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  1. Please put error in spoiler tag.
  2. Ummm why? The rules work fine RAW.
  3. How well does it work in practice?
  4. Which i think is problematic. I think in genesys they do it the way i said with a max of 5 or so. Which i think is better as you can benefit fro. Both to a point.
  5. Take a look at crate of Kraytes. Also some Kraytes are starship scale per lore.
  6. A selfish person does not have to be evil or do evil. But being selfish tends to not prevent one from doing evil acts. Ie Anakin was being selfish in his desire to keep Padme alive. He was willing to do anything to do it.
  7. I woulf say the Sith are selfish. Thos can result in evil and often does. But it is not guaranteed to be evil.
  8. Poor writing or choice of words can lead to RAI being different than RAW. Like the defense rules. That we have gotten various dev rulings on.
  9. I think a mistake gms make is tryi g to have players handle more than they can. They try to jump too far ahead.
  10. I t ink the way it was originally intended was you take the best base defense then if youh have a item that adds defense you add that. But the devs have gone back and forth on it.
  11. Hey ogg pictures for companions please
  12. I would think things likely dont print one at a time. But i dont know how much concurrent printing they do... But what i meant by useless is that.for the star wars books they havent been being very good.
  13. To me the jedi stealing children is propaganda by palpatine to sway the masses. Propaganda is gwnerally not truthful.
  14. Use spoiler tags and really Ogg only needs the very first couple entries.