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  1. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    You should do the veoengard creatures but i agree they existnin one place and likely wont play a role in most games so can wait. Things that would be good out the gate you have covered save a riders sword. Which would have the following qualities-superior, pierce 2 or 3, durable, personalized, large gem. To which you would apply to a base weapon Is there a hunter career? Eragon was more of a hunter than the classes i see listed...
  2. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    Feldernost are the rams. There was also the mosasaur or pleisasaur like thing related to the fanghurl. Eragon encountered on the way to vroengard The creatures from vroengard. The shadow bird, snails, and burrowgrubs The giant wolves that hunt feldernost. Have you covered eldunari i dont remember you covering them. Gems for strain storage for magic use. All rider swords have them. Maybe give the tail attack blastto simulate a sweep attack, knockdown and possibly a non lethal option the hand to hand attacks.
  3. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    They should have adversary. Probably 2. They are realky dangerous foes. I would note the sethr oil was provided by galbatorex. They are worshiped by the followers of Tosk. So might have minion groups of tosk followers. They cannot be detected with Magic The Lethrblakr would be a nemesis. Also i can confirm galbatorix had more eggs he hid.
  4. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    They need a tail attack Saphira and thorn use it all the time.
  5. That is the end of the 1st quarter which means amazon was told it would release in first quarter
  6. They had a section in a recent book on Chetznya. It was editted in such a way to completely mishandle real life events there. What was suppose to be 2 perspectives 1 horrible and one a decent person. Were merged into 1 that was monstrous and callous.
  7. Do not attribute to malice what can be attributed tk incompetance. The edits likely werent checked.
  8. What is sad is they werent trying to edge lord. Some idiot editor merged 2 perspectives in to one horrifyingly bad perspective. I kind of want to see what the original intent was. Because the result is horrifyingly crass.
  9. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    You make a mechanics check. You can spend advantage on various attributes for armor with succeeding at a base difficulty for base stats Get oggdudes character generator in the another chatacter generator thread in the edge of the empire forum and you can play with them to see how they work
  10. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    Well except it is hinted that Galbatorix hid their eggs. As a method to control them so they likely still exist.
  11. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    I have been pondering this. After listening to Eldest I think a better way to replicate warding would be for a spellcaster to cast a spell. And based the way they are described I think using the Armor table From keeping the peace. Perhaps triumphs can upgrade a number attacks. Advatages could be spent on soak or defense. And because the way wards work they should cost the person with a ward on them strain when used.
  12. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    What about statting the Razzak and Letharbockr
  13. You can Ask Chris Witt over at the Order66 facebook page. He is pretty responsive.
  14. What is left after that?
  15. Daeglan

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    Im relistening to Eragon and it seems pretty clear Solumbum talks via telepathy. They also seem to be prophetic He also seems small. Like sil zero. He is described as a small boy.