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  1. Daeglan


    Maybe pick a school that fits your style of pkay?
  2. Daeglan


    Meaning what? You mean choosing a school is going to push you in a direction? Shocked i say...
  3. Daeglan


    It is not random at all. There is a system behind the choices. I am not a L5R grognard and yet the choices i have seen make sense for the school in question. You the player get to make a choice. Do you want to advance as quick as possible or do you want to focus somewhere else or something in between. Just like any other narrative game.
  4. Daeglan


    Different schools have different priorities? Seems kinda obvious to me. Also if you have kata on you school availability you can learn them any time. So while some schools focus on them if your school doesnt but you have access you can get them still
  5. Oriental adventures has ALWAYS been very niche
  6. I expect a book for each clan then possibly elemental books. And possibly bushi, courtier, and shugenja books
  7. Let us start by excepting that D&D is the 800 pound gorilla in the room and what D&D does is not relavent to a VERY niche RPG. Sorry. It would be awesome if L5R did 200k books a year. They dont and are unlikely to do so.
  8. And you still dont get it. The minor clans all by them selves wont do it. But minor clans plus equipment plus an adventure might. But more likely minor clans will be in a clan book covering a region and major clan info.
  9. It makes a lot of sense. You assume everyone wants the minor clans. I dont see that. What i see is a few people are really enthused about the minor clans. Which means those not enthused about them likely wont buy a book like that. It has nothing they want. But if youake the book useful to players, gms, clan enthusiasts. Etc.
  10. Not really. It will reduce them. As most people prefer the major clans. Butnif you instead put them in a book like say the dragon clan book you increase the number of purchases.
  11. Spoken like someone who knows nothing about publishing.
  12. Not as big a problem as people think. As long as you provide a legal means of buying the digital format. A big mistake many publishers make is treating customers as theives and thinking pirates were lost customers. Pirates arent customers and customers tend to be fairly honest.
  13. Lady shinjo's blessing allows those with it to halve travel time as well.