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  1. Quadjumpers have tech slots, but there aren’t any tech cards yet! I am however, very excited by all of this. Great work Alex, Frank and Max!
  2. I went in with very low expectations, but I sat and grinned through the whole thing. Great fun, proper grungy, dusty Star Wars with no force users dominating the story line. There are some weak points, but not enough to stop it being great fun.
  3. fishlegs

    Wave 14 Wish List

    I would be happy with nothing for 6 months to give time to play all the new stuff and spend my money on Legion.
  4. If the games were in the same scale I would be all over Legion. I've painted nearly all the IA minis now, and never want to paint another stormtrooper. If the minis were the same size I could update my collection with new sculpts when ready, but as of now I'm very unsure. I imagine I will play a bit, but use IA minis where possible.
  5. Back in the day when you could spend multiple evade tokens on one shot I used to love flying Laetin Ashera (the scyck pilot no-one uses). He was a proper little troll ship if he was my last ship. Sometimes I ended up with 3 or 4 evade tokens on him!
  6. I was pretty shocked to read this in another thread: "Other, more known and respected members of the community have raised these concerns in the past (MajorJuggler, Sozin, the Carolina Krayts podcast, as well as others)" Since when have the Krayts been respected? ?
  7. This guy's tokens are amazing: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/X-Wing-Miniatures-compatible-acrylic-double-sided-ID-tokens-x-12-5-8-white-/282569580380?hash=item41ca759f5c:g:6e4AAOSw3xJXpTA-
  8. I'm very surprised to see the attack shuttle with a higher rank than the ghost. What are these lists that are running shuttles on their own?
  9. That answers the questions about targeting synchroniser then. Spending a target lock to reroll dice is a game effect.
  10. How ageist! Older people can be Jedi too!
  11. That was absolutely brilliant. It was so exciting to see old characters back, the nods to Rebels, Vader being Vader, X Wings being amazing. The new characters were interesting and I hope that we see some comics giving some back story for some of them. My only gripe was the start, as I felt it was missing a key element of Star Wars, but it didn't really spoil the movie for me.
  12. Shadowcaster for me. It is too bright and smooth for me
  13. What about an e-wing title that allows you to shoot using the firing arc of another e-wing on the board, but means you can't fire twice?
  14. I would like to see a new type of upgrade: squadron upgrades. These would apply to all the ships of that type in your list, meaning that generics would benefit more as you could fit more in. Eg Rogue Squadron (T65 X Wing only) : When attacking, if the target ship has previously been attacked by at least one Rogue Squadron ship this round, roll one extra red die. Red Squadron (T65 X Wing only): Red squadron X Wings may fire proton torpedoes without spending their target lock. I haven't worked out points costs to balance these, but something like this could reinvigorate some of the less popular ships.
  15. fishlegs

    Playmat question

    Are FFG planning on reprinting the star field mat? They are nearly impossible to find in the UK, and the ones available are so expensive.
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