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  1. I guess it is very much a personal preference question, so I could say: Just try out what works for you. The obvious difficulty being that once you open it all up, you cannot very easily go back. I personally really enjoy playing a campaign "full" progression style for the first time (i.e. with the card pool that is out by that time), and then (if time allows) a second time with the card pool including the whole campaign and everything released before. Completing a scenario and getting a "reward" to open a new pack and peek at the player cards and then work on my deck with the XP that I got. I also avoid spoilers if I can. Of course, the first point would still be possible after opening it all up (and easy if you build decks on ArkhamDB with the relevant packs switched on) - just the second would be harder. I also get impatient waiting for possibilities to play and progress, and have to restrain myself to not open up packs (currently completed the first two scenarios of the path to Carcosa - I know it is much further than you are, but still, I am pretty much exactly one campaign behind...) - but so far it has been working for me. I guess, one characteristic (you can decide whether advantage or disadvantage) of playing pack by pack is that you experience the card pool more slowly - I thought I could be overwhelmed by the mass of cards if I suddenly opened everything, and might end up not playing many of them? Hmm - maybe that helps. I just thought I'd add another perspectives to the ones given above Hope you enjoy Dunwich and such - the full campaigns really make the game awesome...
  2. I would also recommend to play the core first - and do not get frustrated if it doesn't work out well the first time (especially scenarios 2 - 3). It can a few games to get the timing of the game right and gets easier with experience. Then, all the options that were mentioned are good ones. The thing to know about standalone scenarios is, that they do not come with additional player cards - and they can be pretty challenging with just one core set. Therefore, I would probably go with buying a deluxe expansion (either Dunwich Legacy or Path to Carcosa) first to expand the card pool. I have not started Carcosa yet, so I cannot speak to that campaign, but Dunwich was extremely fun. As mentioned above, check how easy it is to get these packs these days. They will all certainly be reprinted if they are OOP but it may take a moment, and I would definitely advise to play the packs within one campaign in order. The other option that was not mentioned yet is to buy a second core set to get all the relevant cards twice, and to have more deckbuilding options. I would definitely do that, if you want to play the standalone scenarios first. There are a lot of discussions about whether or not two cores are a good or a bad way to go, and you can find a bunch here on the forum. I personally like to have two copies of all cards (for that you need two cores, but only one copy of all other boxes) but it is certainly not necessary, especially once you get more player cards from other packs.
  3. I guess I don't know the details of the rules but perhaps they want to use the digital game as an opportunity to make somewhat of a "second edition" of the game that deals with some of the quirks of the original game (e.g. location management etc.) - all by not destroying the successful card game. In other words, it sounded to me the idea was not to make a digital version of the card game but to make a different game that can exist alongside the card game.
  4. By the way, does the +X for the star-token get updated after you swapped the card? The way, the sentence reads, I wasn't sure but I am expecting it should
  5. Yeah, I guess that is to be expected. And good point about Marie. So, I wasn't correct - with Marie they had released a previously unreleased investigator
  6. Hmm - I guess I might have been wrong about the "waiting until everything is released? From Beorn's website " We know that there will be a “big announcement” from FFG about the game on Saturday, and we all wait with bated breathe to see what the future holds." I guess I am not sure where this info comes from but that would be cool...
  7. Ok so now they release new investigators with the books as well, not only alternative ones... really trying to get people that cannot resist having it all... interesting
  8. I have been thinking for a while now that it seems like they are waiting for the big news until the current cycle is all released - if that is true, it might well be something that will put some sort of end to the current version of the game. In other words, that will be some new beginning of some sort... I really cannot imagine that it is "just" a new cycle being announced. Then, there would have been no reason to wait so long with the announcement
  9. I might also add: Don't be frustrated if you struggle with the next scenarios (depending on what difficulty you play at). With the pre-built decks and with just getting into the game, the second and third scenarios from the core are tough. I remember being like "this is impossible". I would consider playing through the core once and then, when everyone is familiar, make custom decks with the entire card pool and then run through the core again (the core set is a good way to see how well the decks work) Given that you are four players, I would def consider taking the entire card pool because there are limited options with just the core to make four decks (or do you own 4 core sets?)
  10. O.K. cool - so you replied to what happened with two "if you succeed effects". So just to make sure: What about one "if you succeed" effect and one result from a successful skill test (for example monster gets killed, clue gained etc.), I can choose the order here as well? For example when I draw the card and gain the clue?
  11. Alright - yes, I hadn't seen that! I guess the "grim rule" did the right thing for our game in this case Thanks for replying!
  12. Interesting - the new Khazad Dum reprints have become the plastic clam shells? Is that what you are saying? Or did you just mean the new quests now come in those plastic shells?
  13. As far as I remember, there is a rule (I don't have the rule book here right now) that goes along the lines of: "you first have to play the full cost of initiating the action (i.e. you already use that action), before the action is resolved and the effect triggered". So, by the time the doom is removed, you already used the free action that you get for having doom on a card.
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