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  1. The same thing happened to me. Also I found resetting two decks every turn slightly irritating. The thing I liked most about Beravore was stunning with the staff. No counter attacks or provoking, yes please. My other hero was the musician, and while they were together and she was inspiring my pathfinder, things went extraordinarily well. As soon as I seperated them, Baravore ran out of inspiration tokens and it all fell apart. Even with the rough ending I had a great time, and looking forward to my first multiplayer play this weekend, where I will be playing Bilbo. One thing I did need to shake out with my first run, was how enemies activate. I recommend anyone about to play to read that section of the rules reference.
  2. I've never bought into the whole "game is dying" idea. I enjoy it too much to believe enough people will lose interest in it that it will die. That being said I can see the designers getting to the point where they would like to do something different. Having said that, if this cycle dose take us to Mordor itself, and not just its borderlands, I still don't think that's how they would end it. There and back again. I expect the last box to be about the Shire.
  3. I wonder how the master cards feel about the saga One Ring.
  4. You can play him too. I wasn't sure if it was after the party or just after the Hobbit.
  5. Play Bilbo. I'm ok with giving us flexibility with the story. I might like to imagine a version were. Faramir, Grimbeorn, and Brand son of Bane were at the council of Elrond instead of Boromir, Legolas, and Gimli.
  6. So my wife and I just finished her first run of the saga campaign. Normally we don't keep score, but thought it would be fun to do for this. Now she is currious how ours compares with others. So if you have a score let me know. Ours (including The Old Forest, and Fog on the Barrow-downs) is 2920
  7. Hey, does anybody want to get together in Akron to play an Epic multiplayer game. We are looking at either the 8th, 15th, or 16th of February.
  8. Seems arbitrary to say "It just always works" no matter the situation, but it is definitive which is nice. I suppose since it has to get guarded that also answers the Sting + no enemy in deck question. The card just simply couldn't be played. Maybe its like when a unique character tries to enter play with another card with that name already there.
  9. If I was forced to guess how it works I would say the same, but the Ironsmith doesn't say play or put into play. It only says attach.
  10. And then there is the Master Ironsmith. It tells you to attach to the hero. The guarded keyword and this game text straight contradict each other, unless it attaches to one then the other. In that case which would go first? I personally think I am going to avoid that situation all together.
  11. And yet this makes me think guarded isn't part of "the cost", as much as it is an effect of the card. It may only apply to Sting and a handful of quests, but until they errata it I'd say no enemy means ignore guarded.
  12. In my experience this is not as bad as it seems. The early game is where my threat is low enough to handle one enemy at a time. And the threat of location lock is far away. I more often play them on turn 2 or 3, after having improved my game state a little. As for the deck needing to be designed specifically for the guarded cards; My wife and I currently are using two. She has Glamdring, and I have the necklace. We built our decks before they were released, but we both do have multiple Noldor discarding effects. So if we get guarded cards and the staging area is already too intense, they are not dead cards in our hands. Once again this is just my personal experience with guarded player cards. I haven't played any nightmare scenarios with them.
  13. I don't claim to be an expert at statistics, or this game, but I will tell you my experiences. When I have played the starter deck with Thorin in it, I only hesitate to use his power if it has no effect whatsoever meaning I already am killing the enemy. With no expectation of drawing my whole deck, I consider the loss of one unknown card to be negligible. If it is a key power card, I will be bothered slightly but not much more than if I just never saw it. Undefended attacks on the other hand are something I avoid at almost all cost. Too many times I have gotten a shadow card with enough damage to ruin my day. (In fact it happened today, once to me and once to my wife) I guess in the end I would prefer the psychological cost of a lost card over a dead hero.
  14. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=566858217068335&id=187584965395741
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