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  1. So the article has two different paint schemes..............interesting.........
  2. No word of a lie; Rhymer is my all time favorite pilot. will be odd using him as an actual bomber like.
  3. Once the Empire feel he moved to Tatooine, and open a Disco. He now goes by Major Rhymes.
  4. I had a friend paint me a golden defender for our boy Vess Dawg; so am super excited. I've not watched video but I will; am just hoping for Major Rhymer to be back.............
  5. Mary Poppins Leia and Yondu crossover; this must happen
  6. I was thinking about this the other day; I was thinking either bombs would work or anything that throws out stress like it's going out of fashion; what previously hurt X-Wings was lack of re-position; not gonna be able to do that with stress. So I think both list would work well (asajj been the stress) and i assume, the other list is JoJo, Kimo and Nym?
  7. with droids been added and force; 2.0 is ripe for the CIS and Republic to be added
  8. I really want to put something witty; but am tired. It's honestly not a problem; a portion of the community (the vocal minority) just love to howl at the moon.
  9. just Krennic on a single phantom; I heard it's OP, least that's what i've read on the forum recently.
  10. Gonna need to be something; with TL for the other ship or Vess will be wasted.
  11. something has to have the worst dial now the lamda and bomber got either a) better dials or b) butt arcs
  12. at the moment i use them with coloured sleeves when running ships that are same; so orange, purple and blue sleeves. (then match the red and blue looks in regard to sleeves)............and the coloured bases.................because i have problems. (My gunboats also have making blue, purple and orange markings)
  13. Lucky my acrylic locks are aurebesh, double luck the "Heroes" of the resistance expansion had the aurebesh cardboard tokens. So mine are still linkable.
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