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  1. I was thinking about the aircraft and thought about how the SSU hase 3 base helicopters and the axis have 1 plane and the allies are going to have one soon. What if the allies or axis had a transport like the SSU that had a different configuration as a bomber? What does every one else think about aircraft.
  2. I'm looking to build a 300 axis army for a tournament. Right now I have all the revised core set units, sniper grenadiers,Manfred, Beobachter, and the Medium Walkers. I'm also getting Markus and the Gorillas. I want a more infantry than walkers. Does anyone have any ideas on what else I should add/ change. Thanks.
  3. Barb wire should deal 1 or 2 health when entered/crossed by infantry
  4. Me and my brother got were trying to figure out how the 5th scenario in operation Blue Thunder. If a unit with jump jumps over the square with the objectives, do they get the objective. Thanks.
  5. I bought some axis medium walkers (Lothar/Luther/ Ludwig). I recomend gettin them.
  6. I recomend getting the tile set. It's really helps make a variety of battles.
  7. What is the order of the operations.
  8. I had bought the revised core set. I have recently purchased a few other units as well. I was thinking about buying the original core set as well. Is it a good idea? Thank You.
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