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  1. Login problem as well. Username and password do not match even though they do on the FFG site.
  2. Morthai said: Try grisban as a knight - this class often helps to cover movement issues thanks to its skills who are movement orientated (oath of honor, advance, etc.) you still can give him hard hitting weapons instead of shields and he will wreck stuff =) You can do that? I thought only the knight could use the knight cards.
  3. I can say one thing for sure about Grisban, buying the Iron Axe is a must. He doesn't move much, yes, but after buying that axe and one shotting everything including the elites I find him still fun to use. I teamed up with him and Jaina and had a terrible win/lose ratio in the first 5 quests but upon buying the new axe and purchases the Brute card for him the tides turned in my favor.
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