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  1. I have not yet Road Darkens and the rulesheet is not online yet either. So what does keyword toughness mean?
  2. Our 3-player-group played yesterday first one. I liked it a lot. The day before i played 2 player Quest 2 and we lost. That one is really hard. But i cant wait to build a deck to beat it.
  3. I admire your efforts for that Programm. Are there really so many people who play with lackey? For me it's incredible laborious. I prefer OCTGN.
  4. My dear friend, right now my playergroup tried 5x The Dunland Trap with 3 players. It was a depressing series of 5 losses and we are far away from unexperienced players. Maybe you might explain to me why you like so much The Dunland Trap?!
  5. Just for fun I made a summary of how many votes every quest got. I considered only quests which have been chosen by name (not: i like all AtS-cycle). Exception Black Rider quests cause so many people listed them in general and in my opinion they are not too diferent. Best Passage through Mirkwood o Journey Down the Anduin IIIIIII Escape from Dol Guldur o Hunt for Gollum I Conflict at the Carrock II Journey to Rhosgobel o The Hills of Emyn Muil I The Deadmarshes o Return to Mirkwood I Into the Pit III 7th Level IIII Escape from Moria o Redhorn Gate IIII Road to Rivendell III Watcher in the Water IIIIIII The Lost Dark o Foundations of Stone IIIIII Shadow and Flames I We must away ere break of day o Over the misty Mountains o Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim I Flies and Spiders o The Lonely Mountain o Battle of Five Armies II Peril in Pelargir I Into Ithilien III Siege of Cair Andros IIIII The Stewards Fear IIIII Druadan Forest I Encounter at Amon Din II Assault on Osgiliath o Blood of Gondor I The MOrgul Vale IIIIII The fords of Isen o To catch an orc II Into Fangorn o The Dunland Trap II The Three Trials IIII Trouble in Tharbad I Massing at Osgiliath II Battle at Laketown o Black Riders IIIIIIII Worst Conflict at the Carrock I Journey to Rhosgobel II Hills of Emyn Muil IIII The Dead Marshes III Return to Mirkwood I Into the Pit I The Redhorngate II Road to Rivendell II The Watcher in the water I The Long Dark III Shadow and Flame II We must away ere break of Day III Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim IIIII Flies and Spiders IIII The Lonely Mountain IIII Peril in Pelargir IIII Into Ithilien IIII Siege of Cair Andros I Druadan Forest I Assault on OSgiliath I To catch an orc II Into Fangorn II Trouble in Tharbad Battle at Laketown I Passage through Mirkwood, Escape from Dol Guldur and Escape from Moria are the only ones that have not been named by anyone, neither as a good nor as a bad quest (although one person liked the whole Khazad Dum Box).
  6. Steward of Gondor? Do you mean Blood of Gondor or the Stewards Fear?
  7. when I play solo I hate time mechanic... I have fun building my army slowly, now i get pressure all the time. Dont like it at all.
  8. I am wondering if there is any possibility like cardgamedb to search for illustrators. What I mean: You write for example Magali Villeneuve and click on search and then all of the LOTR-cards of her are popping up. At the moment I am very impressed by the art of Cristi Balanescu (Isengard Messenger) and I dont want to look at all cards to find his works.
  9. Diferent brains, diferent opinions. Btw: I had to laugh a lot about the Football Coach :-D
  10. I dont reference Call of Cthulu LCG with terrible art!!! For that game it's absolutely perfect. But a card that reminds me of a CoC card does not match with LOTR. In that sense it's terrible, understood?
  11. Sry, but this card reminds me more of the Cthullu LCG. It's terrible. What do you guys think?
  12. Favourite: The Hills of Emyn Muil: a calm one without pressure The Redhorn Gate: thematic, atmospheric, cold and cool Foundations of Stone: in MP environment the best one The Siege of Cair Andros: very challenging in a non-annoying way Encounter at Amon Din: interesting mechanic, in MP too easy all Black Rider quests: much fun with hobbit decks Disappointment: The Watcher in the Water: annoying tentacles, my least played quest Road to Rivendell: deck construction depends on sleeping sentry Into Ithilien: ridiculous difficulty Flies and Spiders: surprisingly boring
  13. I dont understand why you used as image for Assault on Osgiliath quest a player card from Amon Din expension !!!!!!! This is absolutely no accurate. Please change it. And Stone of Erech still missing.
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