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  1. Having some disagreements with where the character went doesn't mean he hated it. Oh, and you know he walked that back after the film came out and he saw the final product, right?
  2. Tiny bit disappointed that the Republic and Separatist deck reprints 2 existing cards. I get why they did it...but I would rather have seen 2 more unique stat blocks
  3. This never happened When did TLJ invent time travel? Even if you hated the film, it can't affect your childhood unless you let it. TLJ is the star wars-yist star wars we've gotten out of the Disney era. By a LOOOOOONG shot. There's a reason Johnson's trilogy is my most anticipated Star Wars project. You're probably right about IX feeling really safe by comparison to the brave majesty that was TLJ though.
  4. I suggest you watch the entire film and not just the first act. Watch Luke's entire arc, not just where he starts the film at. Get all the perspectives on the incident between Luke and Ben. It just really helps to watch the entire film.
  5. Speaking of "available to order", my FLGS guy just texted me a picture of them on the counter ready for sale
  6. Man, I couldn't disagree more with this. TFA was a bit on the safe side, sure...but TLJ does its own thing while still feeling like a Star Wars entry.
  7. What's this supposed to mean? Are you upset that Star Wars movies are still set in the Star Wars universe with Star Wars aliens and ships and stuff?
  8. Possible bug report; the checkbox for weapons that lists something as "this weapon is ordinance, vehicle only" seems to be broken. When i check it, weapons stop showing up to be added to vehicles.
  9. And now we know how it shipped so fast; Absol Shippingmancy
  10. Do we have any idea when the new Adversary decks are going to start shipping?
  11. They could do a Career Compendium for each of the three lines, maybe sneak Force Powers into the F&D one?
  12. Trouble with that is that you kinda have to have a Career (for Career skills, access to a Signature Ability, etc) and Universal specs aren't attached to a career.
  13. Maybe some kind of rule that the Jedi career can take a SigAb from one of the F&D careers could work?
  14. Yeah, Rise pretty clearly had some kind of issue crop up that necessitated a full reprint. Same story with Ghosts of Dathomir. If that doesn't happen again with Collapse of Gadgets, we're looking good for quicker turnarounds.
  15. Ogg mentioned a few posts up that this was a bug and would be corrected in the next release
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