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  1. Okay, glad to hear that my first impression was correct! Thanks for your input.
  2. Hey folks, I have a question about the poisonous species feature when creating a new species under the rules in Secrets of the Crucible. The poisonous feature is as follows: Based on this, would you say that the 1 wound bypasses soak or does soak come in to play here? Thanks for your thoughts!
  3. Would love to get the stats for Shistavanen! My group is just about to start a new game and I'm kinda interested in rolling one!
  4. Could someone PM me the stats for the Nikto and the subspecies? I'm currently playing a green nikto in my campaign but I'm away on a trip and I'm dying to know if I statted him right!
  5. Actually, if you look at Coolstuffinc's seller profile for that item, it says that it is in stock and shipping as of 9/5. I think Amazon is only going by the release date that FFG gave them and that is why the delivery date says the first week of October. My guess is that FFG hasn't let Amazon know about the updated release date or that they just have not let Amazon sell the item yet. So don't worry! I ordered my on Amazon too from another seller. My copy has already shipped, yours will ship soon too! *edit spelling*
  6. Very true, and I have definitely kept that in mind for my PCs. We're just starting out so no one has anything above Padded Clothing so I am pretty far from having to deal with a character walking around in Mandalorian armor. Thanks for all the replies everyone!
  7. Would Improved Armor Master (+1 defense to armor with a soak of 2 or higher) and Jury Rigging a piece of armor to have +1 increased ranged defense stack? So if I had Heavy Battle Armor, would it be a total of +3 to ranged defense? Seems pretty overpowered!
  8. Thanks for the answer! We've only played about 5 or 6 games and still solidifying the rules in our heads.
  9. This scenario came up in our last game between me and my friend. I had Grand Moff Tarkin, an Advisor to the Empire and a Tie Advanced defending against my friend's Home One and A-Wing. I won the edge battle and went first with Grand Moff Tarkin, placing a tactics on Home One and taking him out of the battle. My friend wanted to use a Double-Strike to remove the focus token on Home One and attack again on the same objective but I said that you cannot since I believe Home One did not focus to strike since he was taken out of the battle pre-maturely due to the tactics from Grand Moff Tarkin. Was I right in my ruling? The game was down to the wire, I had 11 on the Death Star dial and my friend needed one more objective to win the game. Please help!
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