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  1. Any plans to add the maps from the new wave?
  2. What was the embargo that caused it to be removed?
  3. I love your basing techniques. What materials and process do you use?
  4. Man, you nailed the color for the snow troopers. That looks just like the photo reference that's floating around.
  5. Yes and no. Depends on how they end the story and if they have further plans for these characters in games, books, comics. If the movie shows every moment up to the attack on Tantive IV, I expect all the characters to be killed/maimed/wounded/lost. If the movie leaves a gap between stealing the plans and delivering them to Leia, no. The cynical marketing guy in me says no way all these characters die, they are the gateway to telling stories (and selling merchandise!) set in the time period of the Galactic Civil War.
  6. Getting the helmet out of his arm would be problematic, yes. But you could use the head of an e-web as a replacement. It might work.
  7. Another satisfied customer of both the maps and pixart printing. I ordered last week, they were shipped on Mon from Italy and were in my hands on Wed. Amazing!
  8. I have to see if I can find the box , it is in plastic bags atm Not sure, but it looks like these: Army Painter Grass Tufts Might have to scroll down a bit to find them. I bought the summer and winter grasses and it looks great. Easy to use and better than static grass (for me).
  9. Took me a long time to get this update but it's finally done!
  10. Updated with the last force pack, Darkness and Light
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