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    Ash1138 got a reaction from Freeman in Looks Ridiculous   
    I find it very, very doubtful this game "easily outshines The Resistance." If it even comes close to the same level of experience I'll be highly impressed. 
    That said, I won't dismiss it because of the art, but I will happily throw my two cents in here to criticize FFG for their AWFUL choice in art design. It simply looks hideous, and it's going to make it that much harder to get to the table. Vampires already have a certain stigma, and going the teeny-bopper goth look with really cheesy photograph pictures just makes it that much worse. I don't want a game that I have to excuse how stupid it looks every time I want to get people to try it, and for FFG's sake, I don't think it's going to help impulse buyers taking it off the shelf. 
    As a final thought, is it too much to ask that players who like the mechanics of the game also get to enjoy the aesthetics of the components? AEG is learning their lesson by reprinting Love Letter with the original artwork instead of the ugly mess they turned it into. Maybe it's not too much to hope for that FFG could do the same on a second print run? I'd probably buy it twice if they did (if it's as good as it looks to be).
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    Ash1138 reacted to johnc in Looks Ridiculous   
    These character portraits kill my interest in an other wise good looking game. Ill come back when there is new art.
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    Ash1138 reacted to Freeman in Looks Ridiculous   
    I'm certain I will like the game from what I read here. But the photos still look cheesy to me, gameplay and art are two different things; I'm sure most of us appreciate the difference.
    I don't mind it in the Flying Frog games, because Last Night on Earth or Touch of Evil are meant mostly as a "tongue in cheek", a parody of horror B-movies. But here, it's not the case (or so it seems).
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    Ash1138 reacted to gdotbat in Looks Ridiculous   
    LOL! "I am Azriel Abyss", "And I am Cersie Nightshade!"
    Totally agree, game looks great, art is horrible! Its enough to make me avoid it!
    I'm surprised too, I would expect this from a kickstarter or a two-bit eurogame publisher. Not from FFG!
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    Ash1138 reacted to Freeman in Looks Ridiculous   
    Seconded, thirded, fourthed and fithed. This would look better to me with fantasy artwork. Some things just don't seem realistic when in a photo. Just my 2 cents.
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    Ash1138 reacted to Cabello in Looks Ridiculous   
    Could not agree more
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    Ash1138 reacted to alecoi01 in Looks Ridiculous   
    I also agree. Too bad, the game looks like a lot of fun.
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    Ash1138 reacted to Julia in Looks Ridiculous   
    Totally. I also believe the cover art to be completely off-putting.
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    Ash1138 reacted to bkirchhoff in Looks Ridiculous   
    While this game might be a ton of fun to play...  I'm not sure I can get beyond the absolute ridiculous imagery.  FFG does amazing work with art & imagery - but these photographic images are nothing but silly.  I keep thinking of Chris Kattan's "Goth Talk" character from SNL ten years ago.

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