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  1. Sounds like a good idea. Our campaign has had "luxury cruise" looking sad in the corner since the first side missions were dealt. I don't think they will ever have a reason to play it over any other mission they could possibly draw and it's essentially taking up a space that could otherwise make their decision a little harder.
  2. What about slots to 'stand up' cards in? I can't decide if that would be useful for the hidden agenda cards or just a great way of accidentally bending cards...
  3. As the original Imperial officers were all Brits I went with tradition and had the Navy outrank any other branch. So my elite officer is in the olive/gray uniform, and my two regular officers are in stormtrooper black.
  4. Awesome! It's just one laser cut sheet stuck to another blank sheet right? I was planning something along these lines for organizing my IMP stuff, but don't really have the resources to make it as slick as these.
  5. His scope should be off centre. Crooked might be just limitations of the material.
  6. I've been working under the assumption that Wave 3 will be a 'big expansion' more in line with the $60 expansions for Descent, which include 15+ minis. I can definitely see that working for Hoth. Although, like I said earlier, I think the first big expansion will stay Tatooine related, so we're probably a few waves away. Looking at Descent it also has Hero and Monster packs, which could definitely be an avenue for some of the more specialised stuff like Snowtroopers. We didn't get Sandtroopers per se, but we did get 'trooper officer with pauldron' and 'trooper with bigger gun' which is really the most recognisable trait of the Sandtroopers from the films...all the other differences are very 'inside baseball' and don't really speak to the visual notalgia hook that, let's be honest, is what a lot of us are looking for to one degree or another.
  7. They seem to be introducing terrain specific troop types or abilities (Sandpeople) so I don't think we can rule out Snowtroopers. There are lots of ways to differentiate them.
  8. I'm sticking with my Major Expansion: Jabba the Hutt guess. It would let them add a significant chunk of Scum and Villainy people, would give more 'legs' to the Twin Shadows expansions and the Big Beastie is super obvious and iconic. Plus they could do some interesting things with skiff tiles and sarlacc pits. Would also allow for some Scum and Villainy IP agenda decks.
  9. Good progress. I think you could get a lot of mileage from washes. Games Workshop has a good range of pre-mixed options that are reliable, Secret Weapon washes are also an option (they just smell like bad soy sauce). They would help pick up some of that detail on things like the Nexu but also help those tricky transitional and detail heavy areas (Nexu claws, trooper respirators etc.). It's really all about practice though, the more time you spend at it the more confidently and accurately you can place paint, which is what it's all about.
  10. Yeah. That means that for Canada it's likely to end up somewhere ridiculous like in the $50-$60 range which I find unacceptable... Especially when considering there are plenty of quality games out there with tons of replay value that can be purchased for the same price as this 'mini-expansion' which can't be played on it's own. It certainly doesn't constitute half the value of what you get in the core box that comes in at just about twice the price. Then I guess it's not for you? As a Canadian as well I know that the markup is a little rough, but I also know that I'm going to get enormously more value out of it than, say a crappy family meal at Boston Pizza for the same price. Are there other games with better value? Maybe, but they aren't games that will get my buddies together to play like IA has, so they have 0 value to me.
  11. I think we could definitely see the first big expansion stay on Tatooine. Lots of opportunity to expand the Scum and Villainy side of things, big beastie is obvious, delve deeper in to the Hutt side of things etc. Then the next mini expansion could be leading in to the next theatre (would bank on Hoth at that point).
  12. You, theruleslawyer, consider the implication that you might be a rules lawyer to be an ad hominem attack? Given that, in the case of bleed, you could make that 'choice' while fully strained, but have the action you perform reduce your strain load before suffering the penalty, I suspect the ruling will support the restriction only applying to actions and abilities, but I'm curious as to how they would word it.
  13. Just one of each. Seems you get enough minis to fill all cards simultaneously if you need to.
  14. After zooming in on a better screen he just has a regular Stormtrooper helmet. I'd be really surprised if Leia is hidden in the box. I bet she'll be a seperate expansion in conjunction with a future major/mini expansion.
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