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  1. I was sure he did it in the last update. Since fully operational came out well after ghosts...
  2. Ghosts of Dathomir is in. Knights of fate, unlimited b Power are not. Fully operational is not fully bug free yet.
  3. I wouldnt considernit any more crunch than genesys. There is no more crunch in techniques than you get in talents.
  4. That was an earlier problem.
  5. Daeglan

    Javelin missile launcher

    Stats should be in dawn of rebellion
  6. Daeglan

    Javelin missile launcher

    Like i said age books is where you want to look.
  7. Daeglan

    Javelin missile launcher

    It is meant for smaller vehicles. Not the equivilant to main battle tanks. Look in Age of rebellion books. They are more military.
  8. Daeglan

    Javelin missile launcher

    You did notice they have breach right?
  9. I heard their printer went bankrupt.
  10. Boat ti.e is typically 6 to 8 weeks. 2 weeks between shipping now and in stores.
  11. This really should be in his thread.
  12. Printer problems are an OS issue