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  1. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    Alrighty; so me and Jedifish had a cool chat; and we're tentatively putting a crew together for an every-other-wednesday game at Pulp Fiction, anyone else interested?
  2. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    Hey I'm headed up to pulp fiction now. Should be there a little after 6. Look for the guy in a bright yellow T-shirt
  3. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I was thinking maybe around 4 or so?
  4. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    Yeah, let's try a Pulp Fiction meetup, just to say hey and see what everyone wants to do game-wise. What's everyone up to the evening of Wednesday the 5th?
  5. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    Hey kansas city peeps...do we want to try to nail down an actual time to meet up and maybe discuss having a game? My IRL group hard veto'd Star Wars, so now I really am in need of a group.
  6. That novel is Legends now, rather than canon...jury's still out on exactly what level of plot stuff FFG can still pull from Legends.
  7. I highly doubt they'll give us a full ST-era book until after Episode IX is out. Even the TFA Beginner Box is "TFA" branded not era branded.
  8. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I could maybe run something...the hard part will be scheduling. I already have two nights a week dedicated to a gaming group. The best/worst problem to have
  9. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    Welcome to the area! We have such sights to show you!
  10. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I shop at Tabletop from time to time; but I've never used their game room.
  11. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I still haven't made it out to Pawn & Pint...really should one of these days
  12. Even if the book arrives to retailers ahead of the new release date (in line with the old release date) they won't be able to sell it before the 16th. My FLGS regularly has the books in 3 or 4 days early...but can't sell them due to the street dating.
  13. jivjov

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I'm gonna laugh real hard if we've actually met IRL and not known it haha.