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  1. Kaxel Vofer

    New X-wing from EVII

    What do You think about the New cards???, like BB-8???, greettings greettings
  2. Kaxel Vofer

    original trilogy being rewritten!

    I think that the prequel really needs to be rewritten, not the OT, and I need to wait until others pages confirm this story, not only one page, greettings.
  3. Kaxel Vofer

    No StarVipers at the tables, no StarViper talk ....

    I played in Swarm, and i think is a funny ship, it's a Little weak, but it has a good movements, and a good attack, I think is a good ship in overall, but it need a good support, greettings.
  4. Kaxel Vofer

    New Lego Star Wars force awakens sets revealed!!!!

    Did anyone has pictures of them???, and I hope the X-wing give us this ships, greettings.
  5. Kaxel Vofer

    X-wing Minis= Cake Toppers?

    Good idea, it's perfect to justify your boughts, and don't fet an angry wife, and get an exciting boy, but what about later, could you could recupérate your ships???, or it could be part of the giftsof your son???, greettings
  6. Kaxel Vofer

    X-Wing Slang Glossary

    Well, it's could be useful when read books, and other materials related, good job, and thanks for it, greettings.
  7. Kaxel Vofer

    DWRR's Shipyard

    I really love the TIE Fighters, I wonder why FFG don't paint this ships, greettings.
  8. Kaxel Vofer

    Did the Empire ever use droids on the Tie's?

    Only in V-wings of the early years, but thanks god it the never see the light, greettings.
  9. Kaxel Vofer


    I used the mayday sleeves at the first, but I don't use anymore because it doesn't get an standard size, some are larger or wider, so in some cases when you get more cards protected by a sleeve for a different bag are inconsistent in a storage, greettings.
  10. Kaxel Vofer

    How many ships do you own that you have never played?

    I try to use all the ships when I get it, but I have a course, no matter of my opponet, in the first game I always loose with this new ship, greetings.
  11. Kaxel Vofer

    Scum & Villainy is a great expansion.

    I think is good adition to the game, with all new way to play, we need to wait until this faction gets more new ships and maybe huge ships, but right now is a funny way to play, greettings.
  12. Kaxel Vofer

    Yet another x wing fix....

    I think that the X-wing is a good example of versatility, and it don't need an upgrade yet, with the transport ship, this ship obtein too good pilots and astromech, that gives it a long live, and the TIE Fighters is still a good cheap fighter that could gives you a good swarm, maybe don't have a good varity of pilots, but the cost compesate this, greettings.
  13. Kaxel Vofer

    X-Wing Slang Glossary

    Good work, with the compilation of all the terms, how many novels you need to view to get all???, greettings.
  14. Kaxel Vofer

    Greedo Explored - Sable's Proving Grounds

    I think the Greedo upgrade card is a fun card, and it get a disadvantages and advantages, it need to put in a ship with good stamina, and good amount of shields, but the fun is garantized, greettings.
  15. Kaxel Vofer

    Massed HLC lists

    I think that the Mangler Cannon is a good option for this ship, you could equip five ships with this cannon, greettings.