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  1. Its funny that you assume a character without a lord is thoroughly dishonorable. Honor is the exact reason the character is where he is. As a Scorpion, he was trained that the purpose of his underhanded deeds was to serve the greater good of the Empire at large, and it was coming to the realization that his Daimyo was using his skills for strictly selfish reasons that caused him to choose to assassinate his Daimyo in the first place. The character has honor (admittedly, the typical somewhat warped version espoused by the Scorpion clan, but do you just flatly disallow Scorpions in your games?) Second of all, the reason he is ronin is because his public court position was personal guard to his Daimyo, and the fact that his Daimyo died on his watch resulted in him becoming ronin (which I have always understood to be a relatively common reason for someone becoming ronin...). The whole world doesn't know he was secretly a spy and assassin. Its not to say that someone who does know won't be looking for him, but in the immediate sense, there's no reason he couldn't have been forced into the life of a ronin. You seem to be making a lot of assumptions about a concept and the kind of game I run based on very little information. I would actually say that this concept falls very much within the boundaries of a character torn between duty and personal desire.
  2. I have the editable PDFs, they're nice, but I really like character generator software. Always have, ever since i got the old AD&D 2 CD Rom
  3. The problem with all of that being; his concept relies on his character being a trained Shinobi, who is also ronin, and the ronin school offers zero access to Ninjitsu techniques 8(
  4. I'm a big fan of Oggdudes generator for Star Wars. Anything like that exist or in the works?
  5. I just got my book yesterday and I'm reading it cover to cover, but my son has been kicking around an idea for a character ever since the Beginner Box came out, and I'm just looking for someone to indulge my laziness and tell me where I can direct him to find his answers before I make my way to it organically by reading the book. In past editions there was a "Clan Ronin" concept where you started with the School benefits of your original Clan for Rank 1, but couldn't gain more ranks because you were currently Ronin. Is there an equivalent in this system, or do Ronin simply continue to rank up in their school anyway, OR do they have to take a Ronin school from the very beginning, etc? If there's a specific page that references this that I could point him to, that would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Personally, I think one of the most refreshing parts of running L5R as opposed to... well just about any other RPG... is the removal of the profit motivation, and while I appreciate the historical research, I think I'm going to stick with "If you're not ronin, get it from your Daimyo. If they don't give it to you, you obviously don't need it. If you are ronin, its time to start hustling..."
  7. There is no such thing as "enough RPGs" You are a heretic.
  8. As a guy who was on board with the L5R RPG from 1st edition, I love the new system. I'm sure that, like a lot of systems, its benefitting from being new and I'll start to see more cracks the more I run it (and the more I have powergamers cripple the fun of running the system by exploiting design weaknesses to become ridiculously powerful), but for now, I'm happier with the L5R RPG than I have been since 2nd edition released. ... admittedly, a big part of that might also have to do with rolling back the metaplot which, frankly, I absolutely hated from the Hidden Emperor forward, but that's nothing to do with mechanics, so that's for another thread.
  9. I was monkeying around with this in Discord earlier while waiting for my D&D 5e game to start, and I just want to add to the "thank yous" going around. This is awesome.
  10. Very cool, thank you very much. I plan to run the Beginner Game online at least a couple of times in the near future, and this will be a huge help
  11. My experience with dry erase on page protectors has never been good. The marker doesn't seem to come off nearly as well as it should.
  12. Yeah, so I see. My bad. Open mouth/keyboard, insert foot.
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