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  1. Are there any famous X-Wing squadrons besides the Rogues? I know there is CorSec, but they aren't exactly elite.
  2. It looks like the contents are: 2x Saber Squadron pilot 2x Royal Guard Pilot 1x PS7 Saber Squadron Character 1x PS8 Saber Squadron Character 1x Kir Kanos 1x Carnor Jax 2x Royal Guard TIE 2x Shield Upgrade 2x Hull Upgrade 2x Targeting Computer 2x Opportunist 2x Push the Limit
  3. The Royal Guard Tie upgrade and Kir Kannos are amazing. Carnor Jax will also be a boon to Tie Swarms, I think. Mind. Blown.
  4. I've generally found that people tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to a game's meta. The people who cried about lists in 40k never seemed to do well in actual competitive play and were generally flat out wrong. And while you say there isn't a dominant list in this game, you'll find there are several archetypes that get played quite often and tend to do very well, for instance, tie swarm winning gencon and world's. Wedge-centric x-wing lists, double YT-1300 lists, and double Firespray lists were also fairly common.
  5. I don't think there is a top tier list atm. Although some lists are easier than others to be good with, and tie swarms are pretty common, usually Tie swarms and easy to run don't go together in a sentence. That said, the guy who won the Gen Con national tourney spent something like 20 hrs flying his Tie swarm and from what I heard, it was a symphony in motion every time he played it.
  6. It is official. The recent post notes that the large ships will come with crew cards, multiple upgrades, and the transport will come with 4 new pilots, including Wes Janson and Porkins. I'm thinking sales on these will be just as high as the medium ships, due to the fact that they're iconic and finely detailed. People will use them for display, if not for play. Non-player Star Wars fans will buy them. And, based on the tournout of players at Gen Con and other tournaments, I don't think they'll loose enough tournament-level players to make a difference.
  7. I wish the game tokens packs they sell had the knight tokens in it. I'd buy a blue pack in a second if they did.
  8. There is a useful list that uses Vader along with a second generic TIE Adv., both with Concussion Missles, and then some TIE ln's. You fire the missles first turn and try to take down one of your opponent's ships before he can get a good shot on you. Generally, though, the more maneuverable and cheaper TIE ln's are a better option. You can get some good pilots for the same cost as you would a generic TIE Adv.
  9. Models of the ships and characters in the upcoming movies would make some sense, as you're more likely to see the ships of the Rebellion era being used in these films alongside the new ships. That said, I'd like to see the B-wing as well as the TIE bomber. I'd also like to see the Lambda shuttle (perhaps as an Imperial/ Rebel ship, depending on the pilot chosen).
  10. ODie said: Why, yes, I think I might know of such a list (on my Livejournal): http://daman-asha.livejournal.com/25221.html Ignore the thread title and stroll down to the table if you're only interested in the comparisons. Otherwise have a read of the rant, and then stroll leisurely down to the table you really care about Great! Exactly what I was looking for. I'm assuming that this list includes all the cards contained within the Android: Netrunner base set?
  11. With Catalyst releasing a Shadowrun miniatures game, a Shadowrun board game, and a Shadowrun card game this year, I don't think now is the time to release something like this. Maybe next year or the year after to see if there will be a market and prevent unnecessary competition.
  12. It looks like there are art sleeves available for all of the LCG games except for Android: Netrunner. Does anyone think Fantasy Flight will release Android-themed card sleeves?
  13. DailyRich said: magi said: Maybe just make his pilot ability turn all ship crits into hits? I was thinking along those lines, but it seems a tad overpowered. Maybe have him spend an action to do so? What is the ratio of pilot crits to ship crits? There are droids or abilities that can allow you to ignore these. Perhaps if the added expense was included in his point cost? Make him 26 pts or so? Alternatively, you could roll a die each round and on a (focus) result you could flip one ship crit to a hit.
  14. Does anyone know where I might find a list of the Android: Netrunner equivalents of the old WotC Netrunner cards? I know many of the cards were duplicated with new names, but I'm currious as to how many and which ones. Thanks!
  15. Maybe just make his pilot ability turn all ship crits into hits?
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