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  1. I don't think it needs splitting. The faction isn't that large for new players: a lot of the first edition ships are unavailable or hard to find now -- the Kihraxz and Kimogila come to mind. More likely they just won't re-release some of the old ones.
  2. Ugh, if only I could field all my 1.0 ships without having to buy a ton of conversion kits.
  3. Thanks! I picked up 3 quadjumpers and 2 yv-666, both ships I didn't previously own. Shipping to Canada cost only slightly less than the ships, but I still got the five for about $48 US/$66 CAD. Considering I was about to buy the yv-666 at $35 CAD each, that's still a nice savings! Thanks for posting. Also, at the risk of stating the obvious, the scum conversion kit has enough stuff to convert 3 quadjumpers and 2 yv-666, so make sure you have enough kits to convert what you buy!
  4. The old 1.0 c-rocs are going for about $50 cheaper than the upcoming 2.0 release of c-roc, AND they include a scyk. (I have a few scum ships, but no scyks, so this is kinda nice). Is there any reason to prefer the 2.0 ship if I'm going to get the epic upgrade kit anyway? (I have transport, cr-90, gozanti, and raider already from 1.0) It seems to be pretty much the same?
  5. So it's been a long time since I've played this game and I forget how obstacles work. The rule reference says: "Before a ship moves, if it is at range 0 of an obstacle, it does not suffer the effects of that obstacle unless it moves through or overlaps that obstacle again." This wording seem to imply that the most common case is that a ship will be on an obstacle, and be able to exit that obstacle WITHOUT moving through it. (otherwise one would expect the two clauses before and after unless to be inverted). This makes me doubt my interpretation of the rule, as I would expect the opposite to be at least as common. So I'd just like to confirm: I'm sitting on a debris cloud, with my nose dead center in the middle of it. I've already suffered a stress and rolled a die. Now it's my turn again, and because the way the front of my ship is positioned, there's no way I can not have the maneuver template make contact with the debris cloud. Does that mean I'm "moving through" the obstacle, and once again suffer a stress and roll a die?
  6. period3

    New Epic

    I hope so. Otherwise 2 player sounds like an afterthought as opposed to something that will be balanced and playtested. Also, I don't want to miss out on any new campaign modes because I don't have enough players. (Not that that would be unfair or anything, I'd just like to be able to play!)
  7. period3

    New Epic

    Somebody posted notes at the beginning of the thread saying it was 3-8 players. But he called that 'Epic Battles'. Is there both an 'Epic' and 'Epic Battles' mode maybe?
  8. period3

    New Epic

    I will never have more than two players, myself included. Does epic not support two players anymore?
  9. Neither. Following all the factions is going to be too expensive, and the prequel era never really clicked with me. As it is I am following Rebels and Imperials and I'm dabbling with scum. undecided on resistance and first order -- i'll probably wait until there's more available.
  10. Oh I see, you just added that last one so that the post would qualify for this "unpopular opinion" thread. Smart.
  11. 1. For 1.0, I completely agree. X-wing after wave 4 or 5 was great, and it went downhill fast after that. Note I'm not claiming it wasn't balanced for tournament play, it wasn't. But it was FUN, and it didn't feel like a numbers game or a game or bucket of mechanisms with no tie in to the theme. I don't think the game was ever meant to be like an LCG or CCG, it just kinda evolved that way. For me it got crappy when the metagame displaced the actual game. 2. I hope it's not as bad as this. I'd be happy with less broken for now. 1.0 never got ordinance right, so if 2.0 nails that part at least it'll be a big improvement for me. I will play it one of these days. 3. I love epic, it's probably my favorite way to play, but the other formats are good too. 4. I've never played a mirror match. They sound pretty boring.
  12. Meeplemart is actually where I ordered from. Thanks for the tip about Game Schooled! They were blowing out a bunch of ships for $6 each (unfortunately there was a limit of one for all of the ones I tried). i picked up a second fang, a second tie striker, an auzituk gunship (my first), and an m3a interceptor (also a first). The other ships were either out of stock, or ones that i already had several of. So I guess I'm way overbudget now, but i got good prices on everything except the first fang so I don't feel too bad.
  13. They aren't sold out, but they are full priced. For the first purchase, I wanted to lock in the sale prices as it adds up when buying several ships. I made an exception to buy a Fang since so many recommended one of those. Plus it's the first 2.0 ship I'm actually buying, so I'm a bit curious about the mini itself and any improvements FFG might have made in their process (if any).
  14. For me it seems worth it to get the scum conversion kit since I have so many Rebel ships (and an imperial one) that can be used with scum (3 y-wings, 4 z95s, 1 hwk, and 2 slave ones. To re-buy those would cost a lot more than the conversion kit). I ended up ordering: 1 shadowcaster ($30) 1 misthunter ($14) 2 starvipers ($14 x2) 1 fang (expensive 2.0 version, $21 CAD!) Plus a scum conversion kit and a VCX-100 that was on sale for $40. I've little interest in hyperspace at this time. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that's aimed at home/non-competitive play. Maybe once in a while we might agree to play a hyperspace restricted game, but we're probably just as likely to define our own limited pool of ships/upgrades if we ever wanted to do this). Also, we have pretty complete Rebel and imperial collections (only missing the Auzituk and TIE Aggressor right now) so we can always use those to try out new formats like hyperspace.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I'll probably go with a shadow caster since it's a pretty big savings, and then some combination of Starvipers and Fangs since I like maneuverable ships (x-wing and a-wing are my favorites), and maybe a mist hunter. The lando falcon will be high on my list for a future pickup, I like the idea of docking and the escape ship it comes with. (The VCX-100 and Auzituk gunship are the only rebel ships I don't own -- so I haven't played with these dockable ships before. VCX100 is on sale too, I might end up getting one of those also). I like the idea of the m3a, but it seems like the kind of ship I'd want several of, so it could get expensive. Plus, as I recall, they weren't really used much in 1.0. Not sure what the situation is with 2.0 but either way, there's enough other stuff to get that i think I'll put this one aside for now.
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