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  1. But you can use Power of Leadership on a Leadership ally with MtC, correct?
  2. I am having a blast playing with the Rebels and Thrawn, but I was just curious what is coming down the line? Are they going to make a Dr. Aphra? Grand Moff Tarkin?
  3. You can also apply to be a playtester. I am sure they are full, but if an opening becomes available, you might get in. Then you are working with Jeremy on a set by set basis.
  4. There are several "actions" you can take during your turn. One of those actions is to resolve dice. So what you do is say you are resolving dice and then any dice that are the same symbol, you can resolve them adding any modifiers to them. Here is an example: You have the following dice rolled into your pool: 2 Melee, +2 Melee, 1 Resource, and a Blank die. You can choose to resolve both the 2 Melee adding the +2 Melee modifier to it for 4 damage to a character. The next turn you can resolve more dice, or take a different action. Hope this helps a little.
  5. Has nothing to do with Lukas. Has to do with Disney. If they want to change anything it takes their approval.
  6. 1. Endurance does not interact with PP. 2. You have to pay its cost. You are not paying its cost by replacing it. That is my opinion.
  7. I bet you a nickel it comes this Friday. Just because you asked.
  8. 1. No, it does not go over to the next round. 2. They have to play either one of the events you chose as the next action, repeating to the 2nd event their second action. 3. This was probably designed to slow down the complaints people had with Action cheating. You can't throw down Ambush upgrades on Rey, you have to play Noble Sacrifice (as an example).
  9. Rogue 4


    It comes out free with your 2nd Premonitions
  10. Might be something good to carry around trades..... Because no place to store tokens are hard to justify bringing this to tournaments with your decks in them
  11. None of this is broken. Running Interference isn't broken. Ambush/ Action Cheating isn't broken. Is it annoying? You bet. But as more and more cards come out and players find ways to win with different deck styles it will all settle down. I remember Jango was the beast....
  12. Baby Vader and new elite Phasma is very good
  13. So if VibroKnife said that it had to show damage, I think every one would agree that would fix it. I think that if FN-2199 said "Once per turn, play a...." every one would like it. I think if Maz was higher in points or her ability only targeted Yellow dice, every one would like it. The OP about this one card is not broken. Nor is Never Tell me the Odds with Swiftness, and that is easier to pull off then this card. Force speed, Vibroknife, ... = Imperial Inspection = gone. Then with Thrawn or Unkar = discarded. The only card I see that is SUPER broken is Resistance HQ ( I jest)
  14. I agree pkreynolds that it is tough in X-Wing when all you need is one upgrade card, its that way too in Imperial Assault sometimes. With Destiny though, I could see them making this a complete set in one box, but then the price would jump to closer to 60. This way a new couple could get the starter box, play it and then decide whether or not to invest. As experienced tournament players, we have to buy two.
  15. FFG has always had the business model of making players buy 2 of X. SW LCG had to buy 2 Game of Thrones 2.0 had to buy 3 SO that isn't new if you play their games.
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