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  1. Seriously this looks amazing! Still, we don't get to defend the walls of Minas Tirith?? That's what I've been looking forward to since the release of The Black Riders...
  2. I got these from FFG, really like them. I got 40x of each, they stack really nicely and are easily distinguishable from each other on the table.
  3. What about Steward's Fear with its OP Outlands and Gondorian Shield plus more.
  4. How about just one new release that would be player cards only? Like a new Deluxe Expansion that would be just player cards. That'd be awesome.
  5. Do i understand it correctly that players can interact with each other when in separate Staging Areas through player cards and Ranged/Sentinel?
  6. Every time i get new options for my elven decks i get so happy, more Noldor/Silvan plz.
  7. What do you guys see Utumno being like? I always imagine it as a sort of hell on earth due to the satanic nature of Morgoth. I've seen some artwork of it but it has never quite lived up to my imagination.
  8. Agreed. Given what text we have between our hands - this is the only logical conclusion. Perhaps if Tolkien had lived longer and had more time to work on this we would have seen something different. Sadly it was not so, yet we have the Silmarillion in the state that Tolkien himself left behind and i can't think of a better/more trusted resource for the history of the old world of Tolkiens mythos.
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