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  1. Hey gang... We signed up with our Distributor of choice for this launch kit literally within 10 minutes of getting the email solicitation from said distributor. Fast forward to yesterday when I called in to verify the delivery date of our kit only to be told "Sorry chum, we only got 4 from Fantasy Flight and you didn't make the cut" ... The words were different, but the amount is the actual amount I was quoted. Four. For one of the major distributors in the country. I can't seem to find any posts or threads of anyone else having trouble getting these launch kits so I'm kind of thinking I'm getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop. My question today is: Did anyone else have problems getting their kit ordered or is it really only us? Follow-up question for FFG: When this was floated to the distributors, were they told at the time of that solicitation how many they would be getting? Thanks!
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