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  1. Roland the Red

    WFRP 4e - how should it look?

    GMml mentioned it above, but I want to chime in too: Murder in Baldur's Gate is a Good Adventure, you should really check it out. That said, I saw your post on enworld re: D&D and XP, and Dungeon crawls...and yes, D&D is basically a skinner box for XP pellets via killing monsters. But I have seen (less of late, but certainly early on) posts here that try to steer people away from that mindset when playing WHFRP. I think that mindset is popular (because of D&D and video games, to be sure) and certainly a draw to large numbers. I think D&D 5E is doing a pretty good job of keeping the door open to other styles of play. Kill for XP mindset works for D&D...at first, but it does get old (as we get old) but I think there is enough there (or rather, a lack of hard-coding that makes it possible) to play a more role playing. The test will be the DMG and where the alternative play emphasis is. There will be a 4E-esque alternative which would be in a direction I think you would find bothersome, but as long as there is a pride of place alternative for more storytelling, I think thats enough for now. We need more DMs to "show the way" not WotC to hard-wire it. Oh yeah, and WHRP 3? Bummer...But at least I got most of the stuff I wanted (missing the adventurers kit? the one with the rat catcher...) and some PODs, so I can always play. My problem with WHFRP 1st-3rd has been: I buy the stuff, but I can't get people to play. So I have stuff I never use. Very frustrating. If 4th does come down the pipe, I would rather see something less canon-correct but more popular than canon-correct and unpopular. Those of you who would cringe at a witch being pals with a witch hunter might have to live with a version that, by RAW, allowed such a party, even if your table sigmar-hammered that to oblivion. If it meant more sales, more player, I think that would be a fair compromise (a big if, I know)
  2. You would know your players best, so your approach is a good one. Re: Magical Sight. I'd probably go with a faint tickle of Dhar...It would be very hard to recognize it as such (4 or 5 challenge dice). Success means you know what's up, but gain corruption or insanity. Failure would be to describe it as Ulgu...now that would be an interesting Red Herring... I like the charge up and fire idea, thats a good approach.
  3. Like all MacGuffins, it should fade to the background and be forgotten.
  4. Roland the Red


    I suppose you are an American and refer to a handbag, right? Well, I am no woman, but I also have kind of a handbag. And it also is Knick-Knack-Central! - cable-straps - a refree's whistle - pencils and ball point pens - medications - tablet-pc - analogue calendar - USB-stick - phone - tissues - chewing gum - rosary - ... Edit: Sorry for taking it off-topic - couln't resist... I don't think its off topic at all. Its exactly how you should think about knick-knacks. Over half that list has a direct correlation to a PC in a game (tissues, pencils, rosary, etc). Things like phone could be "calling cards", address book, or even a coupon book for courier services, etc. As an aside, E.G. Gygax developed a game called "Dangerous Journeys" that had as its monetary system a neat little trick. Money was a "B.U.C" or Basic Unit of Currency. A cheap used, mostly reliable, car costs about $2000 in the US. That would equate to 2000 BUCs. In a fantasy setting, a cart, wagon, carriage, etc is similar to a car (with the horse and tack) so a cheap, used, mostly reliable carriage might be about 2000 BUCs. In that fantasy setting silver might be the Basic Unit of Currency therefore 2000 silver for the carriage. Not perfect, sure, but a nifty 1st approximation.
  5. Roland the Red


    Check a womans purse. Knick knack central.
  6. Roland the Red

    Southlands (or Lustria) critters and ideas

    Another idea is to look at Paizo's (in Dungeon Magazine) Isle of Dread remake. Mostly for the whole journey aspect. It was a very well written AP. I know you mentioned that part being slim, but I think the purpose of the journey is to convey the fact that the PCs are "not in kansas" anymore. Take the island encounters of Odysseus: Each one is a glimpse into the darkness of man. The hedonism and sloth of the Lotus Eaters, The savagery of the cylcopes, etc. A couple of acts like that would foreshadow the darkness they will encounter in Lustria.
  7. I started the Intro adventure with some new players over Christmas break. With regards to the PT meter, I wanted to do something to try and engage the players a bit more with it. The players really liked the what I did, although I didn't think much of it after seeing it in action. What I did was during character creation, I looked at the traits of each career and compared them and pointed out to the players the differences and similarities as a basis for roleplaying. The Noble and the Thug didn't have much in common and since they had the largest discrepancy I used that to start party tension (1 point for every mismatch, max 4 obviously). I told the players, as party tension rises I'll place a white die in the pool (speading up refresh) and if it lowers I'll I will remove a white die from the pool (slowing refresh) if available or adding a black dice if no whites were available (a negative fortune, removing the black instead of adding a fortune). This was a mechanical way to encourage the players to exploit tension and play up those differences. with the hindrances already on the card for going up I felt this was a nice little balance. In play, the players pushed tension up pretty quick. I wasn't adding fortune points to the pool for the usual reasons although I meant to. The players pushed it up fast enough and fortune seemed aplenty so if I had added fortune for usual reasons it would have been quite a bit. In all I felt it didn't work as well as I intended. I could have left it as is and simply added fortune as usual for the same effect. One player in the post game discussion did mention he thought it would be cool to add 1 black die to the pool every time tension went up and I add fortune as usual, but it only refreshed when Fortune-Misfortune + # players with the black die(s) going to a random player. It has merits. You would a clear way to determine who gets the misfortune and when they have to use it. I think it would be better if the GM gets in his pool to add at the worse possible moments, for example. I'll try it if we play again.
  8. Roland the Red

    Southlands (or Lustria) critters and ideas

    More inspiration could come from the sources that inspire all such adventures: "The Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad The movie "Apocalypse Now" is loosely based on the book as well. Moreso than D&D, WFRP could really shine with handling the metaphoric journey into the heart of darkness: Mans own fall into darkness. Corruption awaits!
  9. As befitting the changer of ways, correct phonetic spelling and pronunciation is constantly changing. If you happen to "get it right", you will likely suffer corruption as well potentially summon a Daemon. You have been warned.
  10. Roland the Red

    Lure of The Liche Lord modding.

    Bring the supplies top them. The Noble/Merchants/etc funding the expedition could send periodic supplies and expect periodic updates and perhaps "recovered treasures". You could do a similar tracker for that.
  11. A corrupted/recently opened waygate would be another way.
  12. Roland the Red

    Do Mutants themselves cause corruption?

    I think anything like a blood transfusion from a mutant might do the trick as well. Old WOrld surgery is risky business.
  13. Roland the Red

    New Gm looking for a little mentoring and sanity check

    Looking for a sanity check in Warhammer? Dangerous territory my friend….sanity is in short supply here :-P
  14. Roland the Red

    Gathering the Storm: The Lesser Evil ideas

    the other possibility I mentioned is 2 gors + 3 ungor henchmen/pc x 4 PCs = 2 gors and 12 ungor henchmen plus Izka, of course. I think that is plenty for the "average" group. For a combat-optimized group, this might be easier, but remember too, there are reinforcement waves. It could be either way. Apparently the writers/editors of the adventure have English as a second language as well
  15. Roland the Red

    Gathering the Storm: The Lesser Evil ideas

    I thought it was "2 gors" and "3 ungor henchmen per character" rather than "2 gors and 3 ungor hunchmen" per character. On a second read I am not sure which is correct.