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    Yeah. He was hardcore nerfed. Can't TLT with Vader anymo... Wait, oh I mean can't cluster missile with Vader anymore.... So let's see, missile slot plus crew for empire... Oh man, my super OP combo of a firespray with Vader and cluster missiles is ruined! Hmmm, the more I think about it the more I'm thinking its less of a nerf and more of an alignment with the rest of the rules for clarity... Vader Crew is only affected if you are trying to use him twice with a secondary weapon. "Vadering" twice with primary weapon attacks (via Gunner) still works the same as before.
  2. You don't think that having two different yet identically named title cards, two Han pilot cards and two Chewbacca pilot cards all for the same ship is going to create any confusion? Particularly among newer players who might not have pre-existing knowledge of the older versions? And I'd say your opponent being clear on what your ships do is very important, so yes, it does matter. Yes, but I do not see the need to make a change to his pilot skill as a result. Include an alternate art version of Poe depicting the 'Black One', sure, but changing the pilot skill seems needless since he functioned perfectly well at 8. Alternatively, they could have given him a new pilot ability, as they have with Han and Chewbacca, to make the choice between the versions more prominent. From a personal standpoint, I don't see Poe as being equivalent to Vader or Han (at his best, anyway) in piloting ability, but that's less relevant. I remain unconvinced of that. PS9 Poe will either be too points inefficient compared with the original, or the PS bump combined with PTL and BB-8 will render the old one obsolete. I'm not in a position to claim either as the likely outcome, but I feel like the more mathematically-minded will come up with the answer. "First of all, you might notice the ship's new, rectangular sensor array. While this is likely the first change you may notice in the difference between the sculpts, it is not the only one" Opening line of the second paragraph under 'Updating the Millenium Falcon'. So you see no problem with the potential for more 'updated' versions of the same pilots in the same ships, yet would categorise any criticism of the set as dangerous? I'm not sure anyone was 'begging' for a square-dished Falcon model - new pilots for it, such as Rey (who was indeed an inevitable addition), are great and could easily have been included in a set the same way that Most Wanted included cards for ships that were not in the box. Poe's ship, as I mention above, was always likely to happen but again, I'm not sure anyone was 'begging' for it, since a lot of people who wanted one probably already painted their own. You'll notice that I did not once mention the price of the set, went out of my way to say that I didn't think it was a cash grab or similar, and that I will probably still buy it. The jab at my intelligence really isn't warranted. I maintain that from a design standpoint, having pilots and upgrades with identical names yet different effects can create confusion among players, and has entirely nothing to do with their intelligence or the 'level' of the game. There are a lot of hollow complaints and hyperbolic responses on this forum, like any other internet forum. That doesn't mean you can lump all complaints and criticisms together as 'hating', 'whining', or whatever other blanket term you'd use. I for one love the game, and I post my concerns because I want it to continue to succeed. I believe I was level-headed and reasonable in my original assessment, and again you should note that I said new pilots for the T-70 and YT-1300, as well as the host of new upgrades (the ones we know and the many more we don't), are definite positive elements of the set, and that my overall impression was 'underwhelmed', not 'brimming with hate, FFG are dead to me for this cash grab'. However anticipated or expected this release is, I think it is perfectly fair to call out the flaws with it as well as identify the positives, which is all I have done. Sorry if you took offense to anything I said. Many of my comments were a general response to all of the complaining and I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth. I also wasn't trying to insult your intelligence, though rereading what I wrote I understand why it was taken as such. I was just trying to make a point that this being the type of game it is requires far more complex rules than kids board games and that players not only accept said complexity but play because of it. Yes, you are correct about this being the Internet and this is indeed the type of behavior commonly found within forums. That being said, this particular forum has not always been this way, at least not to this extent. This forum has always had its share of insufferable people but it feels like the ratio of quality posts to bad (or irritating) posts has changed for the negative. I heard about this expansion, came here to see what cool stuff people are talking about only to find a giant bitchfest instead. Again, don't take anything personally. I was venting about the forum in general and I commented on something recent rather than from page 2 that had been already been buried by twenty more pages of mostly complaints.
  3. The only thing dangerous and confusing around here are all the posts bemoaning this release. We were always going to get a new Falcon with rectangular dish and Rey pilot card. Even though a lot of people don't want to go purchase another Falcon because they already had one there are tons and tons of people from casual players, to competitive players, to collectors that not only were willing to buy it but begging for it. We were always going to get a FFG official repain of Poe's X-Wing with the same spectrum of people begging for it. There is MASSIVE demand!!!! For everyone that wants to complain about having to pay so much for the game you have the right to stop purchasing and just use what you already have. This is not a cash grab. FFG is not holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy their products. And if things are getting too confusing then go play Monopoly. This is a tabletop miniatures game not a children's board game. This forum has absolutely bottomed out. The amount of complaining that goes on around here has reached ridiculous levels. Why would people continue to play this game if things are so horrible? Sorry that I'm singling you out. You are just one of the most recent in a very very long list of people griping about what should be one of the most obvious and anticipated releases. A release, I might add, that has lots of cool stuff.
  4. Not a chance. There is no way FFG would sell the FA Core sets to new players and then be like "sorry! that card is banned and you have to spend $40 ($50? whatever it ends up) on top of that $40 you already spent to use the best pilot in the Resistance. Current Poe isn't broken so no reason to ban him. New Poe gives you the proper PS of what he should have been while freeing up the EPT slot (so you can turn him up to 11!!!!) at a small cost. FFG is simply righting the wrongs that Disney created by not providing enough info early on and by not saying "Poe needs to be a 9". Now you get the choice. Nothing will be banned.
  5. After reading this thread title and the first couple posts I immediately knew it was a giant TL:DR. All I really care about is whether or not Joe Boss came in and blew it up yet?
  6. Because new and/or casual players don't have enough experience to fully understand what is strong and what isn't. It takes some people longer to figure out how to optimize lists and what to do for greater efficiency. And this is not a shot at the OP, there is a large portion of the player base that simply hasn't experienced consistent play against strong competition.
  7. Honestly if you are planning on purchasing 1 of every expansion and are interested in competitive play enough to want to purchase extra cards to run certain lists then I think a better starting point is which ships you want multiple copies of. Multiple copies of an individual ship could be far more impactful to list building (or just plain fun) than extra cards. Chances are that by the time you have purchased multiple copies of ships that you want anyway that those card gaps will be filled in much more anyway.
  8. Yes, it's all supposed to be about fun. The ID situation is the antithesis of that which is why so many people are furious. ID'e might be a good thing for some games but that clearly doesn't seem to be the case for X-Wing.
  9. Isn't this a similar type of situation to that of the people that received a cease and desist from Disneys attorneys?
  10. FFG licenses Star Wars from Lucas Film. The LFL copyright goes on the products. When this game comes to an end that will likely be the end of those bases for FFG. If they do have a future use for them outside of this game chances are they will not be the identical size, shape, etc. Designing new bases would be extremely cheap to do relative to a lot of other components. Really a non-issue.
  11. So you are simply trolling then, right? The dice roll is the same with a 50% chance. The trigger of R5-P8 will frequently occur more than the overlap that would trigger APL. It's entirely situational on which would trigger more often. I think combining the two sounds like fun.
  12. 38% chance? It's a 50/50 chance that the attacker takes damage. The 8 sided die includes 3 [booms] and 1 [kaboom]. Statistically you damage the attacker half of the time. And how is this any different from how similar mechanic such as Anti Pursuit Lasers or Ion Projector operate? What were you expecting this droid to do? No, this will not trigger every time. Yes, it's possible that you never do a single damage to an enemy attacker. But as has been stated frequently by others in this thread, certain enemies will be severely affected when the dice rolls do go in your favor. Low hit point aces or ships down to their last hit points, may situationally pass up an attack on you for fear of ruining their day. R5-P8 on a Jumpmaster will often be points very well invested.
  13. While I love HotAC, I do think a nicely made mission is really cool. I don't just mean the ones that come with the products, but fan made ones, too. I disagree that the game is designed around the 100 pt game. I know that they consider it when they make up the game, but I wouldn't say it's the only thing they think about for the game. I wouldn't call the 100 pt game "normal", unless that's what normally gets played in your area. Missions and scenarios are NOT and addendum to the game, unless that's how you play it. I know people that refuse to play 100 pt games. It doesn't mean they are not playing X-wing. I'm not saying playing missions isn't playing X-Wing. That very clearly is X-Wing. However you prefer to play the game you are playing X-Wing. Everyone is welcome to play whatever they prefer. Heck, you can create your own scenarios and have a bajillion house rules and it's probably still X-Wing. That being said the ships are very much designed, playtested and costed pretty much entirely based upon the 100 point game. I guess I couldn't tell you if any mechanic was designed with a nod toward the missions but any instances are probably incidental or very few and far between. Obviously the missions have to get some degree of playtesting but those have got to be pretty much just to try and balance them with the ships that have already been created. We can debate it further down at the law firm next time I make it out (hopefully this week). It's not even that big of a deal honestly. I was primarily trying to play peacemaker over a dumb argument earlier. I just know that everything has to work off of the 100 point game. It's critical to organized play. And to be clear, I'm not saying the missions are unimportant. They are very much a part of what a sizable chunk of their customers prefer. All I'm saying is that the abilities, mechanics, dials, costing etc first have to be determined based upon the 100 point game. The missions can get balanced after those other items are sorted out.
  14. The key here is that the game design is clearly focused on the 100 point game. Everything has been designed and attempted to be as balanced as possible off of that point total. That's also why we won't see a bump to 110 or 120 as some have desired. The 100 point game is "normal" play regardless of whether you are playing casually or competitively in a tournament. Casual vs competitive are simply descriptions of the manner in which the "normal" 100 point game is being played. Missions and/or scenarios are an addendum to the game. They are beloved by many and ignored many others. That's ok. Everyone can focus on playing whatever they prefer. FFG seems intent on continuing to release scenarios and missions so that's great for that crowd. That being said the design of the overall game will, like always, focus on the 100 point game. If something seems broken in missions now you probably need to add some house rules to improve it. But that shouldn't be a problem for most of that crowd.
  15. I will agree completely with the above post regarding Engine Upgrade on the Kihraxz. It's got a great dial for jousting with that white 1 turn. Truly fantastic maneuver. Rely on your own planning and anticipation of your opponent to get you where you want to be. EU is most handy on large base ships due to the substantial movement created. On those ships it can create big problems for the enemy. On small base ships your high PS aces benefit the most from EU as it gives them a way to reposition after all or mostly all of your opponents ships have moved. It is much less useful on lower PS ships where the enemy will often be moving after you are done. I will disagree about the red maneuvers on the YV-666. It really does want to use some of those maneuvers, particularly the stop. From that stsndpoint it's not a bad option at all. It does depend what else you are doing though. A Tactician could be a great addition to Moralo given what you are doing with Mux. The Rec-Spec recommendation is a solid one too. Either way you are probably better served with something else on Mux rather than Outlaw Tech. It's ok on the YV but there are often better options. If you think you will be running a lot of scum I would urge you to pick up the Punishing One and Mist Hunter expansions. There are amazing crew cards in there. And if you are just playing casually ask if your opponents don't mind you using proxy crew upgrades until you can get those ships to try them out. Dengar crew on Moralo is going to be fantastic. I can't wait to start using them together. Zuckuss and 4-LOM crew will be great too, not to mention Boba. The big thing is to keep flying and trying things out. Sounds like you are on a decent track.
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