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  1. I get where you're coming from re the customisation options of the investigators, though one might argue that those options in MoM1 were limited anyway compared to, say, Arkham Horror, where you could actively manage the skills throughout the game - perhaps FFG sought to streamline the game by stripping the mechanics that were only light touches anyway. As for me, I'm really excited about this. MoM1 is one of my partner's favourite boardgames and though I quite like it, I abhor the setup time for what can often be an anticlimatic finish. We find that with having limited time for this kind of game anyway these days, MoM1 never gets off the shelf. Having enjoyed XCOM and how the app does a lot of the heavy lifting, I think MoM2 is a step in a different direction that will make the game more enjoyable for some gamers. The fact that it's out next week is exciting indeed - I hate 6 month wait times on upcoming titles.
  2. @sturn - yeah, it lacks the urgency of some of the other Battlefield titles. I remember playing Bad Company 2, being holed up in an attic while the foundations shook from tank fire and great big chunks of roof were falling off around us. Battlefront needs some of that. Plus, class abilities that lead to meaningful teamwork - I miss being the medic and bringing people back from the brink, or the engineer who could fix vehicles. In some ways, the clone wars would have been a better setting because of the sheer range of land and air vehicles available.
  3. I play it on the Xbone - got it when it first came out, played it for a couple of months, left it alone for a while and recently got back into it. A few things to consider that might swing your opinion either way: There is no online chat functionality. So it's a team/objective-based game where you can't communicate with your team (unless they're your friends and you're on party chat). I get the impression that this is to prevent young players from hearing "comm-chatter" that their parents wouldn't approve of. But it makes coordination nigh-impossible. There is a really cool Fighter Squadron mode, but it's completely skewed in the rebels' favour (because the A-Wing is fantastic and the TIEs are made out of confetti) - you will rarely see the Imperial team win (true to the source material, I guess, but not ideal from a gameplay perspective). Now that people know what they're doing, the game has that Call of Duty twitchy-trigger gameplay vibe - if they see you first, you're probably dead. The leveling system is almost redundant after a certain point - you get very little for making it all the way to level 50/60. Most of the decent unlocks happen much sooner. For me, playing as a rebel soldier or stormtrooper every single time gets a little stale. There are no classes and quite limited customisation. I'd have preferred a Titanfall-esque setup where the cannon fodder is driven by the AI, and the humans take on the spec ops-style roles. As Simon says, there's no campaign (it was recently disclosed that this feature was cut so that the game could be released to coincide with The Force Awakens). That said, there's stuff going for it too: Excellent visuals and sound. Really authentic Star Wars vibe. Easily accessible in terms of controls and how to play. Walker Assault mode is an absolute blast! As above for the Fighter Squadron mode. My advice would be to rent it if possible, and if you decide to go for it and you're an Xbone player, I'll be your wing-man. Best wishes Pac_Man3D
  4. Hence why a) he's her grandfather, and b) Padme is her grandmother. Man you are shipping some crazy ships! Stop reading Star Wars slash/fic !! It's poisoning your mind! Okay, let's be serious now. In all likelihood, Rey issued forth from Beldorion the Hutt's splendid uterus.
  5. Hence why a) he's her grandfather, and b) Padme is her grandmother.
  6. @KungFuFerret: One thing that you can't take from the prequels is the sheer bonkers imagination throughout - I'm not sure the same can be said of The Force Awakens, even though I enjoyed that film immensely.
  7. I'm a child of the 80s-into-90s and didn't watch Star Wars until high school, where I became friends with a bunch of Trekkies/Warsies(?) who inspired me to watch the original trilogy. Then the prequels started up and I left the cinema thinking that Ep1 was actually pretty good. I saw it again soon after and started to reconsider my initial impressions, though I still quite enjoy the Duel of the Fates. Once the Star Wars bug bit, I was round my friends' houses all the time where we would play Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (and later, Jedi Outcast) over their PC network and it was fantastic. Between bouts on the PC, we would play the old WEG rpg - so loads of our gaming time was spent re-living the saga. Great times! Edits: dumbass typos.
  8. I agree with the points about the system's shortcomings re space combat. So much so that I'm tempted to propose to a new group a colonist-based mini campaign that totally eschews space travel (taking the 'Star' out of 'Wars', I guess). That said, as soon as the moment for space combat rolls around, you could always kick your collective swivel chairs over to an adjacent table and resolve the differences between good guys and bad guys with a game of X-Wing
  9. What would be awesome is if Rey was Obi-Wan's grandaughter - just to bring the training cycle full circle. And what would make it REALLY awesome is if Padme was her grandma! (cue soap opera cliffhanger/end credit theme of your choice)
  10. Having just reached the half-way mark of our group's first IA campaign (and loving it!**), I've started to wonder whether a Road to Legend-esque app for IA would be thematically appropriate. With Descent being a dungeon crawler, part of the app's charm is that you explore, laying down the tiles as you search new areas. In this way, the app adds an element that Descent-in-the-box was sorely missing. That said, I'm not sure that this same kind of exploration would be appropriate to an IA equivalent app. I suppose you could take out the tile-by-tile exploration in favour of the whole map being revealed, but then that's one key element of the app that (IMHO) makes it such an engaging experience. Perhaps rebel players could "explore" the Imperial base they're assaulting, but I like the idea that they have the intel and know the layout. That said, an IA app would remove the issue of the Imperial player potentially feeling guilty for beating on the rebels so much. I'm not saying it couldn't work, I just think it suits Descent a lot more. **In the week we've had IA, we've already played it more than Descent in the couple of years we've had that. The rule tweaks just seem to make the game faster and a little more tactical, more urgent. Skirmish is great too! Really enjoying it so far!
  11. Here's a link to a SUSD article where they discuss the merits of having a Team Dark Side: http://www.shutupandsitdown.com/blog/post/imperial-assault-joining-dark-sidekick/
  12. Perhaps have two people sharing the Imperial side of the table. That way, they can enjoy being evil together and it also fits the theme very well - always two there are...
  13. May 4th served me well indeed - one of our local shops had a copy of Imperial Assault at 50% off the cover price! Played a couple of skirmish games to get a feel for the rules (Vader is a beast!) and we're going to play the introductory campaign mission this evening. Can't wait!
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