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  1. If they did that, they'd lose at least one customer. I've been buying every D2E expansion they've released, but another edition would compete for our playtime, and either not get played, or make the hundreds of dollars I've spent on D2E so far useless. A few more RtL campaigns, and I think I'd have enough D2E material to keep me busy indefinitely in any case.
  2. I played it with two other friends on the public holiday in Australia. We hadn't played the goblin mini-campaign, so this was our first exposure to Road to Legend. Overall, everyone found it the most fun of all the Descent modes we've tried (base, campaign, co-op, etc). Some things we've been conditioned to do (obsessively collecting search tokens) aren't as necessary as they are in other play modes. We're two major quests, and two minor quests in, and we've found it pretty easy so far - only one hero KO. We're playing on normal difficulty, though.
  3. I'd mostly like a single-step "undo" button - I'm sure I've screwed up the balance of our quests numerous times by accidentally ending a heroes turn before I'd indicated that we'd eliminated a certain group on his turn, and other such stuff-ups. Also, the ability to update the materials available mid-campaign - I accidentally marked off a set I didn't have (honestly, those H&M set names are so disconnected from their contents, I have trouble keeping track of which is which), and we've had to proxy a bunch of stuff as a result, because I couldn't remedy that error.
  4. I assume the peril conditions are a timing thing - dawdle to long and you start getting minor perils; take too much longer and they become deadly. We haven't got deadly ones yet, only minor.
  5. This is most likely, IMO. #1 is pretty much nonsense, and the rules we've seen really point towards #2. Also, if it was #3, they probably would have put all 6 in one expansion, or spread them over 2/3 with 3/2 in each, whereas 4 in Rust is confirmed, which lets them spread them over 3 expansions. What do you think would be the best Monk combo? I'm thinking Tomble-Apothecary. You want to be close to your buddies anyway, to give them elixirs, so you get Tomble's bonus frequently. The bonus makes you basically untouchable with Vow of Freedom, and Openhanded makes Bottled Courage more reliable (all that pierce), and Bottled Courage gives another chance to proc the extra attack from Openhanded.
  6. The eventual Scout->Warrior hybrid is going to be nuts. Imagine Tomble with the Defend skill. Yikes. Healer->Warrior would also be interesting, when Ashrian can be a a tank
  7. My group's really been enjoying the co-op adventures, but they seem to be treated as a poor cousin to the main line (blister packs, no printed quest guides, etc). We tend to play them to the exclusion of the campaign, these days. Our only complaint is there's not enough of them. What's the community's general reaction to the co-ops? Do many others share our opinions, or is co-op mostly a side-light? Do you think there's enough support for FFG to do a big-box co-op expansion?
  8. Not sure I'd call it "lazy" per se. Personally, I build and think better with the actual cards. Spoiler lists, deck builders and OCTGN games just don't click for me as well as pushing the cardboard around the table does. Is it "lazy" if I don't go out and pound nails when all I have is a screwdriver? I don't think he was calling people who don't play online lazy - I think he was calling people who call Baratheon kneel overpowered instead of looking for solutions lazy.
  9. I was pretty annoyed when I read about the announcement. I was a fairly new player, and the announcement actually came when I had ~$200 of chapter packs en route to me (the last of the back catalog). So yeah, being told the product I hadn't even got yet was being made obsolete was quite frustrating. I've mellowed a bit since then - the rule simplifications do seem good, and if I never need to consult a flowchart to determine if I'm allowed to activate an effect again, I'll be a happy man. Plus, I imagine my group of friends will keep playing 1.0 for at least 12 months - 2.0 won't have a really deep card pool for at least that long. To address ktom's point: the back catalog really was necessary. Like you point out, if you want to engage the seasons mechanic, you need to buy The Winds of Winter or A Song of Summer, both quite early in the game's run. Castellan of the Rock and Pyromancer's Cache were top contenders for the restricted slot in Lannister decks, and they are even older. How many Stark decks ran without Northern Cavalry Flank from the second cycle? I wouldn't think there are more than a handful of chapter packs that didn't have a great card for one house or another.
  10. My cards won't, but my group might. An LCG isn't like a boardgame; you can't just own one copy and break it out whenever. To get the most out of a game like Thrones, you need multiple people all owning their own copies, and building their own decks.
  11. Except that it requires other players with cards to play, too. How many people have you seen playing Spellfire, or V:TES lately? (I still have cards from both those games, incidentally, and I haven't had a game of either for years.) Which is why I don't play CCGs any more. Really? They're already made the first one - making the old cards incompatible with the new version. I'll take that $50 and invest it in a traditional board game that actually *will* be playable for as long as the components physically survive. I love playing CCGs and LCGs, but just as CCGs lost me with ongoing requirement for pouring endless amounts of cash into them, it looks like LCGs are losing me because their parent company can't be trusted.
  12. If I knew that the game I loved was going to be cancelled, I probably wouldn't have spent $500 on it. I'm not spending $50 on the new edition of that game, because there's no guarantee it will be any more well-spent than the $500 I just blew on the now-defunct first edition. Also, I doubt $50 will be enough to field a decent deck in the new edition any more than it was in the first. They're not sprinkling in new cards with the old at all; from what is said in the release, the old cards will not be valid at all. If the new edition was backwards compatible with the existing cardpool, I would probably be happy about the announcement, rather than furious.
  13. Well, I'm out. I'm only a recent player, and having spent over $500 on cards in the last 12 months, this comes as a great big "Screw You!" from Fantasy Flight. I hope second edition crashes and burns, as an object lesson as to what happens when you screw over your customers.
  14. As a new player myself, I've got to say, tournament rules mean nothing to me. It's how my local casual group plays that matters to me. The thing that turns me off the most is the hidden complexity of the rules - I should be able to know how cards interact without ever hearing the words "Framework Action Window" If your local group plays a bunch of championship net-decked builds using cards from the last 5 years, and won't let you proxy or lend you cards, then it could be un-fun. But the answer to that is more "stop being jerks" than "change the tournament rules", I think.
  15. What it says on the tin; I've got a deck with too many cards I like, and some need to get it in the neck. It's my first deck, so any other general advice welcome, too. Oh, and it's built to be legal in both Melee and Joust, as my group tends to play both. Agenda: 1 x The Siege of Winterfell, LoW Plots: 1 x After the Mummer's Ford, KotS 1 x Search and Detain, HtS 1 x Forgotten Plans, KotStorm 1 x Desolate Passage, TRS 1 x Storm of Swords, LoW 1 x Take Them by Surprise, LoW 1 x Valar Morghulis, Core Characters: (33, Cost 0: 3, 1: 5, 2: 6, 3: 11, 4+: 8) 1 x Arya Stark, CoS 1 x Brienne of Tarth, PotS 1 x Catelyn Stark, LoW 1 x Damon Dance-For-Me, VD 1 x Jeyne Westerling, ASoS 1 x King Robb's Host, TWot5K 1 x Kyle Condon, APS 1 x Lucas Blackwood, GotC 1 x Maester Luwin, FtC 1 x Robb Stark, KotS 1 x Ser Jorah Mormont, PotS 1 x Syrio Forel, TftRK 3 x Fleet from Wolf's Den, RotK 3 x Guard at Riverrun, LoW 3 x Host of the Bear, LoW 3 x House Umber Berserkers, BoRF 3 x Hungry Mob, CoS 3 x Overzealous Scout, BoRF 3 x The Bastard's Elite, RoR Locations (11 Resource, 23 Total) 1 x Lord Eddard's Chambers, Core 1 x Street of Steel, Core 1 x Street of Sisters, Core 2 x Narrow Sea, Core 3 x Northern Fiefdoms, Core 1 x The Kingsroad [Winter], FaI 2 x The Kingsroad [summer], FaI 1 x Harrenhal, ODG 2 x Bay of Ice, KotS 2 x High Ground, QoD 2 x King's Pavillion, KotStorm 2 x Training Grounds, LoW 3 x Frozen Outpost, LoW Events (9): 3 x Make an Example, PotS 3 x The Battle of Ruby Ford, EB 3 x The Battle of the Whispering Wood, EB
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