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  1. The games easy enough as is, I say let it hit whoever. That 4 damage doesn't really matter and it's much cooler to bonk that thing around. Love that card
  2. Punisher would work for the word "justice", but it you consider that justice aspect is all about thwarting schemes instead of fighting it opens up a lot more options in a lot of different ways. (intelligent heroes, spy heroes etc)
  3. Is this pack coming with any player cards? I know I've seen this information before but can't remember where
  4. Starting line up is excellent. Spiderman and Iron man are your staples. Panther and Marvel are recent additions into the mainstream awareness of super heroes. She-hulk is a hero not many people know about and its cool to experience new things. If they blew their wad with cap, spidey, stark, hulk, and thor in the core, then we wouldn't get to be hyped when that first cap hero pack drops.
  5. Yeah Marvel has really taken a hit in popularity recently. How much did that last avengers movie even make at the BO?
  6. It's fine. Perfect for the game but didn't sell me on the game, the gameplay did. Conversely...I kept myself in check bc I don't have anyone to play it with and I don't love the gameplay from what I watched, but the artwork/card templates on L5R single handedly had my finger on the buy it now button.
  7. core and then 2 extra decks to start. (so 2 starter decks and 4 random decks). then whenever friends are over Ill get two more randoms beforehand. 20 bucks for a evening of entertainment while slowly building my deck pool is no sweat.
  8. The agendas seem like a waste of money (i know they are not, but just starting out I am not yet seeing their importance) Which ones do you all target to get?
  9. I was using an agenda once that said "discard it or shuffle it back into the agenda deck" what is the difference?
  10. oh im totally going to do the ring. I also wanted to distinguish them by their miniatures just for fun Trandos - green skin regular , yellow skin elite storms- scuffed armor regular, perfect armor elite things like that. :-)
  11. Awesome answers! Thank you very much. I will make the royal guard elite red, I just need to think of a way to distinguish him :-)
  12. Played quite a bit with a friend over the weekend and I really like this game...now for some questions 1. Would it be feasible for me to solo through a campaign playing as rebel and imperial? I would obviously just try to make the best move for each side. Any one with experience with this? 2. is there a card for aftermath? I can't find mine but I don't think I lose it... 3. Black uniform for regular officer and grey for the elite? 4. Do any rebel troopers have facial hair? I couldn't find any in source material 5. What color for elite royal? I was thinking of making them "shadow guards" black with red visor...but would a red with gold trim around the helmet be better? 6. Storm troopers. I'm going to make one group battered and dirty and one pristine. Which should the elite group be? 7. Best place in the house to store paints? (temperature wise) 8. Can Fenn Havoc shot or Mak's ability target terminals or just other figures? 9. what is the best thing to spend influence on? 10. Are single color jump suits "canon" for the trandos or is that just what bossk wears? Thanks!
  13. do you have to play it at the very start of a phase? same with gamor.
  14. 2nd core set is a must. Balance has some useful sets for 1 v 1 but it isn't a priority like edge of darkness
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