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  1. At this rate ill be able to ask at gamernation con...
  2. The remnant data should be the custum dats files and character stuff. I would think you would want that. Also the other version keeps you current. What problem do you have with it?
  3. Daeglan

    problems of a heavy

    Save yourself 30 xp and just do brawn 2
  4. Just ask a sith to get you into the office on the weekend...
  5. No they arent moving away from seperate lines. They are just making era books fitnall lines. Wishfil thinking wont change that. You want it to be true. It isnt going to happen.
  6. I doubt RotS is that far out. Even with a reprint.
  7. It costs 60 bucks to get each core. You get how many hours of enjoyment out of that investment? I am not aware of a better entertainment deal. Things have been explained to you multiple times. Options have been given multiple times. At this point you are just whining.
  8. Im sure absol can give us numbers for the last CF to work with.
  9. You just created new titles for existing books mostly.
  10. I can confirm from a little bird that is what happened to the last book with this problem. The covers were warped.
  11. Modiphious has had trouble with their infinity books because of Corvus Belli being slow and being very controlling...
  12. 2 books for 2 movies and 5 seasons of a tv show? Seems reasonable.
  13. We have faith in you absol
  14. Well we got the Collapse of the Republic announced....I hope that means we will get rise of the seperatists soon