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  1. These "regionals" concern me about the future of these games. These tournaments can generate a lot of interest for new players. Is FFG needs a better outreach program with FLGSs.
  2. It's a pain, but I keep an empty character sheet out in front of me. It does help with memorizing what skills go with what attributes.
  3. Tallon

    Wave 1 Rant...

    My local store has A LOT of First Wave stuff; I can't get anyone to play down here
  4. I noticed at one of the cons someone was just drawing things out on white pieces of paper as the campaign went along. I tried this in our latest session, and it was a huge success. As i described the scene I would draw out the details. The players liked it better because they felt less restricted by a pre-made map. They were able to go anywhere because I could just draw up the new location.
  5. FFG make kickstarter to be able to afford the licensing to sell digital versions of the books.
  6. FFG, this only makes me want all of the Star Wars EOTE books in PDF/digital format. I'm willing to pay double for the digital formats (partner with Del Rey, kindle edition stuff). PLEASE!
  7. If you want it to live, it'll need to be digital. It will also have to offer some high quality resources and content. Fan made podcasts, adventures, npcs, etc. are really, really good.
  8. The AoR core rule's content, about only 20% will be repeated information. I'm ok with that.
  9. As cool as this product is, I can see why people are frustrated. Specialization talents can easily be done at home. I think people would like the purchasing options that are difficult to make at home. I for one don't have the time or patience to make maps or tiles for maps.
  10. Not a bad idea considering I've been planning on using a Rolodex to store home made adversary cards.
  11. I've been calling it FFSW (Fantasy Flight Star Wars)
  12. The book cover looks fine, but the product page is too bright
  13. I'd like to know this as well. I can imagine Rebels working with Fringe.
  14. I'd love to do an Imperial Campaign, so I hope this book can support such stories.
  15. It's like a WARNING red. I DO associate red with the Rebel Alliance but not this bright
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