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  1. The theory says that there is ONE ship revealed or hinted at The way I always interpreted was that one of the ships shown tends to appear. Doesn't mean every little detail in the card. So far it has been pretty consistent. Cept maybe this last wave, I didn't remember seeing anything but I'll look again
  2. Well correct me if I'm wrong but if we look back, there has been at least one ship of the next wave revealed in the wave before hasn't there?
  3. In the Outmaneuver card, is that the Outrider? So far there's been some clues as to what we may see. But i dont know if I've seen this ship in a card before Can anyone confirm that its indeed the 2400?
  4. RAGE1073

    May 4th Weekend

    Anything happening in the LA area?
  5. They look awesome!!! http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4734
  6. I guess no one knows what the ships on those cards are then huh
  7. Haha that was the point, I couldn't think of a better title The topic kinda strayed but Does anyone know what ships those are in the cards? Think we'll see them?
  8. Those laser tips on the ties look awesome
  9. Yea but who knows, there seem to be little hints here and there. Maybe they don't show what they'll do but they do def show what ships they have access to.
  10. I seem to rememeber that people were trying to guess what was going to be released next by looking at the current pilots and upgrade cards. Like how Swarm Tactics showed the YT-2400 The Homing Missles and Soontir Fel showed the TIE Bombers Daredevil showed us the CR-90 Corvette And so on It's most likely just a coincidence But do any of you guys have any thoughts or theories to share? There's a couple ships that are shown on some cards that I have no clue as to what they are Like the ships on the Millennium Falcon title card The Etahn A'baht and Roark Garnet pilot cards Or the one in the background of the Chardaan Refit card (looks like the falcon but can't be cuz dish is on opposite side)
  11. Not Star Wars but Whenever I bank I say I'm going to "List Lazily to the Left/Right"
  12. RAGE1073


    These aren't the clients you're looking for Gotta say it's the most unique troll I've seen
  13. I won 4 out of the five tourneys I competed in including a regional last season. Only loss came at a store champ last week because I couldn't find my upgrade cards My list is Boba Fett -HLC -Gunner -Slave 1 -Determination/Veteran Instincts Krassis Trelix -HLC -Gunner
  14. Haven't lost any tourneys with my 2 Firespray list, it's all I run.
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