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  1. I find that the play area tends to get a bit cluttered if you go beyond 400 points with a lot more ship collisions and flying off the board as well as the game taking a lot longer. Don't see it happening....
  2. I just got a fedex tracking number for all my wave one stuff from CSI as well. Still no ETA but looks like it will be by the end of the week anyway!
  3. Why does it seem like the Tea Partiers always have to hijack everything no matter what your trying to talk about. Go post on fox news or Rush Limbaugh's web sight. Please keep Star wars for Star wars topics and fiction.
  4. There have been several threads over the last few months about Armada based campaigns. Everyone has some good ideas. I hope FFG will come out with a strategic based set of rules some day so you can incorporate x-wing and armada.
  5. I think Howlrunner is worth more than 2 TIE squadrons. Adding the extra dice is awesome and having scatter puts her over the top IMHO.
  6. I'm just getting one of each for now until we know point totals and how they will fit into a 400 point build.
  7. My condolences deathseed. My wife and I have three cats. Sucks when one dies.
  8. As most of us were expecting wave 1 the first week in May this is really only a two or three week delay. I'm sure the game will survive just fine. That being said I too have gotten tired of using the same three ships for the 30+ games I've played. I can't wait to add wave 1 as it's really going to change things up a great deal.
  9. Actually I think the neb b is the best ship in the core game. I love the empire but I'm not a big fan of either victory. They are slow and all the firepower is stacked on the forward arc. There way too easy to flank and two rebel ships ganging up on a vic can take it out more often than not.
  10. I do think the ISD will be speed 3 based on the leaked picks. That fits the fluff though and the fact its outgunned be the Mon Cal Cruiser, at least on the sides. The Mon Cal will probably be speed 2 which would also fit the fluff.
  11. We don't know for sure the ISD is under 100 points based on a very blurry picture. Until a better preview is released we simply won't know.
  12. I'm still thinking we will get an announcement at the end of the week or next...
  13. I think the AF is a love or hate looking ship. I think it looks really cool myself and as far as how it will perform in the game its clearly going to be awesome.
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