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  1. hey ogg; what am i missing trying to the my manually added Collapse specs to attach to the Clone career? Its refusing to save, regarless of if I use the built-in Clone career or my manually created one
  2. Yeah, and i've been importing forward my dataset for a couple years now, so who knows what errors have crept in just from outdated files and whatnot.
  3. Yeah I think I'm just gonna live with this until someone somewhere makes a better data set that they totally didn't share with anyone. Now I just need to figure out why I can't get the three Collapse specs to show up under the clone career...every time I open the Career and check the ARC/Veteran/Commando specs and close it...it just reverts and I can't figure out why E: I'm starting to think this is just broken, like when weapon qualities weren't saving for a version or so back in the day
  4. Oof, that sounds like a bear to do for all of the stuff I added @_@ Thanks for the tips EDIT...huh, I changed Clone Pilot to ROSClone Pilot...but there's no "official" clone pilot spec to link it to
  5. Having a bit of an issue - I had created my own data for Rise before this update came out, and so I've been copying over my descriptions from my added versions over onto the officially implemented ones...but then I can't delete, for example, my added Talents because they're linked to my custom added Specs, and I can't delete my custom specs because they're linked to my custom careers...but I don't actually have my custom careers showing up - some of the offical implementations seemed to have merged with my handmade ones (I guess I used identical names/keys?). Is there an easy fix to this?
  6. Yeah i think the last time I was using the encounter builder was many many moons ago when it was all in by default. I haven't GMd in YEARS lol
  7. Oh, do i have to import everything I want individually? I thought it would prepopulate with all the default ones. Thanks for the heads up
  8. I'm having trouble with the Encounter Builder in GM Tools; the only Adversaries that show up to be added to the encounter are my PCs. No stormtroopers, droids, minions, whatever. How do I get the GM Tools to show the any baddies?
  9. I think my FLGS might have a copy on hand. If you'll cover cost + shipping I can pick it up for you
  10. I ran an all-colonist game a while back. Had three PCs and used the other three specs for NPCs. It was fun for the....3 sessions it lasted
  11. Having some disagreements with where the character went doesn't mean he hated it. Oh, and you know he walked that back after the film came out and he saw the final product, right?
  12. Tiny bit disappointed that the Republic and Separatist deck reprints 2 existing cards. I get why they did it...but I would rather have seen 2 more unique stat blocks
  13. This never happened When did TLJ invent time travel? Even if you hated the film, it can't affect your childhood unless you let it. TLJ is the star wars-yist star wars we've gotten out of the Disney era. By a LOOOOOONG shot. There's a reason Johnson's trilogy is my most anticipated Star Wars project. You're probably right about IX feeling really safe by comparison to the brave majesty that was TLJ though.
  14. I suggest you watch the entire film and not just the first act. Watch Luke's entire arc, not just where he starts the film at. Get all the perspectives on the incident between Luke and Ben. It just really helps to watch the entire film.
  15. Speaking of "available to order", my FLGS guy just texted me a picture of them on the counter ready for sale
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