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  1. I noticed the map from the Mask of the Oni and the Map from Winters Embrace have discrepancies.. I was planning on overlapping the 2 to make a bigger rokugan map as more adventures came out...put it looks like they dont match up. I suspect this is because each map is only accurate for the clan that "owns the maps" land...
  2. any word on when the High DPI bug will be fixed? I cant user the program due to this issue. I was hoping to see a fix by now...
  3. Tie defender is in rebels so canon. And the fireball from resistance is from the old rebublic wideo game...thrawn is canon again. And so on even Lucas film mines from legends. And the whole bit about inquisitors technically comes from WEG Fragments from the Rim which Sam Witwer let Dave Faloni barrow..
  4. Havent heard from @ChrisHillATX in a while.
  5. No we are not. We are given vague unsatisfying hints. And to handnoff properly you kind of need to treat the character better. When the actor playing the character is not happy there is a problem.
  6. Except it didnt because henisna main character and we are suppose to see their developement. Not get vague non explanations in secondary media that doesnt actually cover what happened. And what we got was a character cliff not arc. We see him happy at the end of ep VI we see a glimpse of grumpy Luke at the end of ep VII then we get grumpy a hole Luke in Ep VIII. With no real explanation of what went wrong. In fact all the original characters are kinda reset in the new Trilogy.
  7. Oh i am sure you will have them. Especially as their characters get more complicated
  8. uh huh...and that is gonna take forever at the table. Trust me. I have seen stuff like this take forever at a table. because you are going to have to adjudicate each players roll as they ask 3 times how it works. especially as more players are involved it ends up being a multiplier.
  9. Anyone done FFG States for this ship? https://www.pinterest.com/pin/331436853826289423/?utm_campaign=rtpinrecs&e_t=85b710b642c04e65a944952c043d804a&utm_content=331436853826289423&utm_source=31&utm_term=8&utm_medium=2004
  10. basic subtraction for 4 players adds up. Add on to that the non math wizes taking a little longer. add on to that those who dont grasp this complicated mechanic means that something that would be everybody roll a d100 and hand out crits become a multi minute ordeal as everyone needs to work out what happens to their character. one of the characters going does x or y count as strapped in? you are looking at it from the view of the guy who created it. I am looking at it from the view of how is that gonna run at the table? How long is it gonna take to get the whole party on the same page. What you are creating is something that will take multiple minutes to get everyone at the table resolved. Then add in the 2 or 3 characters who refuse to read those rules that you have to do all the math for them.
  11. You see all that math you have there? That is wht i mean by bog down. It takes considerable more time than just doing the major collision and having all onboard roll a crit. Your solutions are very math intensive. And i dont care how good you are at math it takes time. And does not really add fun. Your method is likely to result in players being unconscious and twiddling their thumbs until someone can heal them. Where as a crit does not necessarily effect wound thresholds and thus are easier to participate in the action.
  12. Yeah so you are gonna kill your players? You are gonna bog down the game? You are gonna ignore things like inertial dampaners and other potential safety devices. Why are you making the game more complicated than it needs to be?
  13. Im away from my books right now. But if you are expecting to replicate every scene in the tv show with rules you are gonna have a bad time. The gm probably just gave him one for the crash. I mean really what.you should be instead of making a rule for every sutuation and always finding some new situation that you didnt think of, is go what would be fun? What would be reasonable? What fits in the rules that already exist? And do that. Because creating a mountain of rules is just going to bog the game down in minutia that will not add fun. I doubt your players are gonna care that much if you just did major collision and gave a crit to the occupants and called it good.
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