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  1. Those lightsabers are in Ghosts of Dathomir
  2. They arent going to pay a lawyer to do it. And because the video game license is renewed at a different time it would require an off cycle renewal. Contracts are not simple things when they involve slow moving companies and lawyers. It is easy to change things between individuals. Not so much when it involves lawyers.
  3. A deck is going to be more like 10 feet. So more like 3 meters.
  4. No a squadron is 12. The mini just shows 3 ships.
  5. Contracts written before the concept of pdf was even thought of. It was written in 1989 or so.
  6. Ok then what are you supposed to do with them? Just nkt use them? Then why have them?
  7. Yeah but this here does talk about limiting to about 3 die rolls. when you look at both the Email and this post by Max. It seems like you are being very narrow on what the Devs have said on the subject. Seeing as how Max does talk about limiting die rolls.
  8. No that is not quite what the email said. And the possibility of 6 rounds is EXACTLY the opposite of their goal. MAX of die rolls is their goal. With a few more places to make choices. What you are proposing wont be used if for no other reason than copyright wont allow it. I do not like this whole auction mechanic you keep pushing. It is a TERRIBLE mechanic I would rather something more along the lings of choose a stance. depending on your opponents choices you get a bonus or penalty. maybe a die roll to read that choice.
  9. You ar3 starting at round 3 and gping up. FFG seems to be planning no more tyan 3
  10. Lets not. Lets not do a bidding thing. It is not a good mechanic and a soft cap does not really fix the problem. I get it you like the bidding thing. Most people including me seem to not like that mechanic. There are other options that would be better.
  11. That is not going to solve the people dont want them to go very long and the rest of the players get to sit with their thumbs up you know where while one player gets all the attention. I don't think going back to 3rd edition thinking is an improvement. We need real choices and those choices should not involve a bidding war. As that is just going to bog things down as people found in 3rd. It should be a couple die roles with a few options that effect those die rolls.
  12. Especially Dragon, Dragon, Phoenix, Crane, Scorpion....seeing as how they are specifically mentioned and how their ceremonies vary...
  13. I think a lot of 4th ed could be tweaked to use the new dice and thought process. Would probably keep the number of dice more reasonable.
  14. You are right. But this is not the roll until i gwt what i want system. As others have noted a reroll generally requires a talent or a change in situation.
  15. Stop thinking of every attempt as a different roll. This system is not a every attempt is a roll. Just like every roll is not a single trigger pull