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  1. cml

    Boston, MA Group

    Messages sent. If anyone else is in the New England area, let us know! Boston folks often travel to other stores when they have events, and we pull people in from as far as NYC and sometimes DC for our big events, so it's a good way to meet more of the Thrones community.
  2. I would say Baratheon is extremely strong out of the core, although it is quite different from 1st edition. Bara is the kneel house in the 2nd ed core, and kneel is a very strong strategy, especially early in the card pool.
  3. Although it won't help for regular play, we do have a group in Boston that will both run tournaments down here and are willing to travel to make it to other places for tournaments.
  4. Hello all, For anyone coming into 2nd edition who is in the Boston area and looking for a playgroup, there's an established group of players from the first edition that will be happy to welcome new people. We have a Facebook group and a Google group for organizing meetups - send me a message here and I can get you invites to either. In addition to the normal tournaments and organized play, we hope to do some demo days on launch.
  5. Hey all, Thinking about grabbing this and running it for some people; however, I have a playgroup that could get up to 5 people. I know with the web characters I'd have enough characters to do this; however, what I'm not sure of is how the balance would look. Would it require a lot of alteration to try and upscale the game to deal with 5 players? Any suggestions for things to consider if I were to do so?
  6. Appreciated. Many of us are still trying to figure out if we know anyone that was in the area; I am guessing it will take a day or two before we really have all the information sorted out here.
  7. congrats on the win, Matt! I had a great time playing. As you said, I found a meta, too! It was good to meet a bunch of people; maybe I'll see you all at the June regional.
  8. So I went down to the Newington regional this past weekend and met a few other people who play in the Boston area. I may try to set up a day at some point for people to get together and play - will keep checking in on here as well.
  9. I'm in Somerville, and would be up for at least occasional games at Pandemonium or elsewhere.
  10. Hello all, I have recently picked up the game and have started playing with friends in the Boston, MA area. Since I'm providing all the cards, though, I'm not getting much chance to see other people's deckbuilding, and I'd love to expand out my play circle. So, is there anyone else in this area who plays?
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