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  1. Hi everyone, we just got informed by Wolfgang ( the Stahleck organizer) that FFG will not provide any prices nor will the winners design a card for this years Stahleck also apparently Stahleck lost its status as european championship. This is a disgrace! The biggest and lets not kid our selfs the most competitive tournament in the world wont have FFG's support. I am really dissapointed by this decision and hope they will change their mind. This reflects very poorly on a company that not only has recieved incredible loyality from so many players (through 2 resets even) and brings out a new product which Stahleck would totally promote. I made this thread in hope that you guys will support me, maybe we get some answers as to why this is happening and hopefully FFG will show the tournament, the organizer and all the players coming from across Europe the respect they deserve.
  2. hi! i play bara maesters so one question if i kneel my maester can i use king roberts hammer to stand him and then trigger steel link to stand the location or can i only trigger it in the action window of kneeling him for gold link for example? and one more think what happens when iron throne (lanister) targets meera reed or catelyn (low)? tnx!
  3. hi guys…. so i have 3 decks stark sow/kill effects, baratheon hod the wall/domi, martell house dayne…. we play online at the moment on octgn so we have all cards and i just cant beat my friends lanni deck in joust….. could u gimmy some generall advice about plots etc which help and some specific advice about cards which i could use in the decks i run???
  4. hi guys one question about sorrowfull man. if my opponent has sorrowfulman in shadows and i marchall first and i have 5 gold this turn i play a character for 4 gold and then a attachment for 1 gold. in order to kill a character must my opponent flip sorrowful man immidiatelly after i play him or can he w8 till i spend my gold and then flip him? so in this example can he use him to kill my char after i played the attachment and have 0 gold remaining or must he use him immidiatelly after i play the char in which case i have 1 gold left to pay?
  5. hi! so if i run the siege of winterfell agenda (core) and have one character attached with ice (core) and an opponent attacks with one character in military who is deadly . 1. if i discard ice and kill him will i win the challenge and claim 2 power from my agenda? 2. if i discard ice and kill him will i still have to kill my character due to deadly or doesnt it count since in resolve the deadly char is dead? another thing if i have a character with and influence icon on him do i have to kneel him if i want to kneel his influence for a card effect? and one last thing about rob stark (low) are traits only f.e. lord, lady, knight, asshai etc, or can i also choose f.e. ally, house tully, mercenary etc. ? which exactly are traits?
  6. hi! one quick question when i attack with brienne of tarth (pots) opponents cant discard duplicates to save, cant use character effects which start with bold and cant use events right?
  7. hi guys i am studying in munich and playing agot lcg with a friend of mine anyone interested in contacting me to play 3s and 4s in munich?
  8. so plz anwser me with yes or no cause my friend is a retard…. if i win a power challenge while using siege of winterfell agenda do i move power from my opponent?
  9. in order to play seductive promiss do i need to win with a difference of 4 total strength in a power challenge or do i just need to attack and win with a minimum total str of 4?
  10. a ok about stealth got it now! one last thing siege of winterfell says that i cant claim power but when so i cant claim power through unopossed but when i win a power chalenge i move power form the oponents house card to mine and move isnt the same as claiming right?
  11. tnx a alot some last specific question to be sure i got it right so if i attach bowl of brown to a character with stealth he cant use it, if i attach it to Pyat Pree he cant kill my characters and something else can i play dragons with ambush whenerver i want as an attachment to a dragon already in play as a save or only in marshaling phase?
  12. sry to act like a noob but i had some intesne fights with my friends so i wanan be really sure:P for exaple could u plz tell me which card effects can still be used if someone revealed the buring bridges plot card? tnx a lot!
  13. hm ok i think i get it but what about stealth? its a trait but still a player has to chose to use it right?
  14. hi i wanted to ask if i can stop and opponent from stealthing my chars with bowl of brown and what abilities can brienne of tarth ( the stark and baratheon one) cancel. tnx a lot!
  15. hi i wanted to ask if i can stop and opponent from stealthing my chars with bowl of brown and what abilities can brienne of tarth ( the stark and baratheon one) cancel. tnx a lot!
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