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  1. There is also the detail you can have a pdf of anybook you own. I have pdfs of nearly all the books. I also have all the books.
  2. And you have even less evidence. And likely they will still use the term
  3. sure. but it does tell you how far back the term was used and therefore how likely that name will be used in the High Republic Era.
  4. As I recall Padawan was used in the Old Republic comics
  5. This is a response that confirms that you do not understand republicans.
  6. there is a talent in the seer tree that does what you are suggesting. take a look at it for a template.
  7. Take a look at the talent in rhe seee spec as a potential template.
  8. OK. How bout California? I know for a fact it is a terrible education system. Because I went to schools in it. They also spend a significant amount of money per student. But the odd thing is most of the money never gets out of the district head quarters and has been run for decades by democrats from the top all the way down to the actual school its self. How is that the republican's fault? And Im not even republican and I know the Republican's are aiming for a better education system. They just dont see how spending more money on a system that doesnt produce good results is a solution.
  9. gutted? based on what metric? last I check the amount spent on education has been steadily increased. the fact none of the money makes it to the classroom has nothing to do with republicans.
  10. It would not have been so difficult if they have planned out the trilogy ahead of time with a satisfying ending in mind from the beginning. But JJ does not plan. Which is I suspect why none of his stuff has a satisfying conclusion. a cool idea is as far as he thinks ahead of time.
  11. exactly. But these days so many try and shame people into compliance. The fact that it never works doesn't seem to stop people from using that method. I was fine with Ep VII. but 8 on was just a complete mess of bad writing and evidence of a lack of a plan.
  12. Emperor Norton had some sensor rules you might be interested in. Because the RAW sensor rules are weird. like some ships can move farther than they can see...
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