leaning towards PTL, Unhinged, Gonk, Hull and Title on Tel. Best of both worlds for regen, bonus hull and 9 greens to clear stress. Time will Tel
  24. Galactic Funk

    Fat Tel

    Title is a must. The only way it would make sense to skip the Title is if you are loading it out as a Missle boat. Personally I think hull is better than EI on Tel. You essentially get 2 hull for 3 points. Plus you can still Gonk.
  25. Greedo can only trigger during an attack or when someone is defending against an attack. The damaging effect of R5-P8 is not an attack therefore Greedo cannot trigger when cards are dealt at that time. It doesn't matter that the player with R5-P8 is rolling an "attack die" it isn't considered an "attack". It's just like Anti Pursuit Lasers in that regard. The window to use R5-P8 does indeed trigger during the attack phase but that doesn't make the resolution of the effect an attack. Again, you guys are getting it backwards of what the original comment is referencing. He is referencing R5-P8 triggering Greedo on the defense trigger of Greedo, as Greedo does not indicate the damage card dealt on defense must be done to the defender. It just says the first damage card dealt your first time defending, which R5-P8 could inflict on the attacker if the window for Greedo's ability is still open when the damage card for R5-P8 is dealt (which I believe it is not, so this discussion may turn out to be moot anyways). Here is the order of events that would occur if Greedo is active still when R5-P8 deals a damage card. Player 1's Soontir Fel attacks Player 2's Dengar, who is equipped with Greedo and R5-P8 Soontir Fel deals 1 damage to Dengar's shield. R5-P8 triggers. Player 2 rolls for R5-P8. He rolls a hit. He deals a damage card to Soontir Fel face up. This is the first damage card dealt during Dengar's first time defending. Therefore, Greedo triggers and the damage card is dealt face up as Greedo specifies "the first time you (Dengar) defend each round (which he did), the first Damage card dealt (which was dealt to Soontir Fel through R5-P8) is dealt faceup.". Yeah, I realized what people were getting at and edited my post to note that. And again, if FFG rules that Greedo triggers off of the damage dealt via R5-P8 then it will be more convoluted than it needs to be. Make it resolve independently of Greedo. There's no downside to that ruling for future precedent. And on another note, why in the hell would you ever let Greedo within a country mile of your Jumpmaster to begin with? Greedo and Boba together on the YV-666? Sure. Punishing One? No thanks. There are way better options out there than that,
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