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  1. I don't see any reason they couldn't have all 9+ factions in the game from the start, as long as they plan for it. I'm more curious how faction mixing will work out: like Netrunner, Star Wars, A Game of Thrones, or completely different thing? Personally I think how Game of Thrones does it now might mix best with L5R setting, with the loyal vs non loyal and declaring who you are allying with, but who knows what they'll figure out to work. (also, who do I have to bribe to get Ratlings back? )
  2. So, Nerve Agent lets you access multiple cards from HQ. When the runner accesses cards normally from HQ he access one card randomly. Does the interplay here mean that he would access one, then choose another randomly (potentially the same card) or does he choose all of the cards to access randomly and then access them one at a time? Thanks
  3. Whenever I start a run against face down ICE and hit something really nasty, or sometimes even just an unexpected end the run that I can't break, I face planted. (I do this a lot) Scorched earth is nuking from orbit (it's the only way to be sure) That last run when the corp has 5 agenda points and an advanced agenda on board is a hail mary. project junebug/ snare! are "Surpirse!" and of course there's all the old jargon I haven't replaced yet like data forts.
  4. IsawaSteve

    Wave 3

    hothie said: My specualtion is that there will be at least 30 more of this exact thread before Wave 3 is actually spoiled by FFG. To go along with that, I speculate that FFG will not release any info about Wave 3 until the day it does release, if for no other reason than to make people who don't read threads past the first page post as many of these threads as possible. Don't forget that as soon as wave 3 is announced the forum will be filled up with "What do you excpect/hope/sacrifice kittens for wave 4 to contain?" threads. And they'll all be the same "B-wing/tie bomber, blastboat, shuttle, ep 1 ships" minus whatever actually showed up in wave 3, since there's not really that many ships in canon. That said, while now is too early, I wouldn't be surprised if a later wave has reprints of (presumably at that point out of print) ships with new pilots/upgrades/ etc. maybe some y wings that can have gunners instead of filling the back seat with ewoks like the current set. :-P
  5. Well, since page 18 says "If the Defending player controls no defending units, the attacking player automatically wins the edge battle" I've been playing it as wiping out the defense before resolving the edge battle leads to the attacker winning despite the totals. That said, since this section is before the section "resolving the edge battle" I could easily see it going the other way. Hopefully the FAQ answers it conclusively (and soon).
  6. Well, Rebel assault is the only reason I've come up with why you might have spent resources first turn (and I presume the reason the rule is as it is) but that seems like a pretty good reason to me And yeah, that's what I thought for the answer, but we were arguing over it today so thought I'd get other's opinions.
  7. So, Mobilize the Squadrons says "Reaction: After you refresh, remove 1 focus token from a target objective or enhancement you control." Now, on the first turn, the LS player "does not take this step" refering to the phase after which one would trigger Mobilize. SInce he does not take this step, can he react with Mobilize? or is there nothing to react to? Thanks.
  8. Never mind, I just realized that the more detailed timing in the FAQ makes it clear that the latter is the case (seperate timings) meaning that gaining the bits from the campaigns and the chance to rez are seperate entities and therefore cannot be intermingled. Hopefully anyone else confused is also helped.
  9. Hi, Quick timing question: I'm playing corp. I have a rezzed Pad campaign, an unrezzed Adonis campaign and 3 bits. It's the start of my turn. Can I, during the draw phase, collect the bit from the Pad campaign, then use that bit to rez the adonis campaign, and then collect the first pay out from the adonis campaign? or should the timing structure diagram in the rule book be interpreted as "do all the rezzing," then turn begins, meaning I would have to rez it before collecting that first bit from Pad campaign, and once I collect it's too late to rez? Basically, does the rez/ability part of the timing structure mean during that phase the corp can rez/ability or that at that point in the phase he can rez/ability? Thanks!
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