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  1. They shot his xwing with a crew served weapon. So it could have breach it wasnt rifles they shot the xwing with.
  2. Daeglan

    Force Dice to Skills

    Um no. Action is not the problem.
  3. Daeglan

    Force Dice to Skills

    Incorrect. You can use enhance on a pilot check to use a talent.
  4. I could see a clone wars book for what we have now with stuff from the new season done some other way. Maybe a birth of the empire book
  5. There is not as much that need fixed as people imply. A better idea would to do something akin to a 1.5 update. that incorporates adjustments to vehicle combat. and a few bug fixes.
  6. Starting to feel like the red headed step child...
  7. Yoda had the same problem. So it happens to the best...
  8. The dark side clouds everything...
  9. Or they took offense to his awesomeness
  10. Might be more usefull to move the talent description to a different sheet in the encounter. So you can choose to print ot not print that sheet. which would be handy for details of talents you might not be super familiar with. when you go to use that talent it is quickly reference-able.
  11. I have seen posts by various freelancers saying they are working on star wars for FFG. That means as of Gamernation Con Freelancers were working on Product for the RPG line. That means that product is a year out. which means there is product in the pipeline we havent seen announced. These freelancers also have been working on product fairly consistently. Also these same freelancers were wonking on stuff at the previous gamernation con. which means it is highly likely there is unannounced product that is likely coming soon.
  12. I would like the ship sheet include a pilots appropriate piloting, gunnery with targeting computer adjustments.
  13. Then you didnt read my other post
  14. Well based on the treatments Lucas talked about for the sequels midichlorians would have been even worse.
  15. Yes and after not seeing much on that. And not seeing people mention several talents i mentioned them as well.