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  1. I wondered if anyone would catch this or even care. Good to know people are actually listening to us banter.
  2. I wondered if anyone would catch this or even care. Good to know people are actually listening to us banter.
  3. Losing to probability is demoralizing so it should be the number one deck design target to remedy. Were there any search cards in Old 5 R?
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of a 5 cost conflict card that cannot be played during conflict. Something like this: 6 fate "Action: Search your deck for a 5 cost champion. Reveal it, put it into play with 1 fate on it, shuffle your deck. This cannot be played during a conflict." Champions are not always good for a deck depending on the build, but they are fun. I thought this would help them see play as the Dynasty draw is almost too random as to sometimes be not fun.
  5. I hate it. Not my play style. It's strong, but not because of choices so very little mistakes can be made. Flood the board with cheap units, attack military, successfully defend at least one ring engagement...win the game. Not sure if this is obvious from the videos, but Kiramode wins more games than I do. I am trying to make mistakes and learn from them, but I cannot decide if flipping into an unknown province is a skill mistake or unlucky? Also, how much does a bad dynasty flop one turn effect the overall outcome? Got to watch Kiramode play another person recently who did a cool trick I never thought of doing which is to only play one small unit and save up five fate so on turn two he could dump all kinds of big bad fun stuff.
  6. It's not that devastating to the game. It's only one province so it can be ignored after revealed. It only works on political so military can steamroll it. I would rather roll into that with Doji Hotaru over Shameful Display.
  7. Badmojojojo battles Kiramode for supremacy over who gets to wear the flippers and water fins next time there is a monsoon. I added card image overlays and the deck lists are below. This took an insane amount of time to edit in Hitfilm Express 4! Can't figure out how to add text nor how to animate the card images. Anyone tried using that video editing program? Help? Hope you enjoy! Lion:Shameful Display(air), Ancestral Lands(earth), Night Raid(fire), Pilgrimage(void), Elemental Fury(Water) Dynasty 3x: Akodo Gunso Staging Ground Obstinate Recruit Lion's Pride Brawler Venerable Historian Steadfast Samurai Akodo Toturi Ikoma Prodigy Matsu Berserker Matsu Beiona Imperial Storehouse Seppun Guardsmen Otomo Courtier 1x Kitsu Spiritcaller Conflict 3x For Greater Glory Stand Your Ground Ready for Battle Way of the Lion Honored Blade Good Omen Ornate Fan For Shame Banzai Assassination Fine Katana Tattooed Wanderer 2x Strength in Numbers Let Go Dragon:Shameful Display(air), Ancestral Lands(earth), Restoration of Balance(fire), Pilgrimage(void), Elemental Fury(Water) Dynasty 3x Niten Master Mirumoto Raitsugu Niten Adept Doomed Shugenja Togashi Initiate Mirumoto Prodigy Secluded Temple Kitsuki Investigator Togashi Yokuni Agasha Swordsmith Seppun Guardsmen Otomo Courtier Imperial Storehouse 1x Seeker of Enlightenment Conflict 3x Daimiyo's Favor Let Go Mirimoto's Fury Ancestral Daisho Togashi Kazue Tattooed Wanderer Ornate Fan Banzai Fine Katana Ready for Battle Honored Blade 2x Spies at Court Assassination Sashimono 1x Cloud the Mind
  8. Well, this is unfortunate to hear. Does this mean you won't be playing the game? Or that someone on Discord was too toxic?
  9. Badmojojojo tries to steer the Voltron Dragon splash Lion force against Kiramode's Dragon splash Crane control. We are working on getting a larger honor dial so that it is easier to follow. Any recommendations?
  10. We can start posting deck lists, but we do change the decks a lot. Where would you like them? In the description on the video or in the forum post?
  11. Yeah, Kiramode! Quit being so mean to Badmojojojo. ? Seriously, though, it's probably because Badmojojojo drinks too much and does not know how to play the game correctly.
  12. Thanks, Dovla. We actually upgraded the camera. The old one maxed at 480p. This one does 1080p. We can zoom in a bit. Gping first is an advantage. Defense is almost unnecessary. In this game, Kiramode lets 2 attacks pass unnopposed and it turns out to be the best decision. After this game, I think Dragon is the best clan for versatility. Most effects rely on bowing a unit and Dragon has some great answers for that.
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