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  1. I searched and found some discussion on Heizinger's Hermetica Occulta, but it appeared as if there was not a definitive interpretation of the rule. I'm curious how expereiced players interpret it. Once a character wins the duel are they allowed to freely move on Heizinger's path, or are they required to initiate a new duel next activation to move one space at a time, much like damage inflicted by fire? Thanks for the input. I already think this has been a very tactical piece of equipment for an otherwise weak offensive character, but the clarification will help future battles. powerwindow
  2. Thanks Miah. I post-post found the answer. Appologies for taking up forum space for an answer that was readily available as I know some get annoyed at lazy posters. powerwindow
  3. I searched the forum and didn't see anything on this particualr topic. I am curious how people play, or if there is any official determination by FFG concerning shaking off wounds. Here is the example: Say a character receives a wound that puts them to one below their lowest health row. Can that character legally spend a command point to shake off the wound and remain at the lowest row? If this is the case, that would mean the character only dies if they receive enough wounds to put them two below their last row, since they cannot shake off two wounds. Or is a character dead as soon as its health indicator goes below their lowest row since they, in theory, would have no evergy left to shake off a wound? I'm intersted to know how the consensus handles this and whether there is an official stance. Thanks, powerwindow
  4. Hey All, I couldn't see if this had been covered or not, but I have a curiosity question concerning Crate Tokens. I have all the map extensions, which some include addtional Crate Tokens. I origianlly had just pooled all the Tokens together and randomly chose from the lot when the particular setup called for Crates. However, I just broke into the Daedalus pack and happened to read in the rules that the Crate Tokens included, REPLACED the Tokens from the Core and Novgorod Extension. I was wondering if anyone has caught that info and how they handle it? I haven't inventoried the Tokens to see if there are amount and item differences, but I assume there would be. Also, I am wondering if the mix of items allows for some particular gameplay that may not be balanced if all the Tokens were pooled together for randomly choosing. I appreciate any input to this apparently mundane topic, but I often read too much into little details such as this. Thanks, Powerwindow
  5. Thanks for the info, but we are still trying to settle on the Reinforcement issues, as there seems to be a conflict in the game rules and the official FAQ's. The game rules state, "Remember that most modes of play only give 2 Command Points per turn. Because introducing a reinforcement costs 3 Command Points, introducing reinforcements is only an option in these modes when a player manages to gain extra Command Points on a given turn, such as by searching a crate or receiving them from a peice of equipment. However, in the FAQs: "Q: When exactly can a Trooper be sent in as a reinforcement? Is this possible in a 2 Command Point game? A: Reinforcements are introduced at the start of a turn, before any characters are activated. In a 2 Command Point game, there is not currently a way to introduce reinforcements using Command Points." So is the FAQ correct because of the restriction of when reinforcements are introduced, makes it impossible to accomplish in a 2 Command Point Game? Just curious if this is how most people play, or if they allow reinforcements as long as you still have a character to activate that turn? Thanks
  6. Just finished first go at a Death Match and encountered some situations that can use some clarifications. 1. While searching a crate can only disposable items be dropped in order to take the item in the crate? In other words can abilities or medals be discarded in order to pick up the crate item? We agreed, "no." This in effect would make a Stosstruppen with a stamina pack unable to collect anything other than command points. 2. If your last character to move for that round finds a command point allowing reinforcements can you bring in an available trooper? Seems as if you should be able to; however, the rule states reinforcements are brought in before you activate a player that turn, but technically your next turn would not occur until the next round and you would lose the extra command point at replenishing tokens to 2, making reinforcements unobtainable. 3. May be obvious, but any character can use any disposable item, you don't have to be of the same faction as the item? Makes sense to me if the Obscura dudes use Nighteyes they'd still be able to use the allien technology. Thanks for the clarification and I'm sure I'll have some other questions the more we play, but for now I think it's a fun game that seems to have enough options to keep it fresh for a while. As is typical for me, I've found abother game at the end of its cycle. Oh well, as long as the components are still available for awhile it'll be fun. Tom
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