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  1. Just checking to see if there's any solid info on this. 80.00 for a used book is nearly pendragon outrageous. I did not see a current topic for reprints.
  2. The Lathe worlds book (came out december?) offers a couple of ships that work well for an Inquistor and his adepts. Thea adeventure towards the back offers the Lysithea, a guncutter type ship, class: Zephyr. Further in is the Lathes-Pattern Arvus Lighter, more of a shuttle type. In my past campaigns I have also used shuttles such as the Aquilla lander and the Valkrye to drop players into planetside. Guncutters are prollly the best bet for size of an inquisitor and his retinue. Various forms of guncutters can be sourced out of rogue trader and dark heresy.
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