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  1. Here is a link to the fillable version of DrainSmith's sheets. We included a little something extra. It shows dice pools. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A0CfDZbeohiM4gFkAjjhCPQ_DmTmss9r
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    RPG Sessions App

    Super fantastic! First I would like to thank you for working on this. It's absolutely gorgeous! Now for some constructive suggestions. I spent last night putting my rather powerful character on there. The freeform aspect to it is great! 1. (Bug): If you add a talent with the same name, it disappears. There are talents you can take multiple times at higher ranks, and currently I have to change the name to get it to stick. (Example: Grit, then Grit II, Grit III, Grit IV) Maybe keep your anti-redundancy for the same tier, but allow later tears to have repeats. 2. (Suggestion)Terrinoth Inclusion: Heroic Abilities. Currently I just added it to notes. Would be nice if there was an optional section for that. Maybe flick a check box, and it opens up a form for Heroic Abilities. 3. (Suggestion)Magic Actions: If you have ranks in magic skills, maybe have it pop out a segment after talents for these. It could still just be a form with a few sections on it. Action Type (attack, conjure, barrier, etc), Description, and then line items similar to how talents pop up asking you for details where you put the difficulty, quality name, and description. Then it groups those by difficulty next to or below the magic action description. -See attachment for an example of what i'm talking about, but just don't include a segment for a picture. Aldus Spellbook Page 1.pdf
  3. If you all don't mind helping us error check these, that would be great... DrainSmith's sheets all form fillable and stuff. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A0CfDZbeohiM4gFkAjjhCPQ_DmTmss9r
  4. Drainsmith has some gorgeous vector sheets that i'm transplanting my form fields over to. I'm meticulously going through all of them. Once i'm done i'll upload them to my share, and let everyone know. I'm working on auto text sizes on fields where it makes sense (anything where you are typing a word), but for fields where a number is required, I make it a set size. (Characteristics for an example..auto size makes them super tiny) If the font isn't compatible with your system though, it should default to something that is. The font is use is Bradley Hand ITC.
  5. I don't have access to InDesign. I make the form fields in Acrobat. I started it last night. I'll do all 3 of these, and then i'll work on your base genesys sheet as well.
  6. Could you do a Terrinoth sheet in the Genesys style? (the genesys sheet only has 3 slots for magic skills, which is frustrating). Also, would you like these sheets to be made form fillable? If so I can do that for you.
  7. Just uploaded a new version. Same link will take you to it. This corrects a multitude of fields that were duplicated and over lapping each other. Next version will have an edit of Page 2. I'll be removing the "talent list" and expanding out the equipment/gear section. This will include a section for painkillers and other consumables if I can edit it correctly. I'll be adding a page 4 as well that includes a wall of talents. Since there is no limit to the number of talents you can take.
  8. It would be like a Knight who later gets ordained by his order, and can then tap into Divine magic. The talent would represent that. Etc. There are tons of fantasy tropes where someone doesn't really unlock their magical potential until later.
  9. Let me know if there are errors you need me to correct peeps. I'll put this on Reddit as well. Click me like you click the other web links
  10. You have stemmed my vitriol for the time being. Now...to my laboratory, where I shall make it form fillable with my own sorcery. Then I shall make it available for all to download. *laughs maniacally running to the hills*
  11. Absolutely beautiful book. The artwork is great, and the feel of it hits my RPG high fantasy spot. Now I just want a character sheet. *looks around site* Nope. Guess I'll have to make my own. I'll just extract the 3 pages into a seperate PDF. *Password required* I don't mind that they did this. It makes sense. However, if Asmodee is going to lock the PDF down, then they need to get off their buttokies, and make us a form fillable sheet. The sheet in the book is GORGEOUS!!!! ...now give it to us!!! *makes ridiculous nerd rage expression* In the meantime, i'll just print them from those pages...and...hand...write...bleh. *end rant*
  12. Font crisis has been corrected on the No Skills sheet, and the magic skills now use a check mark for career skills just like everything else.
  13. And i'll work on fixing up the No-Skills sheet today. I was using it last night and wanted to scream. I'm so sorry LOLOL
  14. I had to break the links because someone hacked my OneDrive and was able to edit the regular form sheet. I restored from backup and have moved the sheets over to Google Drive.
  15. Due to my OneDrive link getting bypassed to allow someone to add editors to my folders, I've disabled the old links. Here is the new one to both sheets: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XFNjFPRKHSbFFrT87qHn1wKLyMdMo2X6 Let me know if these links ever fail.
  16. I plan on using the rules to build spells similar to the GenCon characters. But i'm also breaking them into 5 ranks. Your ranks in Arcana/Divine/Primal will determine which ranks you can learn (so if you have 2 ranks in Arcana, you can learn Rank 2 spells). As for cost to learn, it will be money. It gives wizards, priests, and druids something to spend that hard earned cash on. Otherwise time will be required to study the spell (where you'll make a knowledge roll to see if you successfully assimilate the spell). Ranks will be used instead of Knowledge for the power of the spell quality. So if you have Ignite Posterior III, then it's burn quality will be 3. Even if your Knowledge rank is 4, it will still only be 3 until you buy the Rank IV version of the spell. I'm also working on rules for lengthy rituals that bypass the strain cost, and reduce the difficulty based on implements used during those.
  17. Also don't forget that focus items can reduce the difficulty of adding qualities to a spell. So if you have a focus of boom (lets you add the Fire, and Blast qualities without increasing the difficulty), then you are still only using 2 difficulty (medium range), and that might even be less depending on what type of focus you are using (wand, etc). Although on Reddit I posted to this that I would auto-activate the qualities, I have rethought my logic.
  18. I pillaged a few peoples forms and added them to the base sheet, and then tweaked things as best I could (tab order, an actual picture import field, etc). Genesys Fillable Character Sheet
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