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  1. Usually takes him a couple weeks
  2. only "named" NPCs cget to resist. So minions and no name rivals can be tossed easily.
  3. Harry Potter

    there is a backerzone level for the content. And I have the mod and it is pretty good.
  4. you can redact already. click on the skill sub section titles. IE general, combat, knowledge...
  5. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    could be worse... you could be in Oz...
  6. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    So is anyone going to answer my question about what temple trained talent does or not? I have asked a couple times and not gotten a response.
  7. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    so what does temple training do?
  8. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    What does temple training do?
  9. I did. i can't figure it out. I click on items nothing pops up. I click on the tabs they turn blue. but nothing allows me to edit the items.
  10. I cant figure out how to edit equipment now
  11. probably trapped on a failboat...
  12. Genesys Spycraft

    exactly. You can use some sort of flashback mechanic. Ohhh you rolled a despair so the guards are alerted. Flips story point. yeah be we planned for that and filled the guard shacks locks with crazy glue. Rolls stealth with a success. the guards are fighting to get out of the guard booth...
  13. Genesys Spycraft

    Leverage would be good too.