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  1. OP was little Ronnie Howard's character on The Andy Griffith Show.
  2. Just remembered: years before his Star Wars work Lee was in an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
  3. That is quite true. There is a date for each of us, sooner or later, on our graves. The date we come into this world and the date on which we depart. There is no escaping that. But it isn't the dates that matter. What matters most is that dash between the dates. And Christopher Lee had a helluva dash.
  4. Taters are pretty delicious too.
  5. Manic-depressive illness. Or as its colloquially known, bipolar disorder. Some days, I'm going a thousand miles an hour and can't slow down. Other days, my mind is so debilitated that nothing moves me at all. My moods are *completely* out of whack on my own and if it were not for medications (it took six years to find a combination that works) and counseling, there would be no managing this at all. And sometimes it's still not enough. There are times of utter sadness that I can't break out of. A lot of those times, I'm curled up on the sofa for days, no feeling apart from the meaningless of existence. Other times find me doing irrational things, like going out to Wal-Mart at 1 in the morning to buy gallons of Tabasco sauce... because it made sense at the time. Another evening, I went on a binge on eBay, buying LEGO minifigs, because I wanted a chorus of them next to my computer. It sounds funny. Except it isn't. It's not as bad as it used to be. The extreme episodes of anger have mostly become under control... a lot. A lot of manic symptoms remain though. And often the depression seems as bad as ever. There is a reason why too many manic-depressives commit suicide. I know. Because I've been on the edge of that, more than once. Bipolar disorder has cost me jobs. It has cost me some wonderful opportunities. A year ago it cost me *thousands* of dollars and a good reputation as a freelance writer, because I couldn't write a word for *weeks* because of depression. It has cost me friendships. And it cost me a marriage. Again, that happens all too often. Of marriages involving a partner who is bipolar, more than 90% end in failure. Mental illness isn't something that someone can "stop being" on their own. It is a real disease, and we are discovering now how much it has a biological and even a genetic basis. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Bipolar disorder, left unattended to, makes life a living hell. Thankfully, I'm managing it now. And every day seems to find me managing it even more. There'll never be any real getting rid of this, I'll always be trying to stay one step ahead of it (and failing at times) but it's not the plague of my existence that it used to be. I'm writing a book now, have been for almost a year, about what it is to be manic-depressive. Hopefully it will be finished soon. For one thing, I want to shop it around to agents. For another, when I started this I took a vow to play no X-Wing until the book was done. It's been almost a year... and I direly want to play X-Wing again
  6. "Right wingers" and "left wingers" and "conservatives" and "liberals" and "Republicans" and "Democrats" are terms that have been used so many times that they have lost all meaning. People use them without thinking. Worse, they use them as pejoratives against others without having any clue what the he** they're talking about. Those words have made legitimate conversastion and discussion almost impossible. Try writing and speaking without them. I dare you, everyone. Engage your mind constructively, in a way that does NOT focus on using labels. Because for too many people labels is ALL they have.
  7. Well, if anyone doesn't mind some theology interjected into the discussion... The reason Christians don't hold to the many, many rules of the Old Testament is because Christ fulfilled the law. The law only served to point to man's need for something higher than himself. When Christ came, He did away with the written law. He brought mankind something new: the rule of love as opposed to the rule of law. Because law unto itself is a thing that kills, that does not give life. It is not that Christians discriminate against homosexuals. Indeed, real Christians would not discriminate against anyone in the sense that that word is generally understood. Some bring up how there were many who used the Bible to justify slavery. But just as many if not many more were also using the Bible as the moral basis of their conviction to end slavery. But Christians cannot be made to commit an act that defies their moral principles. And that is what the RFRA (as originally drafted anyway) was written to prevent. Christianity is a faith that leads one to die unto self, to let the old nature fall away so that Christ within is what shows forth. It's a faith that teaches and practices restraint and self-discipline (something rather Jedi-ish), in the understanding that we are to control our flesh, our flesh is not to control us. Including our sexual nature. Especially our sexual nature. And that is why Christianity in the traditional sense cannot endorse or be made to accept the concept of "homosexual marriage". Because it represents sexuality for sake of itself and indeed, there will be many who argue very passionately that such a thing is a corruption of the natural order. It's NOT just homosexuality, mind you. So it is also with adultery between man and woman. It's something that defies the designs of God. And that goes for ALL sin. That is what sin is: a violation of the order of God. ANYTHING that does that is sin, no matter how major or minor the offense. The Christian-owned bakeries and florists and pizza joints can serve homosexuals as any other customers. And they should. If they do not then that IS discrimination. They would be businesses that I would not want to solicit anything from. But they can NOT be forced to give tacit endorsement of something that runs counter to their convictions. "Homosexual marriage" does not... and CAN NOT... exist according to the precepts of Christianity as it has existed since the earliest days. Such a thing may have the endorsement of the masses and the legislatures and the judges, but it does NOT have the endorsement of Christians who have sought nothing more or less than to live their lives in accordance with scripture. And to attempt Christians to go against their beliefs, by force, under penalty of fine or discrimination or harassment or threats to property and life (why has most of the hate and intolerance generated by this act been directed at professing Christians by those who allegely preach "tolerance"?) is wrong. Not just wrong. It is evil. Once upon a time, Jewish-operated businesses were grafittied with "JUDE" and the Star of David on the windows and doors of their businesses. The Jews who owned them were hated for their faith and that they dared to practice it. How is what has happened to the family who owns Memories Pizza in the past week any different from the mentality that so persecuted the Jews of Germany? Just my .02
  8. Already have them digital. I ripped the Blu-rays and made MP4 files suited for my iPad. Why pay again when you can make your own?
  9. If Showtime won't let David Lynch direct the new episodes of his own Twin Peaks, then Disney should let him direct one of the standalone Star Wars movies. Hey, Lynch did almost direct Return of the Jedi after all! Posted on my blog: http://www.theknightshift.com/2015/04/david-lynch-should-direct-new-star-wars.html
  10. Well, HE played with soul anyway... "Got to be FUNKY!"
  11. GenCon has stood down, announcing they won't be leaving Indiana. http://www.businessinsider.com/gamer-convention-stays-in-indiana-2015-3
  12. Practically *anything* with C-3PO is still broken. On paper he's fine but in practice when 99.9% of the time he gives an automatic evade, something is terribly amiss. But worse that that IMHO, the card as it stands now is counter to the flavor of Threepio as a character. That alone merits him further consideration.
  13. "I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend." -- Thomas Jefferson
  14. No rights are being infringed upon at the moment. Except the rights of business owners who are forced to provide for something that is sincerely against their beliefs. Ultimately this is something best left to the free market to decide. Going back to our baker example: if said baker refuses to make a cake for a homosexual wedding, that is his right NOT to make that cake. But everyone else has the right to choose whether to give that baker any more business. Nobody is forcing anyone to use THAT particular baker. Any person is free to shop around until he/she finds someone who may be willing to render that service. And this has nothing to do with "civil rights" or violating what happened before the movements of the Fifties and the Sixties. Those succeeded because of the momentum of its participants to change the hearts of people who still practiced racial discrimination. They *never* forced those people into changing those practices. The civil rights movement was already wildly succeeding before the government put its stamp of approval on it with the Civil Rights Acts. So too, homosexual marriage is not and cannot be something that is enforced upon people. Despite how many states issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples (which is something for discussion another day). That still is not something that respect for can be enforced upon any person. And the more that some DO try to compel the notion of homosexual marriage on those who do not beleive such a thing, the more that they serve *against* their own interests. You can do what you can to change people's hearts. That is how the civil rights movements overcame and won. You can NOT force them to change their hearts. That way lies a path which we do not want to find ourselves on.
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