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  1. Not sure how magic is supposed to work

    Okay, I suspected that might be the case, but they really didn't seem to give much explanation, as far as I could tell. I'm considering it for standard Fantasy, so I think I would have the characters build a number of spells with these guidelines, and then allow them to research more in their downtime. Of course, you can try for almost any effect on the fly, with some difficulty upgrades (or increases? Both?). A triumph while casting on the fly might mean that you learn the spell and can cast it from then on as you like.
  2. The Brawn Characteristic and Species

    Ugh, no. This means that there is no such thing as a tough Twi'lek, or a strong-willed Wookiee. If anything, just adjust the max up or down by one. So someone determined to make a Brawny Twi'lek can at least get to 4.
  3. It's always better to specialize. No, you don't want to dump every point into brawn just to get it to 5, but pretty much every game (and real life) reward the guy who's good at his job. There are a lot of roles to cover in the game, and one character isn't going to cover them all. You can shore up a weak area with a few skill points, sure, but it's still a good idea to be very strong in your niche. With that in mind, most aliens are naturally inclined to cover one or more roles. Wookiees and Trandoshans make excellent melee combatants, so it's probably best to stick near that role. You can, of course, play a Wookiee diplomat. It will be a challenge, but if you know what you're doing, you can overcome that challenge. I don't see any problem with the idea that the game doesn't reward you mechanically for playing against type.
  4. Not sure how magic is supposed to work

    Okay, I get how magic rolls work, but I'm not seeing any reference to learning spells or anything. It looks like maybe we make up our spells on the spot? A fun idea, but maybe a bit too powerful? How are folks doing magic?
  5. Well, I'm absolutely stealing the "snappy remark" idea. If the player wants to recover strain, his character has to say something Star Warsy.
  6. Unsure which way to go with new Nemesis

    I think for his secret to be exposed, the PCs should have to do the legwork. They need to realize that what they have is a Jedi artifact (probably not a lot of blackmail ammo against a governor), then that he has a whole collection of this stuff, and that he's been studying Jedi methods. Then maybe they can tip off the Inquisition, and turn him from Vengeful Rich Guy into Insanely Vengeful Guy With Nothing to Lose. I would even suggest giving him a lightsaber and a bunch of talents from the Makashi Duelist tree. He doesn't need to be Force Sensitive, but that spec fits really well for an arrogant Noble swordsman.
  7. Back to the original topic... I like the idea. This game doesn't really have any "opportunity attacks," which I like for the most part. On the other hand, there are times when it would kinda make sense, like the ones you listed. I might tweak it up a little bit, maybe with flipping a Destiny Point for the "interrupt." Also, you want to be clear on what happens if the opposed check is successful. Does the charging (or retreating) character get hit? Are they just unable to make the maneuver? Do they get to choose? Makashi Mike may choose not to make the maneuver. He steps out, but immediately jumps back to cover as blaster fire explodes around him. Shien Shemp, on the other hand, will laugh with glee as he slaps aside the blaster bolts.
  8. Purchasing Force Rating, outside of trees

    Dang. My group meets once a month if we're lucky. Been going for almost a year, and nobody has FR 2 yet.
  9. Using Acrobatics within a Maneuver

    Looking cool should never require a roll. "I slide across the table, then leap, flipping and rolling up to strike at the Bounty Hunter with my lightsaber!" is the exact same thing as, "I'll spend my maneuver to go from Short to Engaged, then make a Lightsaber attack." It's just better, and it gives suggestions right away on how to spend Advantage and Threat. Lots of Advantage? Maybe you flipped right over the guy and came at an unexpected angle, so he has Setback to hit you, as do the other mooks in the battle. Rolled some Threat? Maybe you landed harder than you meant to and suffered some Strain. Maybe as you landed, the guy kicked you away into the wall, and now everyone has a clear shot at you. Don't penalize a player for flair, because you want flair! Now, if he's not even taking an action, maybe he could make a Coordination or Athletics check to increase the difficulty to hit him. Sliding behind cover, leaping off of bad guys, that kind of thing. Success can increase difficulty by one, then throw in even more Setback for Advantage. A Shien Expert pulling this trick could get nice and close to his enemies while reducing the cost of Reflect (because Supreme), and the shots that do hit are much more likely to have enough Threat to trigger Improved Reflect.
  10. iPad Pro users? Quick favor!

    Tomorrow my two slicers will be hacking into the systems of a couple Imperial ships. I wanted to make a cool interface, so I whipped up a couple of images, which I will be sending to their iPads when that time comes in the mission. Fortunate that my two slicers are both rocking the iPad Pro, but I have no way to know how it will look. I have a first or second gen hand-me-down iPad, and it looks terrible on there. Looks nice on my PC, and looks fine (but very different) on my Android phone. Anyone out there using a fancy iPad Pro, and want to have a look at what I've got here? I tried to make it kinda 80's-looking, with an "erase every other row" filter. The pics can be found here.
  11. Shiba Bushi is not only underpowered, it's also super boring and makes the game less fun.
  12. 1 core set - suggested clan decks?

    The core book only has suggested decks for Lion and Crane. Has anyone made a decent list for the other Clans? I have a few people I want to snare into this game, and there's no way they'll get hooked if we have to start with deck building. I also reckon most of them will find the Lion and Crane to be really uninteresting. And yes, I know the real way to go is with more cards, but any drug dealer knows you have to make that first hit cheap and easy.
  13. My biggest hesitation to craft my RPG using the Genesys System

    Are you sure it was a patent? Because while in other games you don't "tap" cards, in old L5R you certainly "bowed" them, which is the exact same thing. Anyway, most of the folks here aren't really advocating for releasing condensed rules, they're looking at making a setting. And, to be fair, while you legally could, the CYA measures would make it really cludgy. If I write a setting for D&D, it's pretty simple. They're not using any symbols or anything for base mechanics. Plenty of games use Armor Class and Hit Points, and the numbers 1-20 have been around for some time now. When I slap that label on the back saying, "Compatible with the 3rd/4th/5th edition of the world's most famous Role-Playing Game," everyone knows what I'm talking about. Most people don't even know there are other RPGs, honestly. Now, for GeneSys, I'm pretty sure you could use Success, Failure, Advantage, Threat, Failure and Despair (like 60% sure). Don't think you can use the symbols, though, which means your tables are going to be a pain to read. What's more, if you really can't mention GeneSys on the book, nobody's going to know what your book is for (and honestly, I have no idea why you can't say, "Compatible with FFG'S GeneSys," but NOBODY in the last 17 years has said "Compatible with D&D." I don't understand why you couldn't make mention of another brand as long as you make it clear that you do not represent that brand, but there it is). So you're left with a fantastic setting, with clunky tables and rules, "Compatible with a fairly popular Narrative Role-playing Game published by an industry leader. No, not that one. Different. Better, in our opinion. They did that one game based on the magic space monks. Again, not that one company, because they did it too, but these guys did it more recently. Also they have the samurai card game. You know the guys."
  14. Can Nemeses have Bosses?

    Huh, I believe the exact opposite. The role in the story defines the stat line. To me, minions are fodder. They're lucky if they even have a first name. Rivals get a name, and might even be extremely powerful, but they're really only intended to be there for one scene. If I were writing Return of the Jedi as an adventure, the Rancor would have been one **** of a rival. Nemeses are important to the story. Yeah, most of them are good in a fight, but that's not what makes them a Nemesis. I have one coming up: an evil scientist based on Professor Hubert J Farnsworth. Zero combat ability, but he's central to the story. Nemesis.
  15. Active defense rules

    See, I just let the player come up with some kind of action and say how that will increase the difficulty to be hit. If you're in a sword fight and you want to talk trash, maybe Coercion. If you're diving and flipping to cover, Athletics or Acrobatics. A success increases the difficulty by one, advantage might add extra setback. Play it by ear, you know? Oh, and you want to help keep your whole team from getting shot?