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  1. They might be saving the announcement for Gen Con, but I could be wrong. It would be cool to get the announcement sooner then later. . .
  2. bump Have a possible few peoplewho are interested in playing now and was wondering if anyone in the area would be interested in starting some kind of group for organizational purposes.
  3. MarthWMaster said: DrNate said: If you look at the righthand side of the Edge of Darkness page, you can already see a Bail Organa card spoiled. Bail is alive at the beginning of the Original Trilogy, but from the small representation of the artwork shown, he doesn't look ~18 years older than he was at the end of Episode 3. So, it isn't much of a stretch to call it the first prequel card. That's another thing we can write off as being drawn from The Force Unleashed. Clearly Organa ages better than Mon Mothma. Or they are just useing the point where the character was most visibly recognizable. Mon mothma will always be rememberedf from Jedi and Bale Organa is never mentioned by his full name in the original trillogy. The only way you can make a card that is clearly him is to use his likness from the prequels. I would love to see some prequel cards, but I don't think we will see anything from episode 1 or 2. Anything we do get will most likely be from the clone wars and episode III. Even though I would love to see Qui Gon Jin and Darth Maul as characters.
  4. Bump I have been playng at craving for a game in surrey central mall on thursdays if anyone else in the area isinterested in playing. pm me if you want more info
  5. Kryptonite Kollectibles said: It comes down to the concept that some people do enjoy the prequels, and many kids and teens grew up with them and some even see 1-3 as "their" movies. If people are really going to get bogged down in the logic of Vader/Anakin existing on the same deck, they are in the wrong game. If you want realism or a "Star Wars Universe Sim" game, play the RPG. I would love to see iconic moments and characters from the prequel trilogy, especially Count Dooku, Mace Windu, General Grevious, and maybe new ways to play involving politics or negotiations. If people are really that uptight about it, then have two formats for play: "Classic" and "Prequel" One you can only use OT cards, the other you can use Prequel. (Or have three formats if people really want to splinter the playgroups). I agree, Star Wars is more then just the original films. The prequels (sans jar jar binks) had some great characters, Asajj Ventress, clone commandos and a whole ton of awesome jedi masters and sith have some great potential for cards. I can understand when people say they should wait for awhile to move out of the original trillogy so that theycan flesh out the core setting, but they have already made the anouncement that the forcepacks and expansions will not be released in narative order so i don't know how long that will be a realistic idea. Ether way i think people should stop them selves from limiting the game because it dosn't fit "their" star wars. If you only really care about the origina trillogy there is some good clone wars stuff out there, season 2 and on of The Clone Wars series are especially good (even though i liked the first season i know not everyone did) and he books are great too. In the end, Star Wars is awesome. Nuff said.
  6. I know the prequels won't be in this game, cause like he said, they don't have the licence. There is enough material for tons of content for this game though.
  7. Toqtamish said: Smurf. They won't be doing prequel stuff. There license is for classic trilogy. And mixing up timelines is just dumb. How is that any more dumb then mixing cards from Empire, and cards from Jedi? I'll be able to put hoth troopers with ewoks if i want to, and that is awesome. I like the idea that I will be able to put characters together that were never in the same places in the films. I don't know, calling it dumb just seems a bit harsh.
  8. Xenu's Paradox said: Kiwamu said: In the Star wars comics, there was a Astromech droid who was strong with the force. It was the one with the bad motivator. I don't know how muc canon this story is, but essentially the bad motivator astromech droid killed his motivator so that R2D2 and C3PO could have their mission going. Would be nice if he makes some entrance in a jedi deck Skippy, the Jedi Droid. The story is 100% non-canonical, but I wouldn't mind seeing a Skippy card. Just not a Force Sensitive or Force User one. Also, I sincerely hope they don't put any prequel stuff into this game, but create a separate Clone Wars game. Nor would I like them to delve too deeply into the EU. That way lies madness and really stupid stuff. haha i really like that kind of stuff in the older star wars stories but ya i agree it's abit rediculous. I was thinking about what i really like about star wars and i think Kyle Katarn would make an awesome addition as well, not to mention some of the awesome people luke first started training before the jedi were really concretly reformed. awe man . . . i think im going to go back and replay some of those old star wars games now
  9. So everyone else seems to be talking about the idea that they will be releaseing new versions of already released characters, but I was wondering which characters everyone thinks still need to be included and/or who you think would make an awesome addition to the game. chewbaca is an obvious one to me and I was really happy to see Marra Jade in some of the card art. So how about you guys?
  10. Warren12 said: Retype said: I just thought I'd put this here because i can never seem to find anywhere in the lower mainland that hold LCG events. I just got the core set and would love to play with someone who actually wants to play the game (i have a few friends i play games with but they don't really care about star wars). Hey, I'm in Vancouver (downtown). I picked up the core set and I've read the rules but have yet to play. The # of players seems to be limited around here. Do you play at a particular store? Feel free to PM me, I'd love to get playing. Hey, I'll keep posting here incase anyone else sees this. I used to play card games a lot at craving for a game (its in surrey central mall, right next to the skytrain station) and I still play there sometimes. I'm hoping that if i can get people to play there regularially the owner might start up tournaments or something. If you have anywhere that you normally go to play i would have no problem hoping downtown if its not too far from a skytrain station. I made this account so i could post this, so im kind of a noob. do i have to add you as a friend on here to PM you, cause i looked and i could seem to find how lol.
  11. I just thought I'd put this here because i can never seem to find anywhere in the lower mainland that hold LCG events. I just got the core set and would love to play with someone who actually wants to play the game (i have a few friends i play games with but they don't really care about star wars).
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