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  1. Your squadrons looks great! What color blue is this, if I may ask? I have several TIE squadrons on deck and I'm trying to settle on a base coat. Thanks!
  2. Loving this, Flengin, fantastic job. Some buddies & I are starting up the campaign in the next month and want to build it out with AARs, Sector updates and some story. You've got lots of great ideas here -- thanks for the inspiration!
  3. Lookin clean! Love the uniformity on the TIEs, all facing the same direction in relation to the base, black bases & dials. You even went nuts & put blue/red on the slider!
  4. Love these, great job. It's always bugged me how dark these guys are out of the box. How much work was it to achieve this?
  5. You might also find someone local or online that was able to get two copies of a starter deck and is willing to hook you up with eRey or eKylo, as the second copy of the card and third & fourth dice will be pretty much useless to them.
  6. I so wanna go play at Joe Boss' house.
  7. Heh. That problem is pretty common 'round here. Yes, that's correct. If you're ignoring how bad it is. For instance, a deck of 3 Padawans comes to 24 points -- too high to add any more characters, but too low to feel effective. You'd probably be better of with 2 Padawans and upgrading to the third to Rey or Qui-Gon. So for the non-uniques aside from the FO Trooper, I'm keeping 2 of each and trading the rest.
  8. My faves are Jedi Trials and Knights of Ren, for sure.
  9. I didn't get the impression that he's actually Force Sensitive at all. I think they were going for a blind master my-other-senses-are-heightened-to-compensate kind of thing, coupled with the fact that he's obviously a devout believer in the Force. And Rey's staff -- can't wait to get that on him.
  10. You might try cardgamedb -- there's a feature to leave comments on individual cards.
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