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  1. I believe that he can still use squad command as if you miss your range you can still spend surges to increase the acc, so the atk would still do no dmg but you could still spend your surge on focusing troopers. though on B/B/G kayn is unlikely to miss many shots haha
  2. sorastro primes the officers in grey, makes it even easier if your going for the grey uniforms like I did
  3. if you Google imperial assault 3d print there are a ton of files, my friend has already printed card holders and terminals for me, crates and doors are my next request from him.
  4. could easily spin it so that the rebels don't seem as goody goods, saw Guerra's cell was considered extreme to the rebellion so it could easily be put as the imps are doing the right thing. and I personally would prefer it to be dark siders like the inquisitors or ISB agents infiltrating the rebels. like what hawkman2000 said a reverse dungeon would be fun.
  5. this is why I was thinking of kallus he's prime to be the first and probably the only imp/rebel cross faction character
  6. So since jabas realm gave us scum figures as the heroes in a campaign, I've been thinking that a set where the imperial figures are the hero sheets, I was thinking this would be good for a lethal/rebels box, you could have agent Kallus or Inquisitors as the hero sheets and then get the skirmish versions as the fifth brother and seventh sister. This would open up the other figures to be the ghost crew for rebels and you could have Hondo or vizargo plus droids/pirates for scum. What do ppl think would you be for this sort of thing?
  7. I've seen a lot of ppl say that jet troopers will give imps a well needed boost but I personally don't see it. but I'm more than happy to be convinced coz lets face it who doesn't want flying stormtroopers. one step closer to super commandos!!! Cheers
  8. They were supposed to be snow troopers, I was thinking the bottom two lists would be more reliable I will try both but the droids seem to work well with officers but they might be a little to squishy to go the distance
  9. Hi all, I'm new to imperial assault and have a couple games of casual skirmish planned, I have three fairly similar lists and would like u guys to rate them n give me your feedback on which you think is the best to use. I've not included command cards as I will get to that wen I no wot traits and groups I will be running Kayn 10 Estormtrooper 9 Rstormtrooper 6 Rstormtrooper 7 Rheavytrooper 6 Advanced com system 1 Rule by fear 1 Inquisitor 9 Estormtrooper 9 Royal guard X2 8(16) Rofficer X2 2(4) Rule by fear 1 Zillo 1 Inquisitor 9 Estormtrooper 9 Rroyal guard 8 Rprobe droidx2 3(6) Rofficer X2 2(4) Vaders finest 2 Rule by fear 1 Zillo 1 Cheers Eibon
  10. must be my neck of the woods then coz ppl do type n talk like this where im from and we also accept tht in say an exam or interview u hav to speak eloquently and properly but as language evolves casually it will eventually turn into something much more informal. I jus surprised ur so hung up on it when I've been on forums for years and no one has ever had a problem with txt type/speak. but hey to each ones one. we not here for tht we here to talk awesome defenders. I reckon im settled on calculation, mkii, x7.
  11. U guys r well hung up on spelling, have u never usedtxt speak before? Anyway I think x7 mkii ptl wud b cool, /D I think tractor beam wud suit him better but I think x7 wud lend better keep him cheap as n get natural crits wen they come
  12. Always loved maarek n having him in a defender is awsome but not sure how he's gona work, how would you guys load him and what wingmates would you bring with him.
  13. eibon


    HOLY MOTHER OF MEGAZON!!!!!!! I thort defenders were gona b gd but ryad n marek are just evil, love it!
  14. 3 3 3 3 annnnd 2 no wait....
  15. I'm not a fan of baffle, I found tht stress on the shuttle dosnt affect it to much, I like sensor jammer to keep Palpatine alive longer and corrector coz the shots the shuttle gets can count then
  16. So I'm running vader and the inquisitor with a Palpatine shuttle but don't know which systems to run with it. My list is: Vader 29 Adaptability 0 Engine Upgrade 4 Tie/x1 0 ATC 1 The Inquisitor 25 PTL 3 Autothrusters 2 Tie/v1 1 OGP 21 Anti Pursuit lasers 2 Emperor Palpatine 8 Then the choice is either accuracy corrector or sensor jammer So what do ppl think?
  17. Deathsticks 2pts Gain a focus and evade token, then receive 2 stress tokens and discard this card
  18. Wow u guys are full of hate, let go ur anger and feel the force flow through you lol
  19. Swap black for Chaser or wampa or put Adaptability on valen n Crackshot on black
  20. He has great survivability for saying he only got 3 hull, has some of the best action economy in the game, ps9 so the classic moves first shoots last and 3 atk dice is gd especially when he arc dodges so he's not getting shot back, or backed up by a focus token and still able to have focus and evade plus autothrusters for defence, and thts before u add Palpatine into ur list
  21. eibon

    Customer Service?

    I contacted them before wave 8 about a broken advanced model from the raider set, I'm yet to get any kind of response. Boo hiss lol, like others have said an automated response would be something.
  22. saw a bat rep on YouTube where a guy used this list, it did well but I think its got to many points invested in the firespray
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