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    eibon reacted to TallGiraffe in Expansion Predictions: 2017 edition   
    What about imperial heroes that have to infiltrate more heavily fortified rebel/merc bases. 
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    eibon got a reaction from Hawkman2000 in thoughts on imperial heroes   
    could easily spin it so that the rebels don't seem as goody goods, saw Guerra's cell was considered extreme to the rebellion so it could easily be put as the imps are doing the right thing. and I personally would prefer it to be dark siders like the inquisitors or ISB agents infiltrating the rebels. like what hawkman2000 said a reverse dungeon would be fun. 
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    eibon reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   

    Their eyes were bloody hard work. They're sculpted in, so there's a natural shadow cast inside them. In retrospect I wish I'd filled them with some green stuff and painted them freehand.
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    eibon reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    The other product of my Christmas holiday.

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    eibon reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    Pretty pleased with this strange old hermit.
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    eibon reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    Like a Bossk. Not varnished yet but I'm really rather pleased with him.
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    eibon reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    Oh my god, painting snowtroopers is so dull. Much moreso even than stormtroopers. So many shades of off-white.
    I definitely got bored and impatient with these guys but they look about right, if not particularly tidy.

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    eibon reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    These guys have been sat half-painted on my desk, taunting me, for literally three months or more. I had to finish them just to shut them up. They are not amazing.

    They don't look anything like as shiny IRL.
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    eibon reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    The boys from the Bureau. Actually ended up looking a bit dull, but appropriate for intelligence agents. Pleased with the paint job in any case, and particularly with the minor mod to Immodesty Blaise's ridiculous pose.
    Also! By the simple trick of reading the label on my matt varnish, I found out why so many minis have looked over-shiny: they just needed a second coat. Queuing about fifteen of them up for a once-over right now.

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    eibon reacted to Engine25 in Tournament Regs have been updated again. This time they're much clearer.   
    You kill a figure, you earn points. You reinforce a figure, no points exchange. You kill that reinforced figure again, you earn points again.
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    eibon reacted to tomkat364 in Environmental friend packaging   
    Compared to the "crate of styrofoam peanuts" my games get shipped in, I'm hardly concerned about the amount of packaging for IA.  I'm buying an overpriced lump of plastic, I'd like for it to get to me in one piece.  You can't vacuform cardboard, so there really isn't a good substitute that I'm aware of that can be easily, quickly, cheaply produced that holds the miniature snugly in place.  
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    eibon reacted to qwertyuiop in convince me on jet troopers   
    Their backpacks have jets.
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    eibon reacted to PhantomFO in how wud u make the new maarek work   
    I'd probably just fly him the same way as I do Rexlar: light on upgrades and not trying to force his ability. Either Juke or Predator backed by the x7 title should be plenty. The crits will come, and they will sting.
    He'll probably be my Defender of choice for situations where Rexlar would be too expensive and Vessery doesn't have synergy. He'd also be a good alternative to Soontir or Vader as an escort to a Palp shuttle.
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    eibon reacted to Critias in Play X-Wing Online (Not Vassal)   
    I've spent many an hour there.  I dig it.
    And I'm with the folks who just can't quite grok Vassal.  It's user interface is always JUST bad enough to keep me away.  I'm sure it works great, I watch videos of folks playing it...but it looks like just a little too much work for me to want to handle the learning curve.
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    eibon reacted to Ikka in Play X-Wing Online (Not Vassal)   
    Not bad. Pretty easy to learn and use. Wish someone would make XWMG for ps4, would love to be able to battle my friends and not have to drive an hour to their house.
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    eibon reacted to R2ShihTzu in Play X-Wing Online (Not Vassal)   
    Neato. Could never get past the awful Vassal interface. Not the fault of those who put a lot of time into it, but Vassal as an engine is terrible to use.
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    eibon reacted to Boba Rick in Prize Support, ID's, and Fly Casual. We lost the X Wing we know and love.   
    1) It's the opposite of fly casual to ASK for an exception, let alone INSIST upon one. 
    2) If I mess up and forget to take an action, I'm not going to talk about it and try to make the other guy feel guilty (let alone start a fight about it) for my mistake.
    3) On the flip side, if I see someone forgot something obvious I'll mention it. 
    In the end, the true principle of flying casual is UNSELFISHNESS.  If you want to claim the fly casual label, but only use it to your own benefit, then you are being selfish.   
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    eibon reacted to jimmius in Prize Support, ID's, and Fly Casual. We lost the X Wing we know and love.   
    Fly Casual was basically a Star Wars-ified version of Wheaton's Law, aka Don't Be a ****.
    To me, it has nothing to do with nebulous concepts of 'Sportsmanship', and certainly nothing so set in stone as 'Always allow missed actions' or 'never take an ID'.
    So long as you don't act like an asshat over denying someone a missed opportunity etc. you're still Flying Casual. If your opponent tries to bully you into his definition of what 'Fly Casual' means, he's not Flying Casual.
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    eibon reacted to heychadwick in Prize Support, ID's, and Fly Casual. We lost the X Wing we know and love.   
    Maybe there is more to the game than tournaments?  Maybe we can focus on having fun instead of trying to ensure top spots at high events?
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    eibon reacted to Emrico in Prize Support, ID's, and Fly Casual. We lost the X Wing we know and love.   
    I will never allow IDs in any event I am the TO for that is not at least a Store Championship. There is absolutely no reason to allow them at seasonal kit events.
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    eibon reacted to L0cC0 in Prize Support, ID's, and Fly Casual. We lost the X Wing we know and love.   
    People are competitive at their own level. They can't win a regional, but if someone can get a Vader Kit in a Store using this rule, they will use it. That's why this rule corrupts the very essence of this game even at small scale tournaments.
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    eibon reacted to emmjay in Prize Support, ID's, and Fly Casual. We lost the X Wing we know and love.   
    Lets start out by saying this.  A lot of X Wing players have played other games, both miniature and not.  Some of these, like Magic the Gathering, have the potential to give a player tons of incentive to win at all cost (WAAC) due to the great prize support.  Namely cash.  They also foster some of the worst human emotions and actions.  I have seen Magic players (not to mention Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh) get so upset that they break down and cry, flip tables, and even ripped up cards.  We also hate the stuff that Games Workshop does where Power Creep is very much a thing and players are almost REQUIRED to buy the biggest and best thing each time it is released just to stay competitive.   Due to the ultra high competitive scene, cheating occurs quite frequently, and even in the local area many players have been banned from playing due to cheating.
    FFG games, until now, have great prize support, but nothing truly amazing.  Yes, granted, cool new dice, great alternate art cards, hell, collect enough coins and you can use them as shield tokens.  (Hey, I know Brad Miller and love to see him play.  Heck, at the start of the Store Championship season I traded him my Phantom Dial because his were so worn out and loose - and I don't play it anyway.  This is not meant to be mean, I get the joke with him and would have laughed my ass off if I ever play him and his list with 8 coins and shield tokens......)  The only true value is what one could get on Ebay, which while nice, isn't a ton of money for more common items. But even for rarer items like dice they still only go for $100 or so.   But then the System Open happened and for the first time FFG has handed out some serious prize support with some substantial cash value.  I mean, all expenses paid trip to London!  Hell yah!
    Doug Kinney did X-Wing its biggest favor by introducing the Fly Casual system.  This initiative was one of the biggest draws in X-Wing.  Especially from someone coming from 40k or another hyper competitive WAAC game.  What I mean is, while X-Wing is a great game and has an excellent competitive scene, players play to have fun and enjoy the great game.  Players play for the honor of the win, not for the prize support.  World Champions Doug and Paul are great ambassadors to the game and generally (this whole ID fiasco notwithstanding) exemplify the entire Fly Casual idea.  Sure, Paul may go in depth and plan and prepare and work and try to win (to the extent that he even does a presentation on what to expect, or what he thinks will happen), but seeing him play, well, he plays very well.  And still manages to live up to the Fly Casual mentality.
    Now, lets come to the crux of the post.  Intentional Draws.  How often will they happen?  Who knows.  Hopefully only at large events like Regionals and up.  I hope they don't start to become common occurrences at Store Championships or even smaller events with the kits.  What I do know is this --- If the prize support for top 4/8/16 is so **** important to you, go and buy it on eBay.  When I go to events I go to play a great game with great people.  I love driving several hours on a Saturday to see people I haven't in some time, people I only really converse with on Facebook or these forums between larger events. To enjoy a drink, shoot some ships (and ****), and have a great time.  Its not about the prize support or winning.
    However, now FFG (specifically their Organized Play section) has decreed that people must now WAAC.  The concept of Fly Casual has gone away.  The X Wing game I have played for years has ended. 
    So, what am I going to do?  Its simple.  I am going to vote with my pocketbook.  I will NOT buy any FFG product until something changes that makes ID's either useless (except for the x-0 top 1/2 people in the last round) or something happens to the tournament format that makes ID's rarely viable.  Yes, that means that the Rebellion game I was going to buy this weekend and really enjoy playing on April 30th for International Tabletop day, the 2nd ISD for Armada, all of it.  I will NOT support a game developer that promotes the WAAC mentality.  Bring back the Fly Casual.  Bring back the FUN
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    eibon reacted to ParaGoomba Slayer in Does TIE Shuttle with Fleet Officer make Kir Kanos good now?   
    With easy access to focus and evade he should do pretty well. Let's say you're already running a Jonus TIE Shuttle with Fleet Officer, that's 49 points with Kir Kanos. Now you have 51 points for 2 Bombers. Now that you're not tied to an entire Lambda and can just use a 3 point upgrade on a ship you're already going to use to hand off Kir Kanos his non-evade modifier, doesn't seem too bad. Not too hard to free up some points for Autothrusters.
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    eibon got a reaction from Rodafowa in tornament rules/ was I right   
    I think I need to clarify by keep bumping I mean that we literally stayed where we were, we were diagonal to each other and i had a OGP with palp and sensor jammer he had chewie with lone wolf lando and title, id taken him down to half health, like i sais was a real fun game and i still managed to get thru the rocks turn round and get two rounds of shooting and got chewie down to 2 hull. my post was more to ascertain if ppl thort it was a form of cheating to basically stop a game jus because u can. i always seen that as deliberate stalling but im still happy with the result, plus my opponent was a real gent and id happily play him again.
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    eibon got a reaction from Scopes in tornament rules/ was I right   
    and I did manage to get chewie with lando crew down to 2 hull with a shuttle heh
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