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  1. Hello, I did a quick search through the RR and here but didn't see any answers. A friend and I finally got around to playing our first game and I wasn't sure about the following. 1. Can Lando (rebel) target himself? Does he count as a friendly ship? It doesn't say other friendly ship. 2. With Cassian's crew ability, am I allowed to look at the maneuver dials on the squad builder? I assume not, but I can see how that would be really hard to know all the maneuvers available to each ship. Thanks!
  2. We played the Astral Alchemy scenario last night and at one point we were told to move the guard to a room that hadn't been revealed yet. the app put the token off into a dark area. then a monster was spawned in its place. we never ended up opening that room and just told the app that the monster never moved to a place with an investigator.
  3. i'm going to bring all my dice and cards in a ziplock freezer bag and dump them out on the table next to me, just to OCD stress out my opponent.
  4. i did finally get a response to my email on this topic that i sent two weeks ago:
  5. i thought i read somewhere that it sold 250 tickets? the sell out article no longer shows that number...hmm... if it was only 100 people that would be great, that many people packed into the game center would be tight, even with their other big room. i was there for their star wars celebration and that was packed, but still less than 250. as long as those that preregistered got their stuff then great, but yeah, ebaying it is not cool.
  6. My hope is that they don't allow outside people to buy it (sorry, no offense). I'm coming from out of town and I am excited to get my hands on this. If they sell out of it because they were selling it to people that didn't preregister for the event and those that did didn't get a chance at a copy, that'll be pretty sh*tty.
  7. I always show up around 3-5 thursday. It's a gaming store with a looooot of tables. It'll be busy pretty much constantly, and they have a whole wall of games to demo before the event. Last year I spent a day and a half just sleeving my entire set of Arkham Horror, and was invited to play in a draft for magic the gathering as well as other things. So yeah, even if you're early, you won't be bored. Also how in the world did you get a room for $109? The cheapest I saw was $180. Oh well no matter, I'm actually okay with the Key Inn, though I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with too many standards. I'm staying 3 nights and the $78 average means I have more money to spend at the store. the radisson has a discounted rate for the event, it's listed on one of the event pages (kind of hidden). i called and they gave me the same rate. not sure what they have left but give it a shot if you want a bit more luxury!
  8. don't go back for seconds until everyone has had their firsts!!!
  9. Not sure if anyone can answer this or not, curious what the kind of stock they will have on this. If it will be first come first serve or if there will be plenty on hand. I'd hate for there to be a situation where people go home empty handed on it.
  10. yeah, someone marched my tywin to the wall in the first round of the kingslayer. it was all downhill from there
  11. are the matte sleeve identical to the non-matte? can i mix them together without issue? (obviously i know that the clear part is different)
  12. What happens if we preregister and it turns out we can't make it? Can we still get our goody bag? I'd like to go but i might have a conflict.
  13. What story cards should we be using for Regionals? The tourney rules say the cards from Shifting Sands are legal for the 2013 tourney season. Is that still the case for 2014? Also, what ever the Story deck consists of, is it OK to use proxies for that if we don't own the pack?
  14. The funny part about that is it was a bigger monster that it happened with. one of the investigators used their ability to damage the creature and another used an item to damage it. we just did not want to spoil what the monster had until we encountered it. almost like the two guys were fighting it and lobbed some heavy artillery to kill this huge monster. after the first attacked the second guy says "is it dead?" the first guy shrugs and so the second guy tosses in a molitov hoping to finish it off. then they turn on the flash lights and head inside to find out if they killed it...
  15. I have been trying to keep things as much a mystery as possible during the game. One question i had was if a Creature has not been encountered yet but receives damage (either from the asset card or the character that can give damage as an action) how do you handle that? What we have been doing is pile the damage counters on it and when we encounter it we flip it and if it has enough damage on it it's immediately dead. The only trouble there is that makes it difficult to plan for what could be a dead monster. Just looking for thoughts.
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