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  1. Link fixed! Not sure what happened, I think I may of deleted the file during a Dropbox clean out! Keep an eye out for a future update! Quality of life stuff (some typo fixes) and price overhaul.
  2. I love it @Endersai I'm a huge fan of hand cannons in my sci-fi stuff. My current Genesys Stars Without Number character totes a monster of a one on her hip! I'd love to add it to the armoury. I was thinking of calling just Detective Special as a more generic name. Also, maybe we could add Pierce 1? As you say the source weapon blasts through walls. Could also represent that because it's a police made weapon it had a higher velocity ammo designed for bring down perps?
  3. Thanks mate! I'm hoping the community can make good use of it. As for the salvo launcher, 3000 is the correct price according to the number crunch. However I'll admit this weapon hasnt been play tested. So the price may very well get a bump if it proves to be too potent for its cost.
  4. No probs! I hope it proves to be a useful asset
  5. Hey guys, GM Huzz here from the Dice Pool Podcast. Just thought I'd share with you all my Sci-Fi Armoury. This is a living document that'll be constantly updated. Enjoy! UPDATED VERSION (Link working again) https://www.dropbox.com/s/fy2q3rnd0m7pb0k/GM Huzz's Sci-Fi Armoury 1.1.5.pdf?dl=0
  6. Hey guys, GM Huzz here. Click-click as it's written in my Armoury is two threat from your roll may be used by the GM to have the weapon run out of ammo. I created it specifically for revolvers to represent their less then average ammo capacity without having to force players to keep track of Limited Ammo. I didn't give Click-Click a rating as I felt it would be somewhat arbitrary. Having it at a fixed 2 threat means the GM doesn't have to ask th player what their weapons specific Click-Click value is, they just need to know the weapon has it. As for the topic at hand, I don't think ammo for weapons (except those few with Limited Ammo) should be tracked in Genesys. It just adds unnecessary layer of crunch. However a blanket rule could be added: all weapons can run out of ammo on 3 threat. This way it'll be a far more common occurrence then just happening on a Despair, and the amount of time three threat will be rolled will feel like the amount of time a clip or magazine would run out of ammo.
  7. I'm north Brisbane also. I've dying to find more games of Star Wars RPGs.
  8. I thought that, until we actually tried assigning stuff. Doesn't fit at all. Much of the Rebel stuff is very flavoured toward stoping the Empire - which mercs have no interest in. Yeah I had that thought to. But my group are a little light on the RP side (which kills me), so unless they have something there in front of them on their characters they tend to just drive the character instead of RPing as the character. Having the "duty" there as a guide will help them a fair bit.
  9. Okay, so first up, I wasn’t sure which forum to put this question in, I figured Edge of the Empire over Age of the Rebellion would be more fitting. Now onto the crux of the topic. Currently the game I’m running for my group has a mercenary company theme, i.e. the players and their ship are stationed aboard a capital ship which roams the galaxy carrying out contracts with no questions asked. Now initially I had been using the standard Obligation rules, but after a few sessions it started to feel as if that didn’t really fit. I came to the realisation that using a Duty system similar to AotR’s would be more fitting. I’d be calling it something else, likely Infamy at this stage, but at its heart it will work more or less the same as Duty. Now this where I’m going to ask you guys, the community, for some ideas and suggestions! What types of “duty” could I throw together for the players to choose from? I few that popped into mind: Reputation – it’s your duty to uphold the reputation of you mercenary company. When others misrepresent you’ll step in and set them straight. Contacts – knowing the right people can mean the difference from scoring that contract to losing it to the competition. You’re a smooth talker who always knows a guy. You weave a web of contacts that can prove invaluable to your mercenary company. Expansion – you’re constantly seeking out ways to expand the mercenary company, either in reputation or actual might. Where there is an opportunity for improvement you’re on it - a new crew to join the fold? A lone bounty hunter to put on retainer? Or a shipment of experimental Imperial weapons moving through an isolated system to "aquire"? I’m essentially looking for some ideas or suggestions along the lines of above. The equivalent of duties, but for mercenaries instead of the Rebel Alliance.
  10. Well that's the point, its meant to be exceedingly difficult to get something for nothing. Most of the time a character will take the safe option and go for the 10 credit discount, but if credits are low or if the circumstances are in the characters favour (i.e light side point, assistance, improved tools and etc) then the higher difficulty is possible. The more insane the difficult becomes for further levels of a single mod, represents the fact that eventually a random pile of bits wont help when it comes to throwing together something of a more advanced/higher quality. Good idea on a 5 encumbrance for a "tub of parts". Lose parts on their own have a enc. of 1. I'm actually putting together salvage rules, which includes converting some of it to parts. I will post them up once I've got a rough draft down up.
  11. PARTS A good tub of miscellaneous bits is any tinkerers dream! With skilled hands and clever know how, any mechanically savvy individual can make use out of a seemingly useless pile of junk. When a character attempts to modify a weapon or item attachment they're required to spend 100 credits on raw materials, although if they have a stash of parts on hand they can reduce this cost by 10 credits per unit of parts used. A unit of parts is considered to be an abstract measure of a random assortment of useful bits an pieces. A particularly skilled individual can increase the modification difficulty by +2 to increase the discount offered to 20 credits per unit of parts. Obviously a unit of parts is exhausted once it is used. ___________________________________________________________________
  12. Fantastic stuff, mate! This and your Health and Recovery PDF will come in handy next time I GM! Keep up the good work.
  13. Yes, an update please? I've bought the product and I'm yet to be able to use it. With the actual dice now available, or soon to be, I'm regretting this buy.
  14. All the other Apps I've downloaded on my other Android devices are there. Phones, tablets etc. All excluding Star Wars Dice :'(
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