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  1. I think there is also a lack of time for many players. I love playing IA, but I love playing X Wing even more. However I only have one evening a week to play so IA usually takes a back seat.
  2. I'm still reeling over that. For me Star Wars was always about him. The Jedi and the force were a good background to the story of Han Solo. Harrison Ford was fantastic in the film though and I don't begrudge him wanting a way out for his character.
  3. For those who may have missed it, there is a great review of HotAC on the latest D6 Generation podcast (episode 177)
  4. Whatever the power is, it has to involve saying "no disintegrations" when used.
  5. The same for me. This is the second episode I have been unable to download.
  6. What about different colours of the 2 part black piece that holds the dials together? Or stickers for the backs so you know which dial is for which ship more easily?
  7. We played the starter mission and first minefield mission tonight. Both were great fun and we just managed to beat them, although 2 of the three of us ended ejecting in the first mission!
  8. "I have you now" EPT Whenever you receive a blue target lock token you receive a focus token. Not sure about points - maybe 2?
  9. I had great fun running him with Greedo and determination on Wednesday. First card on me is face up? Oh well, it's a pilot crit, I'll just discard it. I do think that engine upgrade is a must, even with the advantages of manoeuvring fins.
  10. I'm struggling to print out the player cards and any page of the rules manual that has them on. Everything else has printed out fine and is waiting to be stuck onto card stock. It does look amazing though, can't wait to try it out. Thanks for all the hard work that has gone into this.
  11. We just played the Neb B as a piece of terrain. @PaulTiberius the mat is 6'x4' but has printed lines on it to use as 6'x3', gives a perfect edge for all the cards! I recommend checking out Space Rocks - they do some great stuff.
  12. I've just started my second campaign. The first was excellent and all but one of the missions went down to the wire, so they seem very balanced. The second campaign is only just starting, but has already thrown up different missions. I've only played the skirmish once, which was fun and it needs more play. However, the x wing players in the campaigns have generally felt that x wing is still a better and more fun game. In terms of essential expansion packs, it depends on how much you want to play skirmish, but in the campaign we have used saboteurs and General Weiss the most.
  13. Have you actually played them? I was dubious, but actually they generally work fine.
  14. We are currently playing through all the missions at our local club. We just started with mission one in the rule book and worked through. Each one has been interesting so far - they definitely make you think differently to a normal dog fight. The shuttle one was really challenging, and the imperial aces took a bit of thinking too. I would recommend working through all of them.
  15. Similar to some ideas I would make each missile/ torpedo a set number of shots. When you equip a card you would get a number of ordinance tokens. Each time you fire your ordinance you lose one token. Having ordinance that can be fired several times on a ship with FCS could be deadly.
  16. I understand that supply issues are very hard to predict. However, with releases consistently being 2-3 months late why don't FFG simply give the release date as a quarter later than they do? Then we would all be very positive on the forums if things were released a week early? It just feels like that guy who is always half an hour late to games night. It's so predictable you know you can get a short game in before they arrive.
  17. Thanks for the compliment about my asteroid base. I'm surprised I beat Macross's hutt base as I think it's a work of art. There is more to the second one than initially meets the eye. I like the 1138 on the side for example. He also produced some interesting rules to go along with it that would make for a fun game. This fits in with the theme of TMB, which is one of the reasons I really enjoy the site. I'm keen to make a version of the huge platform as it looks like it would be great to play a game on.
  18. Sounds like you played something wrong. Proton rockets max out at 5 dice, chewie can't take crits, so I'm not sure how you did six damage. Though I suppose you could use opportunist. Ah - thank you, I had missed that vital piece of text on the card. I had thought I was being so clever too!
  19. Last night I had a lot of success with Vader, Proton Rockets, and Stealth Device. I did 6 points of damage to Chewie with one shot!
  20. I made some on the laser cutter at my school (woo for being a teacher!). It took a long time to work out the turns and banks as they aren't based on a circle. Also the banks aren't symmetrical (try taking two 2 bank templates and laying them in top of each other). I did mine on 2d design. PM me if you want a copy of the file.
  21. There are quite a few of us playing in York. There is some sort of tournament in the city every 6 months and we have games at our club most weeks.
  22. Likewise, I've tried several times with different emails to register, but not getting any joy. Have you checked your spam folder? I am embarrassed to report that this confused me for a couple of days. Thanks Sideslip, I've checked my spam and nothing. Very strange.
  23. Likewise, I've tried several times with different emails to register, but not getting any joy.
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