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  1. There a loads of threads on this subject. I have searched for the answer and found a million conflicting answers so I am making a new thread because I want one none conflicting answer from one person who is 100% sure of the answer. Is the following legal or not? The thing that confuses me is step 3. Can a dragon decalare an attack on a hero that is not adjacent to his shrunk form?
  2. I have been playing this game with an overload who would not let me check the rules or read his overload cards as we were playing. He said it was a waste of time as he fully knew the rules and the other players agreed with him. We have done 3 quests and the overload won all three of them. However a lot of the things he did I thought were questionable. So I have been doing online research since we played, and it turns out I was right!! The things I know the overload cheated with: The overload used "Word of Misery", "Critical Blow" and "fire breath" he knocked out 3 heroes in one attack and won that quest with that move alone. However he clamed that "Word of Misery" cuased 1 fatigue for each damage and every fatigue we couldn't pay would cuase an additional damage doing as much as 10 damage to some of us! However the rules state its only one fatigue each time we are damaged not one for each damage token! One of our heroes was carrying an objective token. The overload played "Dark Charm" taking control of our hero. He moved it all but one of the spaces and on the last move he said he could move the hero off the objective token. He then won the quest by using a goblin to carry the objective token off the board. However the rules clearly state that dropping an objective token takes an action! By the 3rd quest the overload had 2 relics Bones of Woe and Staff of Shadows but he never said anything about them being equiped to his lieutenants. I am pretty sure carryed on using these relics even when we had defeated his lieutenants they were equiped too. There are some other things he did that I feel were wrong but I can't find the answer to them online. So I wanted to ask here: 1) At the start of each quest the overload managed to place monsters blocking in a our heroes so the two heroes at the back couldn't do anything. With most quests is this possible? 2) One of our heroes had an heroic feat that allowed for some crazy movement. The overload said this counted as a movement action and played "Tripwire" is that right? 3) What other things should I look out for that this kind of overload may try to do? 4) How do you think I should taticfully riase the issues that all 3 of the quests were lost because the overload cheated? 5) What do you think we should do to make the rest of the quests fair without having to start again?
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