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  1. Yes, there's no reason this game can't live again with an FFG in-house IP. TI3 seems tailor made, since it was at least in part a tribute to some of the ideas in W4K in the first place. And, in theory, with a TI3 retheme, it could be expanded well past 8 races (though there's probably an upper limit on how many are actually good to play). Still, it'd be funny for this game system to be rethemed for a third time...in board game history, only Doom has come back more times, to my reckoning...
  2. Yeah, I see no reason why WQ:ACG can't some day become RuneQuest ACG! (Though they probably couldn't even get away with the Quest part here...) The mechanisms are wholly FFG's (mostly borrowed from Space Hulk: Death Angel and the LotR LCG). Just swap in some Terrinoth art, and things should be good! I could even see two such games being compatible, if FFG didn't retweak the rules too much... ...here's hoping!
  3. @david spangler--thanks so much for that insight! I love to hear about the little design things that happen behind the scenes and we never get to hear about because projects get shelved, licenses fall through, etc. Makes you wonder how many great games never see the light of day for reasons beyond their control...wouldn't it be great if Rebellion were the final version of that prototype you've got? ...was it any good? @Daily Rich--yeah, I picked up FitG mostly as a curiosity. The chances of me playing it are fairly slim, and I've got other meaty space-themed games in the queue I'd likely play before trying to teach it to anyone (SW:Armada, Earth Reborn and TI3, for example). And, of course, Rebellion will be on that list in a few more months...
  4. I *just* tracked down a copy of the old AH/SPI title Freedom In The Galaxy, which was loosely based on the galaxy-wide civil war of Star Wars. It's a game I've always wanted to try, just to get the feel of a Star Wars-type game played over multiple planets...the closest up until now for me has been TI3. ...and then this game appears out of nowhere! And seems to share a lot of the same feel, if not some of the same downright mechanics. Of course, there's the video games Rebellion/Supremacy and Empire at War that also share similarities, and some folks have mentioned parallels with War of the Ring--none of which I've played. Just wondering if any one can speak to the influences for this game, or if it in fact is something completely new? Of course, most of us will have to wait for the rules to be released say for sure--but there's always room for an official commentary, too...
  5. Yeah, I'd wondered if the initial idea of paying lore to power automata was potentially unbalancing, and FFG pared it back by restricting the number of troops the could be ordered on a turn. Activations limited only by lore have the potential to get out of hand quickly, especially if you're cranking out lore. So nonetheless, the rules together make sense--but I wish they'd called out specifically that the unit restrictions still applied when using non section cards.
  6. Hey Battlelorians! Just got my expansion packs at Origins this past weekend, and got a match in today finally! Really a fantastic set--so many more options now for army building. We were confused, however, by the Automaton power. From the card: "Automaton: During your order step, you may spend 1 lore to order this unit as if it were in any section. If you do, this unit may move 1 additional hex during your Move step." So when I first read that, it seemed pretty straightforward. During orders, spend a lore to order an Ironbound, in addition to whatever was on the chosen command card. Fur instance, if I played a Patrol Right card, I could order two units on the right, and pay 1 lore to order an Ironbound in any section. But, the rules clarification in the Hernfar Guardians insert added a little twist: "...the unit with the Automaton ability counts toward the total number of ordered units as specified by the active player's command card." That was a surprise. From the phrasing of the ability on the Ironbound card, I would not have suspected any conditions from the command card would apply at all. So, based on the clarification, it seems like Automaton is simply removing the Left/Center/Right restriction on command cards--but the number remains. For instance, I could play a Patrol Right command card, and command one unit in the right column, and pay 1 lore to command an Ironbound in the center or left sections. I guess this is clear enough more with the clarification--but if Automaton is linked to the command card in number--what if there is something that specifies unit type? If, for instance, a command card like Onslaught or Cavalry Charge is played, can Ironbound be ordered using the Automaton ability? Or is it not allowed, since those command cards specify infantry and calvary units only? My guess is that the answer is no, Ironbound cannot be ordered by non-battlefield command cards (unless their unit type is specified)--but it's not very clear, if that's what's intended. Anyone encountered this yet? Thoughts?
  7. Hey FFG (and BattleLore fans)-- I'm really loving that this app exists--it clearly took some time and effort to bring into existence, and I hope it signals that ports of other board games are in the works! So, I've enjoyed playing so far--but I have bumped into a couple issues I wanted to share, and see if anyone else had the same. I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy 4 phone. First off was the biggest problem--in my second mission in the solo campaign (the one with the lighting the fires objective), I was poise for a victory, and had beat back the Uthuk to only a few units. Unfortunately, during the last remaining Bloodthirster's turn--the game up and stopped working. It didn't freeze or lock up--animations and music kept running--but the computer seemed to complete its turn without handing over control to me. I just sat that, dumbly tapping on every icon I could find to try to get back control and take the win I earned, but nothing worked. It seemed like the AI equivalent of flipping the table. Eventually, I had to restart and go through the whole mission again. I'm sure that's likely a fixable bug--but I'd also like to put in a feature request: an undo button. For turn-based play on a computer, there's no reason a player shouldn't be able to take back moves if they've done things in the wrong order, or have accidentally clicked on the wrong item. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally activated lore when I just wanted to check which cards I currently had. Likewise, I've chosen a couple command cards I wouldn't have otherwise, selected the wrong armies to command, and ended phases when I didn't want to.The confirmation scheme for movement and attacking is generally sufficient--but it would be nice if there was an undo option for each phase (assuming no dice had been rolled--of course you shouldn't be able to undo that). Anyway, that's it for now. Thanks for putting this into the world!
  8. ...ah, that's what I figured. Thanks Pseudonym and Wolfgar for being gentle with the spoilers. ...and hey Julia! Yeah, after years of putting off getting a copy of Arkham Horror, I decided to jump on a deal to get Eldritch (since the consensus seems to be it has incorporated many improvements). Initial impressions are good. Rightly or wrongly, it reminds me a bit of a meatier (and much higher production value) version of Darkest Night, which is a game I like well enough--though I wonder how much of its structure is a tribute to Arkham Horror. Anyway, I'm likely to be a bit more active on the forums here--so hopefully I'll see you around!
  9. Hey all-- Played through my first game of Eldritch a few nights ago and, well, the Earth was devoured beyond my best efforts. But it was still fun! Anyway, just wondering if I'm missing something--but both Star Spawn and Dark Young showed up in my game, and I couldn't help but notice that they appear to have the exact same stats. Is that right? Is it a misprint? Or maybe there are other cards or mechanics that differentiate between the two monsters? I'm sure I'm missing something, since I've only played through once...
  10. Can I ask how you fellas got your copies? Through an FLGS, I assume?
  11. So, anyone know if there will be any more support or availability for the Descent Game Night Kits for Organized Play Season 2? As far as future support--in addition to the above quote fealthas found from the initial press release, a Mr. Christian T. Petersen seemed to imply there would be more support for co-op Descent coming down the road in this BGG post: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/15355828#15355828 "We have exciting plans for the Descent: JitD brand and line -- of which the co-op scenarios is one of the most recent aspects (and an awesome one, I agree). " ...it's very lightly implied, but I'm interpreting it as being positive!
  12. X miniatures per unit : + see a greater army - lost of time before and after game - lost money when buy unit pack + healt value of all unit is easier to view at a glance with X miniatures than another count system 1 miniature per unit : + gain of money (in theory) - an other system is necessary to count healt of unit. = don't gain of time if we replace X minature by X other elements + gain of time if use of counter for each unit - or + gain or lost of money if healt counter is or isn't expensive Gain or lost money depend of public price of the unit pack/game extension/... not manufacturing cost. There was a project mentioned on the BGG forums a while back where someone was converting BL1E from using figurines to using blocks (a la so many other block wargames). Basically, you rotate the block to indicate its strength/hit points. It's perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing, but makes set up and clean up a bit easier. The other advantage of blocks is that you could also simulate fog of war (i.e,, you wouldn't know what a specific unit is until you attack it or it attacks you). Personally, l'm not sure if I prefer blocks over lots of cool plastic minis (I'm a sucker for the toys)--but they are another option, if you're into hand-crafting a bit.
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