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  1. JusticeLizard

    Descending to charity

  2. JusticeLizard


    In the rules it says both that the first 4 scenarios are related, and that each one is about a different group of survivors. With out spoiling, can anyone tell me if my character from scenario 1 will really not be there for 2? Should I tell my fellow players they are picking their charecter for 4 games or 1?
  3. JusticeLizard

    Descending to charity

    Thanks for the info. One more question as things draw near; The few times I've done a Road to Legend campaign, we always had 4 heroes. At least one player picked a healer. Knowing myself and my friend, how viable is a no healer party? Could I use a scout who loots a lot, and rely on potions?
  4. JusticeLizard

    Descending to charity

    Unfortunately I didn't get any of hero/monster packs, cause I had all the 1st edition stuff and conversion kit. How do people feel about house ruling the conversion characters?
  5. JusticeLizard

    Descending to charity

    Last year to raise money for the children's hospitals charity Extra-Life, I challenged myself to playing a LotT lcg campaign in one sitting. And although my fellowship fell apart at the Black Gate, we did succeed in the goal of gaming for 24 hours. This year, as part of the 24 hours, a friend and I want to do a Road to Legend campaign. I was working if any one has advice or suggestions. What classes would work well 2 player? Is there any components I should avoid for difficulty reasons, or should I through in everything to keep it interesting? I have all the boxes, plus the lieutenant packs for the core set baddies and the dragon. Any thoughts are welcome, and if your felling generous here is a link to donate. https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=327268
  6. I have been playing the guarded necklace and I love it. Especially in the early game. If it draws a location, its a pass. When it draws an enemy my threat is low enough that I can take that baddie down without a bunch of others swarming me. Right now my wife and I are playing the saga campaign, and she has Haldir with the warrior skill. When this glamdring comes out it will completely replace the boon one. She will have 3 copies and her deck will be 1 card smaller. All around goodness. I think the best thing about the guarded cards is that they are not just great cards at a lower cost. They are cards so good you can't repeat even with a bigger cost. A 2 attack lore weapon with repeatable card draw. I can't wait.
  7. JusticeLizard

    Favorite Hero Cards

    My favorite Heroes are the ones whose powers are thematic. Tactics Eowyn, Frodo, Galadriel (of course), and (you may think I'm crazy) Fatty Bolger.
  8. JusticeLizard

    Hero Addiction

    His threat is so high, other than a three rings deck, I usually avoid him. Although he did carry me and my wife through the Battle of Carn Dum so maybe I should give him a second look.
  9. JusticeLizard

    Noob Questions about Galadriel

    I think the mirror is the more powerful Galadriel attachment. Even without protection from the discard effect, I usually keep what I searched for because her card draw keeps my hand full of other targets. As for her disadvantage of not questing attacking or defending, once again I make up for that with the allies gained from the extra card draw. Then there is her ally ability to help with that too. Next not to be overlooked (as I have said before) she is blue, which means a deck with her is automatically stronger by virtue of A Test of Will. Add to all that repeatable threat reduction.
  10. JusticeLizard

    Fire in the Night

    I eagerly await Orcrist. It may replace Steward of Gondor for in some of my decks. And yes, this will fuel my dreams of a player card Sting for a while.
  11. JusticeLizard

    Hero Addiction

    I used to have to force myself not to use spirit Glorfindel, but after the ally came out, I haven't reached for him once.
  12. JusticeLizard

    Hero Addiction

    It's funny, those to fit the same niche for me. Tactics heroes that can "quest". Eowyn is just plain fun.
  13. JusticeLizard

    Hero Addiction

    The other day, I was sitting down to build a deck for an upcoming two player play through of the Wilds of Rhovanion. Now that we have all of the Harad cards, I wanted to put together a deck for that tribe. As far as heroes went Kahliel was the only must include. I was looking for others to support him and I landed on Galadriel. She is blue which give me access to (in my opinion) the strongest card in the game, A Test of Will. While her not-exhaust-ally ability is useful, her threat reduction and card draw is nearly game breaking. I have only have one problem with her, I use her in probably half the decks I build. I tried to use Cirdan instead. ( blue, card draw, ally readying, and can quest/attack/defend) After one game however, I couldn't stop thinking how much better it would be with three less starting threat and constant reduction. My question to all of you is: Do you have a hero that you have a hard time not playing? And if so who/why?
  14. My wife and I are going to bring three copies of Attack on Dol Guldur with us to Origins 2018. If anyone wants to try to get an epic mode game going, let me know.
  15. JusticeLizard

    Ending the saga campaign (spoiler)

    I find the Lotr lcg to be one of the most replayable of episodic games. I could easily see myself playing the saga campaign more than 4 times in my life. Although I do find the idea of continual card destruction intriguing. Each play after a win would have an exponentially harder choice. I don't know if I would be impressed or disgusted by someone who had chosen card destruction 4 times. Ambiguity is perhaps the best solution. Let those who aren't comfortable tearing up a card win with a clean conscience. Personally, I think I'll let my wife decide how to interpret it on this playthrough.